Oh fuck i can't take it anymore

Oh fuck i can't take it anymore
Why do our women do this??

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In general, they dont. White men inherently have an advantage. They're smarter, taller, better hung and considered more attractive on average

desperation, need for money, low morals, low self-esteem, daddy issues, drug addition. Take your pick.

Not 'our women' anymore. She's officially a coal-burner, so she gives up her status as a 'women' and is now 'chimpette', forever and always. Good luck to her and her ambition to be a felony incubator. You made it.


''our women''

you mean why do 95% of all people on earth want to have sex with people that are in shape with symmetrical features regardless of race?

it's called physical attraction op, and some people like in your webm even have sex with people they are not attracted to for work, it's called being a sex worker or working in porn

they literally collect a paycheck to fuck a random person on camera

Because she probably repeated the fifth grade.

Shekels and sterile prosthetics.

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Yeah but those are white dicks bro.

Not helping your case

I feel kind of sorry for her. How low would you have to go to fuck a nigger? What trauma has she suffered in her life to resort to that? Can't see her family anymore. Stuck with the stigma being with a nigger. No able to marry etc. Sad.

Not seething. Just a fact. She's done in white society now.

based user spitting truth

Coal-burners are useful to an extent. Niggers can have them and we don't want them. It just solidifies the field on nice white women available for us. Keep her, beat her and kill her for all we care.

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mine did it because her friends told her how great it was.. pic related

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We had coal-burners at school who regularly fucked niggers. They both left town after graduation because everyone knew and they basically had no social circle outside of niggers. Just empty souls and nigger meat puppets.

Real friends would not 'recommend' sleeping with niggers. Seriously.

You a faggot cuck leave and don't come back

Oh fuck off. My girlfriend has been with black guys and has a mixed race child. I'm not bothered by this in anyway and I'm not ashamed.

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lol, with that vantablack pentagon tattoo she's gonna be too easy to identify on social media, you fool user, i mean rly.

'mixed race child'? A baby to a nigger. Was she not even smart enough not get pregnant?


She is smart and college educated. Accidents happen and it doesn't bother me. The father isn't really in the picture but does pay child support. user please don't be a racist.

7/10, got a few replies, good job user

Them whit wimmin luv muh black dick. U jelly white boi? I to stupid to tie mo own shoe tho.


sauce on the girl?

Paris Hilton

The 'accident' was fucking a nigger. When Travon-Qwaja gets out of jail you can kiss your quiet life goodbye. "accident', my sides.

It's not about race anymore you medieval fucking faggots.

It's the rich we poor faggots need to unite against.

Found the nigger.

>"our" women
Precisely because of fucks like you

I thought she was sucking off a horse from the thumbnail

Found the richboi

This is truth

Yes you did nigger … yes you did.

>white society

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I am muslim

Sup Forumsro

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You're a little white cuck, posting this shit.
I'm not helping you with your masturbation fantasy. Ta da!

my sides

Looks more like britney

Only sane person here

It's only a very small percentage of white sluts that do this. It's almost always for money or because they have baggage. I don't mind if they want to cross that line, but I don't want them back. Don't need them. Good for nothing now.

Again, I'm right and white. Down with richers

So you smell, too

t.black man in denial falseflagging

Says the user who came into the thread, scrolled down and then posted.

Yep. White and very well off. Don't like coal-burners or niggers and have the wealth to make sure I never have to see / smell / be near either.

> Why do our women do this??

The real question is why you think they're "your" women.

Freelance hookers stay away from them for sure.
>NO a/a

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At least they have some morals. I can respect a women for hooking to look after her kids etc., but if they go full-nigger then I have no respect for them at all.

I just can't figure out how fucking bad life would have to be to fuck niggers? Do girls in porn get paid more for blacks?

do you know this is porn, right?

You will die by the hands a poor person

Some real sluts to actually sleep with niggers though. Coal-burners.

Not by a nigger I won't. I have money to ensure that can't happen.

>our women

You've never had a woman in your life, and porn stars gonna porn. If you think most women could or would do this you're delusional


Real white women don't as a rule fuck niggers. Porn stars get paid at least double to do scenes with blacks and there are mandatory medical checks straight after the shoot.

Going from the international neck length chart, I would say she is Bulgarian. Russia blocked all black people from Bulgaria since world war II so she was scared for her life when the black devil appeared

I'm white and poor