WWYD to these bitchy feminists at my school?

WWYD to these bitchy feminists at my school?

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I’d force both of them on their knees in front of me and alternate them deep throating me

slip weed in their lockers so that when the school has a random drug search they get in trouble and expelled

I would encourage them to stay in school to become the best they can be

Mmm, not sure 3" past the front teeth counts as 'deep throat'

I would warn them there's a creepy guy posting their pictures on the internet

sluttyp pics?

I’d earn their trust over a period of 9 months by being a nice guy and not acting like a desperate creep. Then sleep with both of them on a regular basis until I graduate.

Make right lie on the floor, left has exactly 1 minute to fucking stomp her face in with her heels. If she kills her she can walk away, if right is still alive than she receives a hammer to the face for as many kicks as she gave right, if she lives they can go back to school as two disfigured whores in a few months.

I'd work hard to get into a relationship with them. Make them feel comfortable, telling them that I support them & all their ideas. I'm a man who has needs, and I'd work like he'll to get them to let me do anal. I'd video with or without their consent.
Then I'd have an argument with them & call it off.

They would love this joke

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I think she would do what she needs to do to survive.

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What city is that?

Quinn has the big ass. Jessica has great legs.

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They are brownstones, so NY or somwehere like that.

>too lazy to copy and paste link lol


Join this discord server for some awesome porn and lit tits and shit.

Fairly old photos. My be from 80's, but the city is San Fran or NY.

tell them to shut the fuck up about it.
Nobody, literally, gives a shit about what they think.

Somewhere in Merrica. IDK.

Good girl, in that case she'd be forced to become a domme for every feminist whore she knows, every weekend she'd bring a new friend without knowing how she's going to be forced to end them. Sometimes she'd be brutal and other times she would just enjoy humiliating them, spitting, piss, scat. Anything that breaks those little bitches minds, of course all those videos would be spread in the school.

Well done Sherlock. We know that.

How about trying to help identify the city autist?

user already identified as NY.

in a burberry scarf. chav

Based on what? Brownstones are in heaps of US cities.

She should knee that stupid whore in the face.

Nah. San Fran for sure.



What's a chav?

Jessica is the mean one. She fucks big basketball players. Mostly black.

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A British slut.

So what does chav mean?

Jessica always wants to be the alpha

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Slang word. From east London. Not sure of the origin.

English slang.

Tie her down and let the dog have her while she's recorded to send to her friends and family. The moment she orgasms would be so hard to take in she'd probably start pleading to be killed.

In Australia we would say slag.

We say slag in the UK as well, but it is a worse thing to say.


Not from London. It is from Birmingham.

>wearing high of fashion

And bush-pig. Worst possible thing to call a girl.

Quinn is the thicc white girl who dates tall white boys

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I think OP just wanted to point out the stupidity of the photo and comment.

I loved the 80's. Music, fashion … everything.

At least they’re not ugly.


Maybe late 90's. I really liked the 80's a well. Loved Devo and alt rock.

Seconded. I think OP is pissed at you.

Feminists can still try and look pretty !! You fascist pig!

Ignore them and move on with my life you retarded nigger baby

Im not pissed. Just stroking to Quinn and Jessica

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My sides.

Fuck off out of this thread femnazi.

He's NOT the femnazi you dickhead.

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THIS is the femnazi bitch.


Spot the Jewish conspiracy post.

Now that is what feminists wear !!!

Fuck the Clinton cucks. No drama Obama.

Shillary Clincunt.


When they saw a hot guy, they took out their phones

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A Biden man I take it?

Ignore them

Sanders. Biden is a shill for the Jews.

Thank fuck that nigger Kamila Harris is out.

And Sanders isn't !!!!!!!!!

You are both autists.

They are both on debate team

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Bernie for the people! Biden for the corporations.


worship them and give them all my money.

Mayor Pete for President.

Kidnap them and keep them tied up and chained in my basement and fuck and beat them regularly.


You mean that basement at your mom's house that you live in?

He's 38. How many 38 year olds make good decisions!?

Total waste of weed.

Easy, he's only 14 … give him a break.

How many 75 year olds make good decisions?

How many Americans make good decisions.

They wouldn't date you so they are feminists?

They love pay pigs. I heard they get to bully guys online

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I'd gladly apply to be their pay pig if they had a site or twitter. None of that lame kik shit.

And what shithole place that America saved you from do you live user?

Land of the free fuckwit.

So many jew noses could fit in one pic?

That doesn't make sense as a question.

I was going to say "rape them obviously," but then I noticed one is Jewish so I would rape the gentile, before I put the jew in a proper gas chamber.

I think he was going for a 'Freedom. You're welcome' vibe. Worlds police thing.

Stop blaming your shortcomings on everybody else

Really? You want to go there do you? 6 million Jews dies in the gas chambers.

Not appropriate. Reported.

They only ever police countries with oil.