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why should I have to prove anything?
>I just did

my parents are both white

I consume soy products regularly.

I get butthurt if my food isn't served hot

My credit score is over 800

Oh shit nigga. Idk. Wudamelon Wudamelon Kool-aid Oooga booga nigga

Hitler did nothing wrong

Shit nigga youdidndonuffin

I am white

My grandfather raped my aunt

I'm not white I'm pink.

I've shot up every school ive ever been in.

I'm on Sup Forums, of course I'm fucking white.

I like hummus

I havent committed a single murder

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I’m married and have 4 children with the same woman.

stay devastated brown inferior beast

Kiss my lilly white ass

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I don't have a 2 digit iq and I've never been to prison

White trash

Black detected

from op: Kill yourself

Pumpkin spice is good

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Listen to sissy hypno whiteboi. Let me fuck yo bitch whiteboi. Buy me a nintendo switch for my birfday whiteboi.

from op:nice cock

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Okay I'll kiss your asshole with my fat cock

I'm a tranny femboy bitch who loves sucking nigger cock

Sounds pretty black to me, niggerfaggot

I don't smoke crack.
I don't eat fried chicken.
I don't eat watermelon.
I don't drink 40's.
I don't smoke sweets or black and milds.
I don't smoke menthol cigarettes.
I don't drink kool aid.
I don't smell like shit.
I have never robbed anyone.
I don't belong to a gang.
I don't have a "baby mama".
I don't have a grill.
I graduated high school.
I'm not on welfare.
I know my father.
My lips don't drag on the ground.
My my eyes don't pop out.
I know how to have conflict without immediately turning it into a fight.

Oh yeah, and I'm not ashy on any part of my body.

Texas Pete is like, really hot.

I know how to wear my clothes properlyy

Fuck I'm passing out. My bad on the spelling.

I like hockey.

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great value red pepper flakes

I know who both my parents are. And both of their parents.

I do yoga

I like potatoe salad

I put mayonnaise on my sandwiches and think that mild hot sauce is extreme living

Ooga Booga!

I’ve never stolen anything.

i can't xD

from op: kill yourself

from op:nice to see this thread alive, keep it going honkas

I have a job

I had a good relationship with my father, until he died from a job-related illness.

That ought to do it. Double bubble.

I have no skin

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I snorted line of coke in front of two cops and got away with it.

I cum just thinking about blacked.