You've got 30 SECONDS to name something dumber than an American

You've got 30 SECONDS to name something dumber than an American.

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an african american

two americans

any european


A Britcuck

your mom

sand nigger

The cum slut that birthed you.



someone who is not an American

A people that CANNOT get to the moon....

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Literally the rest of the planet combined is dumber than the average American. I don't understand how the US is increasingly becoming the only relevant country on the planet. I mean even that Dutch faggot had to come here to start his bullshit space company.



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Most of Europe


sand niggers

Every other country on the planet.
You mad bro?
Murca, fuck yea and fuck you!


anyone that agrees with this literal retard

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two american

Nailed it.


Name something dumber than an american?

You OP. You are something dumber than an American.

Get fucked faggot, 1776 murica'

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A nazi

a 4-channer

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More Americans

Hmmm...So he was behind that

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Yurotrash faggots

Any nationality that has a worse economy than the USA


Every significant modern day invention or discovery was made by Americans.

Nailed it, noice, noce, n-n-n-noice, nailed it!

An American that doesn’t think the rest of the world knows they’re a crude oil hungry neo nazi