Your son brings home his black girlfriend for the first time

>Your son brings home his black girlfriend for the first time
>"Hey Dad meet my girlfriend Gabby!"
How do you react?

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Lynch her if she's ratchet looking

Do a 360 and walk away.

I love mixed girls so keep your future daughter away from grandpa

Give him bro fist for scoring such a hot girlfriend.

>well done son, I like niggers!

Me and son tag team her like the whore she is.

Congratulate him on his first colonization

bang his girlfriend

I fuck his girlfriend and tell him his gf is a whore.

Good job son on finding us a new slave for our cotton plantation! Now go and find yourself a nice proper white girl or I’ll kill you.


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I run to hide the valuables and to get my gun

Hang her on my Christmas tree

>Based and bleachpilled. Also nice quints.

I feel better when he tells me both her parents were doctors who got killed by militants while with doctors with no borders in Iran. She was adopted by her parents best friends who are white the are also almost billionaires from there medical supply company. I get even happier when I hear her say Trump>Obama.She then tells me she is close friends with Charlize Theron who is single and really into guys like me. I marry Charlize and my son and daughter have 3 kids. One is a doctor, one is a lawyer and the third becomes and a General in the Army and one day becomes President of the United States. The election is close because my grandchildren all put WHITE on their birth certificates and distance themselves from any connection to black America.

This is too ridiculous of a scenario for me to take seriously. Let's rephrase to make it more realistic.

>Hey Dad meet my girlfriend Quandeeshia Miller.

>is she mixed?

I maintain dominance and ask her to fuck peovided she consents and is of legal age. Maybe a dinner

I change my answer to this...

If my son looked like that.... and he managed to get a woman like that. I'd be extremely fucking happy lol

Good job walking into them again you fucking retard

nice to meet you Gabby, want to see some embarrassing pictures of Junior here, lol, it'll be fun come on in

It will produce nerve gas

Tits like fried eggs

Call him "based" and immediately start fucking her in front of him.

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Shes mixed and not looking like a monkey ill take it

Lock up the bicycles


if she's hot, no prob.
if she's gutter trash...that's a paddlin'

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I would shake his and her hand and ask where Gabby is.


go son! Maybe day with enough inter- breeding we can erase racism, Probably a dream but whatever

His mother is black so why would this be an issue?

If she looks like pic related
>come on in son. Why dont you take a nap while your new gf wraps those niggress lips around this cock

You wot m8

Welcome, newfriend. I assumed summer was over but, here you are

I would be happy for him, especially if she looks like girl in the pic. She's a good lookin lady