What's the sexiest thing a man could wear?

What's the sexiest thing a man could wear?

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another man

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From the small thumbnail i thought this was Sebastian Linus. (from Linus tech tips)


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Is that Linus?

that package definitely confirms it

checked. me too kek

unironically, thigh highs and arm warmers, not talking about retarded ass traps or femboys


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A fucking ski mask and military fatigues


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A full wallet

>What's the sexiest thing a man could wear?
Cookie chip pattern uniform, that or I just happen to brows /k/ to much.
Pic not related

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Anything I wear at any time. Hit me up femanons.

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They can wear my ass on their cock

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Mike Pence looks like something else in this pic.

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this is pretty based

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Based if every man formed a chain of ass and cock we could cloth 99% of the entire worlds population.

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this is also pretty based

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Earth is only about 131.5 million feet in circumference. If we assume the average male has about a 9" thick pelvis our chain could wrap around Earth 35 times, with the first guy clothing his penis with the ass of the last guy. (I'm discounting dick length in these calculations because they'll all be wearing the guys in front of them.)

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the vice president be hitting different

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