Would you tap that?

Would you tap that?

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Cum and run

Skeet her then yeet her.

Why and why not?

Pump and dump

What does that mean?

Sin then bin

Bop it then drop it

In her then bin her

Fuck it then duck it

I’d love to slap that smug look off her face

Probably. Would not speak of it, though.

depends - definitely not if I have an alternative, but otherwise sure

She knows how to grip some wood anyway.

What do you like about her?

Like? Nothing. She's just not repulsively ugly. The question was "would you tap", not "would you marry", so if she has tits, a hole and doesn't make me puke while I look at her, I'd tap.

I think I’d bend her over and ride that juicy ass

That ass is very slappable

She looks insufferable. I’d skeet n retreat

What do you mean insufferable?