Good evening Sup Forums...ask a black Hispanic anything. Bored tonight

Good evening Sup Forums...ask a black Hispanic anything. Bored tonight.

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Show us your cock.

Make me a fried chicken burrito

That's not a question user. Maybe try again?

Clip you junk off. That would be hot!

So you're both fast and can swim!

One way at looking at it lol

show us your dick?


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which do you get more mistaken for, Hispanic or black?

Would you be opposed to your roommate sucking you off while you play vidya?

Cold you drive a nail through it for up?

I get recognized as Hispanic more often

Well I live alone


I'm saying if you had a roommate


Nah then they'll catch feelings for me can't have that

It's in the OP...Hispanic lol

Why are you circumcised if you're hispanic? Also that's still a really nice dick n-no homo

Have you´ever fucked a white girl?

Would you send a picture on kik of you masturbating to my wife?

I was uncircumcised until around age 3 or 4. Parents told me I had phmosis? Not sure what it called but my foreskin didn't let me pee...and thanks for the compliment lol

Yes i have

Sure if you can prove its her

>prove its her
It would be me sending you pictures of her. I'm not going to dox her just to see your dick

fuck my gf please sir

Oh I recognize that juicy fuck from earlier.

I wish I could buy a replica of that thing because I want to rearrange my guts with it.

What type of woman would you make take that bare no questions asked?

The other black guy's thread died so I'm migrating here

Could you tribute?

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Are you a dominicoon or puertoricoon?

You're straight or bi?

Post more of your cock??


Sure, show me what she looks like

White women...especially pawgs




Well like what

For.your honest answer bro

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Any kind of dick pic!! I just need more!!

Height? Do you feel closer to blacks or mexicans?

fuck her pls

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Thanks bro

How about this?

6'2ft and tbh Mexicans

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I'll impregnate her

If you had more though....
also I’d love to see it with some white girls not gonna lie...

Oh I got that if that’s what you wanted

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Oh my god yes!!!

Can you tribute my x ano

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Oh Lord this is just gonna be one of those "please post you fucking white girls" threads isn't it?


I was posting my dick for the gays too lol

oye papo! yo soy dominicano tambien!!
which part bro? im from santo domingo but i be at juan dolio.
tengo un casa grande en metro.
you ever pass through the motherland i got you papo.

Aren't most Hispanics uncircumcised?

Do you speak Spanish?

Nah I’m just a cuck, but if you got more pics fucking white girls though

Klk mani lol

I was in it until age 3 or 4 I think then had to get circumcised due to medical condition

I do

Can't spoil you guys with too much of a good thing lol

WWYD to my girlfriend, OP?

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No girl has ever wanted to do anal with me and since her asshole looks like a target imma do that

Oh well in that case can you make a gif or webm of you stroking? Because your cock looks delicious and I could really use the boner

dimelo tigre que anda!
yo bro you gotta hit up miami, bitches be going crazy there for dominicans. lots of cuban bitches there, but they cook right after you fuck them.
estoy en NY ahora, going to fuck me some asian pussy in an hour or so. best pussy i ever had papo, no estoy jugando


Lmao it's like talking to one of my cousins. Good luck man fuck that pussy up

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Ugh I want to feel your desperate selfish thrusts

She's down for anal, but unsure if your cock would fit.
Thoughts on interracial breeding? And have you ever actually cucked someone?

Nah I haven't actively looked for that tbh

Sounds like intense feelings lol

get in here:

ever been sucked by another dude?

Nope i haven’t

why do you post your dick for other guys to look at in these threads?

I like the attention

from other men? hmmmm