My master told me to make a thread and write whatever people wanted on me

My master told me to make a thread and write whatever people wanted on me

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Trump MAGA 2020!!!!

Bappo attacko

Draw a dickbutt

"posted on iFunny"


Wrote it poorly but here

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Draw a smiley face on your balls

Ifunny for chu~

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write "Russel Grant" on your shaft

Write Moniceps

draw a cats face

Write "slut faggot"

draw some tits uu

added uwu

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Write :"In nominus Patre et Fili et Spiritus Sanctum"



Draw an arrow on your shaft pointing towards the head of your dick

Such a cute slut

Your legs look silky smooth

Write: "Ohio State 7 - Wisconsin 21"


Oooooo write "cum in me, bro"

On your butt. And don't forget the comma because being dumb is not sexy.

Thanks~ uwu

write the word slut multiple times in different locations

I use a lot of time on shaving uwu

"public use"

Can we see your cute butthole?

Aight bitch, I’m your master now since whatever shitty excuse of a master you got is ass at giving a slut like you proper commands for his pleasure. Now, write faggot 3 times on each leg, whore.

Slut x4

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No lmao


did your master tell you to choose what you write as well? you're behind schedule slut

What country your from faggot?

Write “helps prevent gingivitis”

I don't write what trolls wanna awa

Master said it had to be mediocre

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Can you write "brianne only gets it bareback"

Looks pretty tasty to me. Got anymore?

Please write " suck me Chris" on yourself

Master went to bed so I don't have permission to post anymore ;w;

please hide the tip of you cock inside your foreskin

That sucks. Your butthole is really cute.

>43 posts in
>no "Hitler did nothing wrong"
What is happening to this board?

Will probably post again sometime!
Try and see if u can recognise my butthole~ just respond with Natsuki if u think it's my butthole uwu

Do you usually post in trap/sissy threads?

My master sometimes does
I'm new to Sup Forums though

Alright, hope to see your cute ass again someday.

Serious question: what brought you here? Or your master here? Im more curious about how.people are finding this place



For me cus I get to be a slut without having to give any anonymity away uwu

"Homestuck fucked me"

Whats your opinion on being a slut sandwich? Your master bare, deep, and empting his balls to breed your boipussi, and your dick buried in a unprotected cunt to breed the bitch he chose to make the next gen of sluts with you?

Never touching a gorl so no thanks awa

Can you write "Cum Here" with an arrow pointed toward your belly?