Asian girls

asian girls

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Im lurking for several month now and whenever i ask for help from guys like you i get ignored. I want to talk to a real sextourist or expat living the dream in Asia.

>expecting any help form Sup Forums
try /trv/ shitcunt.

of course

let's see it

Maybe because it's literally as simple as travelling to Asia. What's so fucking complicated about it?

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I'd tell her some fucking creeper on Sup Forums is posting her pics, that's "what I'd do"

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Sauce on these two?

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I dont wanna catch std's nor want to spend the next 20 yrs in a monkey cage in the jungle prison? I dont wanna die from typhoid cholera or malaria. I dont wanna end in begging in the streets for a returnticket home. SO I GOTTA PREPARE MYSELF NATURALLY YOU FUCKHEAD? YOU THINK I BOOK A TICKET AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS? YOU ARE DUMB AS SHIT

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begging for a return ticke what do you think will happen over there??

suitably fucked up bc of tattoos. carry on.

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You're literally retarded, just go to the fucking Philippines, avoid the main cities where crime happens and tourist traps are, everyone speaks English, fuck whoever you want because you're considered exotic and rich. Go to the clubs, of course, just like America or any other western country.
Have you actually never bought plane tickets before? Round trip tickets.

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Funny thing is going to the clubs is a sure way to get ripped off. Just troll some singles sites and hang out in coffee shops and you'll get laid plenty by regular filipinas instead of the gold diggers

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no op, and got no source but i've got a lot of her

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always posting the same thots

Regulars? You mean the short brown ones with a pan face and a flat nose? Nah man

If you're not comfortable with how those pinays look then why are you going in the first place?

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she's got a nice bod tbh, waist is a little not wide

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jk about the waist thing.

GF oc

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I disagree, I think you've gone to the wrong clubs. Definitely hit up dating sites and coffee shops, in addition, though.

I just want some filipina like pic related. Is this too much to ask? Not some ape

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lawl it's shit-tier Asia, don't expect miracles

Yeah I don't get it, if he doesn't want girls that looks like filipinas, then maybe don't go to Philippines?

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Whatever this bitch is wearing... Dude it just hits the spot for sexy... God damn

Is this what she wears underneath whatever she wears to go outside?

She wears this to adult video stores and fucks everyone she can

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Real sextourist here.

kek, sure she does buddy
get out of the basement and go get laid


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You don't like my sluts cunt?

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I like it just fine, but just tell the truth about her, like that she's a call girl you hired or whatever. No need for this high school bullshit.

See this is what i mean. You can do better. No need to expose yourself to the rural regulars when pic related is also filipina and much more of a mans taste. You must be old to settle with village sluts like in your pic. Are you 75 years old? I want the good shit

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Good luck to you my man, hopefully you've got the wallet to pay for it.

If she's your wife sounds like I could pay to come her come over anyway, so why not?

Why? Are you sterile or something?

Soo...he was behind that

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More please!

who? more?

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Anyone have more Hanna?

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Requesting more of this monkey

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Just buy a tic to Vietnam

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some asian cities are im 100% sure probably cleaner, safer and more better off than the city you come from. like wtf ? Seems like you think asia is still a third world shithole while they literally are miles ahead.

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I never understood why most of these threads are usually full of people from SEA and rarely East or Central Asia. Are people on Sup Forums really only into the Filipino and Vietnamese hooker girls?

Please keep going sweet fuck

is there any more of her? I've only seen this one

Personally I shy away from the more oriental looking girls (Jap/Kor/Chin) because they're either

A.) Completely made by plastic surgery
B.) Look like shit because they haven't gotten plastic surgery

Plus, prefer SEA's due to tan skin and having nice figures

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Cute girl, what's the story?

Rent a an Asian whore then, faggot

Women from SEA idolize western culture and fetishize western men a lot more than other countries do. Korea can be downright xenophobic, and despite the memes, Japanese women are not likely to put up with your shit. Chinese girls tend to be too conservative.
So, you end up with a glut of SEA girls willing to spread their legs on camera.

she's not mine, but she gets posted in the ugly girl threads and sometimes the asian threads

I second this, mostly because of tan skin and nice asses

This is more my vibe

Shit like this is weak to me

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