Guys I'm in a relationship with a girl who I'm pretty much in love with but I have crippling anxiety on not being able...

Guys I'm in a relationship with a girl who I'm pretty much in love with but I have crippling anxiety on not being able to perform in the bedroom to a standard she deserves.

I'm not trying to come off as a cuck because I would rather die, but every waking moment I think about how I'm pretty good in most other ways but such a fucking disappointment in the bed.

I really can't get on with my day or even look in the mirror without being discussed. My dick is apparently 6.5 inches in length and 5.2 inches in girth but it really looks VERY small, so I must be chest measuring some how.

All I would need is an extra inch to please her with just my penis but I can't and its ruining my life, is there really nothing you can do? It's even to the point where I have trouble staying hard when I'm with her and I'm like more attracted to her then anything or anyone, but I get down on myself.

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Lick her? I don’t know

Just wear a strapon/sheath.

Just google how to be better in bed. Put some effort into it. Eat her out til she comes so she doesn't care how long you last. It's not that hard man

Don't worry about your dick she's prolly had worse

Just like anything else in life. If you can't do it yourself, get someone else who can. Welcome to the cuckold lifestyle.

Sorry OP, but anything under 8 inch is inadequate and, really, 8 is just barely skating by. A real woman is going to want a 10 inch to 12 inch penis if she's being honest.

This. If you are under 9 inches there is no way you will ever be able to please a woman.
Shes going to leave you for a black man who can satisfy her, sorry op.

This user has the right idea. If dick is too small you can always just use a strapon or you can just buy a long enough dildo.
It is shameful, but not as ultimately humiliating as becoming a cuck.

Stop overthinking. You’re acting like a bitch and she’ll pick up on that and leave you

Sex isn't hard, that's why every dumbass can do it. Look at it like figuring out how to give a good back massage. It's not going to be spectacular the first time.

When it comes to women dick length is difficulty level. The longer you are, the easier it is to find a girl and the more easily you'll be able to make her cum. If you've got a 6 inch micropenis?
Well then you're pretty much going to be stuck in hardmode. It's certainly doable though, OP. I mean if it doesn't work out you can always hire prostitutes and that's not so bad.

Honestly I have had multiple women tell me that anyone 7 or below they just count as a woman. One of them even told me it should be law that all men with small dicks be forced to transition

But it was
It was godlike

Dick size don't matter too much tbh. Hitting the cervix ain't fun for her or you so dw. Life is not porn

She hates head and only likes to be fucked.

This is a nightmare to me and both her and I would be disgusted.

and she has had better

I would rather kill myself, are you really sugesting I let a girl im in love with fuck someone else?

You meme, but the actual size is 7 inches minimum, anything less and its so hard to have penitractive sex above 8.5 to 9 inches is to big to. see and its true its so horrible.

Sex is so difficult with less then 7 inches I have had sex around 1000+ times with 13 women

But why would you want someone you actualy love to be stuck with something inadquate?

Its fucking so awful I cant provide for my girl myself especially when its something as important as phyiscal bliss.

Makes me want to kill myself since I have something so valuable but shes to good for me.

it matters if she cant feel you insider her.

Also I dont even really give a fuck about the sex aspect for myself, I care about her getting off,

I would even go so far as to not even have feeling in my dick anymore and fake enjoyment from sex just to be able to please a woman but you cant use fake dicks for that because they like it when you feel good to.

This reminds me of my gf in college. We hit it off, things were going great, and it was the day after midterms when we decided to take our relationship to the next level.

Bought that bitch some coffee.
Bitches love coffee.

Eventually we get back to her place to put on some netflix and as the night went on she pulled in close. I put my hand on her thigh. She started to unzip my pants. Then she kind of stopped for a moment and looked at me in confusion.
She started patting down my groin and pulled off the blanket we had wrapped around ourselves. She looked down at my fully erect 7 inch penis. Then back at me. Then back at my penis. She then turned off the TV and told me she had to get up early in the morning to study and that she was going to call it a night.

It was just after midterms but I knew she had a project due within the next couple weeks and we were in the same study group with Jamal, a 6ft African exchange student.
I shrugged my shoulders, buttoned up my jorts, and asked what time I should meet up for the study sess.
She said it was for a different class.

What can ya do OP?

True but you have to be super small for that. I'm just over 7 inches (7.5 on a good day) and literally every girl I've been with I've had to be cautious of not bottoming them out. No clue how they pull that shit off in porn

is that you in the pic?

This has happened to me and im 6.5 inches, the only diffrence was she outright told me it was small and asked me to leave.

Lies OP. In reality women would love a 20 inch penis but few men are worthy of being so endowed. 7 inches are what most women settle for, but they dream of the stars.

You can’t stay hard because you’re overthinking it. Your dick is perfectly fine, it’s your insecurity that’s the problem.

>Sex is so difficult with less then 7 inches I have had sex around 1000+ times with 13 women
Yeah ok faggot
On the off chance you aren't trolling if the sex is bad just break up. You ain't gonna change your penis size and there's just as many tight shallow cunts as wide deep ones

No you dont, I cant even stay inside most girls when I fuck them, and I cant even actually fuck them correctly with an in and out motion.

7.2 inches is an actual servicable size for sex, you might not think so but that 0.7 inches matters so much.


no they want atleast more tehn 7 but 7.5 as the cut off to 9. I have done so much reasearch on this shit thats why it makes me so insecure.

Im not overthinking it, and I should be insecure about it.

If it was some random girl it might be ok but I have found someone I actually love and its really really making me feel awful, its im the most rich man in the world but Im not aloud to spend any of the money.

I mean you could always cut it off and and have the docs put on a mechanical dick for you. Just press a button and it heats up and goes erect.
Down side is you're going to have to get your gf drunk and shit to not notice the difference.

but they get mad when people call them fat? explain pls

shes one of the tighest girls I have been with, and the sex is obviosly good for me, but It NEEDS to be bigger.

If this was possible id do it.

Who told you 7 inches is average? Seriously OP, it hurts me to think that you feel bad about yourself because of porn or these retards on Sup Forums. Talk to a sex therapist.

You've studied from male "researchers" who do not want to admit their shame and also want to prevent the hordes of men who would erupt into a frothing rage at the thought their lot in life is to be, in essence, a eunuch.

The humble sewer scrubber only scrubs the sewer not for his paycheck but for the thought that maybe, someday, his 7 inch micropenis might one day please a woman. Or a midget. Whichever comes first.

Its the average of sexualy active men.

It actually is not from porn or Sup Forums just look at my dick tho its small compared to most penises

Dude you just need to practice and adjust your strokes to your size. Just go slow at first then it'll become muscle memory and you can speed that shit up.

Also girls sometimes talk a bit game about how much they can take etc, they're speaking shit 90% of the time and struggle with seven inches

I need a source for that. Women don’t even orgasm from penetration, her clit is what matters, shaming about dick size is a racket to sell pills and shit, you’re better than that.

I just read through this thread again and noticed that OP never said his girl has complained about his dick. Confirmed for insecure faggot who desperately wants to be cucked

7in. ain't average but it's below average in *performance* in the mind of the average woman.

You can think of it like cars: Would you rather own and ride in a Ferrari (11 inches)? Or would you rather own and ride in a Nissan Cube that you got 2nd hand from some 2 bit dealer (7 inches)?

I mean the fact of life is that, yeah, sometimes you gotta settle for less, but if you didn't have to? Would you?

Spoken like a manlet who's never felt the true glory of skewering their first woman. Originally a "spit-roast" didn't involve a second guy, my dude.

no, it doesnt, youre mentally unwell, theres nothing wrong with you physically. you have body dysmorphia. if you really do love this girl and she loves you too then you should be able to discuss all this openly with her without feeling any shame or judgement from her. (if not, shes not the one, ditch her now before wasting more of your time.) this is a mental block not a physical one and discussing it in depth with her will help, as well as her support and perhapses some professional help too. ...also less time on cringy internet forums like this where virgin anons who have given up hope for themselves now get off on baiting others. goodluck user.

That’s not true, why would women want an 11 inch dick, it’s not thicker, it doesn’t stimulate her clit more, it’s a myth from bitter incels.

Average penis size in the US is 5.1 inches. Don't listen to these fucks. Jesus Christ just Google it. I was 7.5 years ago. I'm fat now and am 5. It's all about foreplay, positions, motion and toss in some fingerings since you say she doesn't like oral. Never met a girl that doesn't like oral and I'm 39
Also itt samefag city.

dude your dick is fine the way it is you should learn to be comfortable with it and use it properly.

it's not how big it is it's how you use it. Get a good rythm going.

You can go deeper with different positions.
You can go deeper if you have something to hold onto and penetrate as much as you can,

It isn't always about how deep you can go though bro. It isn't about all the different positionts you can do iether,

sex is more mental for women. Get her in the mental zone where it doesn't matter if you 1inch or 10 inches as soon as you put it inside her her eyes are gonna be rolling

dude you need to worry less about your dick size and just have a good time fucking,

she will sense you're stressed and you won't be on your a game.

just fucking fuck her like you're gonna die

she doesn't like head? Get her used to it. if she's comforatble with you I'm sure you can convince her easily to let you go down on her.
And when you do, fucking feast. Don't be shy

You can use your fingers as well. use any fucking thing

it's fun just stop worrying and start fucking

your dick is fine it's your perceptions that aren't.

I repeat again: It isn't the size that counts but how you use it.

don't be a bitch pussy boy

there's plenty of smaller dicks out there who make girls cum no problems

I wish I was 6½".
some people get all the luck.
I'm about the size of a sharpie.

Hmmm...So he was behind that

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That’s good size too. Unless you have a micropenis that literally can’t penetrate her. Even then, just get good at oral, it’s not hopeless for anyone.

Uh... are you stupid? Yeah longer dicks are thicker on average because that's how structural support works. Otherwise dicks would be snapping off like a toothpick under the force of a stiff breeze.

Even if you were right, which you're not, a woman loves her bragging rights and believe me if you're not rocking a monster dick then *what is* noteworthy about your dick? It's "average"?

But is it? Is it really?

Agreed. I have body dysmorphia also. Stems from childhood ptsd. I didn't like myself at 170lbs and sure as fuck don't now at 250. Op get an ssri (one that has low sexual sideffects) and a good psycologist.

Well son then this is what you do. Today is your lucky day because I will tell you how to get a 8inch dick and it's not a gimmick. Now it's not gonna work overnight will take about a year but it will work you may be able to do it faster depending on your genetics but it will work. Buy a hydromax penis water pump use everytime you shower. That shit works let me tell you. I did it started around july 2018 and went from 7.75 to 8.50 takes time but will work. Advice don't I repeat DON'T OVER PUMP!!! THE FIRST COUPLE OF TIMES. that shit will suck your nutts out the base of your dick and trust me when I say it is the worst pain imaginable.

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You're a pathetic excuse for a male fucking grow up.

You should probably an hero immediately

Ru srs
My girl can't fake looking like she's getting possessed all because of my peen
So cute when she spazms like that

How can he when he has such a tiny dick?

May sound very cliche but im sure youve heard it 1000 times. Its more technique than the guns you bring to the table. Just like boxing, technique beats muscle any day.

Get off Sup Forums, talk to a therapist about body dysmorphia, and realize she loves you, none of these demands you talk about ever came from her.

Hey, so I've been trolling this thread since the beginning, but real talk for a moment? This is what's up. Do what this user says. Now back for your standard Sup Forums experience. :)

A lady prefers a micropenis.
>yo micropenis
>won't get between us
>yo baby dick
>my pussy so slick

Oh and, yeah me from . I was kidding. I didn't actually think I'd shut you up, but damn.

>that shit will suck your nutts out the base of your dick
Wait what!!!!

>you gotta chicken nugget
>and I just wanna sugget
>I love that ritz cracker
>in my pecker snatcher

That’s pretty mean, OP needs help. I know this is the Internet and I’m supposed to say kill yourself, but a lot of us are here for a reason in our lives, we could have some support.

>gimme dat babydick
>gimme dat babydick

Bruh I think if she likes you as much you like her she will be probably okay with any size, I'd be lucky if mine was that big

Like when you add suction and pump it the first few times. If a little bit of your sack manages to get inside the pump its does some sorta negitive pressure thing. Well anyway that nut will shoot up and try..and boy when I say try ..IT WILL go right between your pump and dick....and damn does it hurt. I'd say it's the equivalent of a man giving birth. And when and if it's happening everyone in the house will hear what sounds like a man being killed. Then they run in the bathroom your whole family see you with the pump it's a mess. My dad still won't look me in the eyes....

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It's okay, user. You can tell me to kill myself.

I have tried medevil torture to make my dick bigger and so far nothign has worked, I think you only made it work because you started with a fuckable dick size.

My sides o god my sides

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I have I have done the best that I can, its the only reason I have been able to hold the girl in the first place, but I can feel my dick not reaching the spots that she likes, its so awful...

Its kinda common sense, I rarely see a dick thats smaller then mine ever.

She has never complained but thats because she is to kind and nice.

Can you stop fucking around with the memes?

11 inches will NOT fit in most girls but below 7 inches will also not fit in most girls.

the only upside of an 11 inch penis is you can still please them, you just cant go all the way in.

kinglies studdie was so flawwed is a joke.

Its not body dysmorphia you look in the mirror and you see a small penis and you know how deep it will go into a vagina thats just being realisitic.

This is a good example of how small I am compared to an average dick

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Pretty sure the correct term for this is a testicular torsion. Basically a heart attack of your nut.

And it's pretty well considered the worst pain a man can feel, with kidney stones being a close second. Opiates can't even touch it. Nearly have to sedate people. Have seen a couple in the emergency department.

That’s porn, it’s not representative. Please OP, talk to a professional. Just change the length of your strokes, your size is perfectly fine.


get viagra

learn to eat pussy, prop her up with a pillow to hit her where it counts. also do nice shit chicks like, if you're insecure about it you'll agree with me that she likes you for more than your dick

Every study done in the US says 5 dude. It just fucking makes sense. Go do your own research.

Body dysmorphia is a thing. I was ripped and at 7.5 and couldn't look in the mirror. I'm considered, by most everyone who's mentioned it to me, to be above average in looks. All the girls I've been with have been considered hot...including my ex from Japan whom I was with for 10 years.

I was just trying to help you get into different positions during sex and maybe get some outside help.

And to be honest if it isn't working in the bedroom then the relationship won't last. Sexual chemistry is crucial and it seems you two don't have it.

For the uninitiated: Threads that sound this way are made by people who have sexual fetishes regarding being degraded for having a small penis or whatever

Don't respond to them. He is literally jacking off to your words.

Yes, but if I actually cared for her would she not deserve the best?

Sex is not an in important thing in life.

SO many people on here offer advice and your all bigger then me past the threshhold to have actual sex, so what would you know?

I did look up that study and many others, they are all flawwed

Try a cock ring.

Like I 5 now because fatty. Bro I'm serious. I can guarantee I've looked into this average penis size thing more than you. I'm almost 40 and have been online since BBS were a thing. I've seen countless dicks...played sports in highschool and college. Lived with many different roomates. Wtf do u think is the average!? 6,7!!??
We have an obesity epidemic here, as a fat fuck myself I can tell you I lost 2 inches as my public mound swallowed my dick.

Tldr: 5 is the average

im skinny as a stick and im 6.5 inches, if i was as fat as you i would be 4.5 inches?

What are you trying to prove

Fucking cuck samefags in this thread. Kys you pthetic fags.

You are cuck

I think these guys are virgins. I'm a solid 7 and always hit cervix. I hit it hard tho. Maybe it just a confidence thing. I bet i3 could make any girl cum with two fingers. You just got to work it properly. Watch some lesbian porn and not the fake kind.