Doll thread

Doll thread

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I love how they did the mouth on this one. No pretense of teeth or tongue like women have for vocalization. Just straight dick sucking here. That's all its for lol. I'm not even a women hater and it's hilarious

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Probably the only time i've seen someone actually use one of these sex dolls for sex

I'm a fan of meggy

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Fucking losers lol can't get real pussy so you fuck lifeless robots and silicone whores guess what you have even less chance at real pussy the moment you purchased that doll idiot

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Pic with dick in that

So frustrating people post loli dolls and never use them

I guess I could get a smaller one if it was japanese doll since they are pretty small irl and look the same in 15-25..
I'm thinking 140cm, which would be around ~23kg which is fine

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how are the post nut blues after paying for one of these then fucking it?

I love how peoples thinking has gotten so black and white. If someone has that much a problem with a doll, then you don't need that kind of person in your life anyway.

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I really like this position

You're supposed to use your imagination duh

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Time to give this little lady a go.

Don't have any.

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whats it like to fuck her doll ass?

How do you think? :)

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Lmao u dumb as fuck nigga

I only come to Sup Forums for loli thread since 2014. Is it infested with trannies now?

You guys are such liars, it gets posted almost every thread.

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Bad news

Different user, please post picks with your dick in her ass

I really want to see her in action.

You clearly don't either. There's quite the market for sugar babies, considering those dolls are several thousands of dollars and you can't even get a picture with proper resolution from google, I'm pretty sure they'll do much better than you even if just through straight up wealth

Well honestly I haven't been on Sup Forums for a while
Please post moar

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Dolls are getting better as time goes on.

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Kill yourself why would you want to fuck a doll there's real pussy out here stop stuffing your mouth with cheetos and watching internet pornwhil simultaneously fucking your dolls and meet REAL WOMEN!!!!!

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Women use sex dolls too dumbass

What makes you think I don't know any real women?

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I don't socialize much, most people go about their own business and leave me be. Nobody really wants to get involved with me so I don't exactly have a sexual outage beyond self pleasure.

Damn bro you angry on the inside u should work on that lol

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I'm about to watch some virtual reality porn while I fuck my doll.
I plan to travel into an orgasmic dimension.

where's this dude's dick

Love the feet/toes

They still have terrible fingers hands/feet which sucks!
Better fingers when?

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Idk man i think my doll has nice feet and hands

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burn in hell mother fucker

She doesn't seem into it.

Anyone have a RealDoll?

Sound like those angry sexually repressed conservative pedo white nationalist mass shooterish type christian, wanting people to produce more useless worthless religious voters into office so they can play and suck on babies peepees..

Or just some broke poor ass child who can't fap or /r/no fap cause their mom has them on a rapey abstinence program for their jew king..

Only religious people seem to care what others do in their bedrom.


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For me it's the body language. Feet together and hiring her arms uncomfortably...

Such a cute shy/sheepish/bashful look, agreed

These look nice but from the video they look wobbly and soft. I want them more sturdy and have knucles in fingers on hands

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Ditto, except the opposite that people, mostly coworkers, keep asking me to get involved and head out with them and I either make a brief appearance and bail or make an excuse or say yes and flake. I find large groups of people in a social setting very tedious, and I feel exhausted afterward.

Long term relationships are a pain because while I enjoy one-on-one to some extent, there's always the push to go out and party and I hate that.

Thanks user
Wish you could make a video

Hmmm...So he was behind that

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Yeah maybe one day. Im sure they will be able to do it eventually.

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I know wat b lieks,

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Not happening unless I can get my camera hands free.

This is the only doll I'd fuck.

Post diapers

Epic doll I like her

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Any Taylor Swift dolls?

Your doll is the best one because she's the only one that doesn't look like a fucking child

What really scares me in dating is, "SINGLE" MOTHERS.. JESUZ LORD>> why no one follows their bible and stop getting divorce... and producing basterd children that cant enter heaven lol.. Its always pump and dump useless single mothers and their dumb kids, they dont learn after their first kid.. I can see why abortions are so popular with them.
Every woman I date, has a damn child!...bone and leave them..

Whatever happen to good ol virgin women.. I miss those slutty catholic women... hard to find now a days.

Marriages arent even a thing anymore in a lot of countries, they are dying out cause no one wants to, due to how tedious and expensive. I almost got married a couple of times realized it was my penis fault and bailed lol..nonono penis, fool me once shame on you... fool me twice,.. I'l choke the shit out you.. As countries evolve and modernize and more educated, marriages will die out.. Real issue is modernize and education and science lol.

You made a vid before though?

I know how you feel, I've never understood the whole party thing.
> want to go to a place you aren't comfortable being, and do stuff you don't normaly do to win the acceptance of people you don't know?

No thanks, I'm fine.

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Mike Sinner: 65 cm miriam stomach
inlfation 1 miriam
stomach inlfation

A couple of short cumshots. No fucking videos.

Her face worries me but I love the way those bottoms hug her.
100-cm fucking a

Far from religious nothing you said describes me I just see a bunch of fucking losers fucking toys one even tried to justify by saying women use sex dolls to well if it helps you sleep at night.....

Wow, who did the bottom surgery user? That's one well made trannyvag.

You're posting on Sup Forums on a Saturday night, fag

Checked and any more like this? Asking for a friend.

Oh yeah for sure, but that means more waiting..
but that being said, your's has some really cute feet, whose the manufacturer?

Her face worries you? Why?

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Stick your dick in plzz

Just looks like she's been hurt which irks me.

After you get a certain age user, every woman in the dating scene has baggage. If you have a decent education and job go for ones with that ages 27-35. They likely were too busy to get knocked up at least
If you're trailer trash Joe then you are stuck with what you got.

Yeah, one of my favorite poses.

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She was hurt, long ago. She's all better now.

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I agree. That's the worst part about a doll...they can look hurt, but they can't cry and beg you to stop.

this is sad this how you want to remember your life when you are old?
alone in your room fucking a dead eyed toy?
its just creepy...standing in your room not interacting with anyone, the quiet sound of you posing your dolls and then taking a picture

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More productive than Sup Forums shitposting

Ahhh... Teaching Feeling...
Has it been patched so that you can play it without fucking her yet? Or does she still rape you after a while? I just wanna headpat