What happened to impeachment?

What happened to impeachment?

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the process is still happening, how are you confused?

An illegal immigrant stole it.

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In order for Trump to be impeached, you need evidence. You retards have none. All you're doing is exposing the seedy underbelly of the swamp. Trump outplayed each and every single one of you morons.

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Niggers made the whole thing up and it backfired

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He’s really tackling the serious issues - toilets and showers.

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by outplayed, do you mean relied on republicans in the senate to get down in the shit pile with him and protect him? because that's all he's done.

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It's happening right now user. I know your single digit IQ makes it hard to understand, but do try to keep up

of course I don't have any evidence, I don't work in Congress. The House and Senate are the ones conducting the investigation and eventual trial

Several Democrats wont vote to impeach how do you not know this. You're not a nigger are you?

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There's a 55 page report on the evidence that the judiciary committee is looking at now. You can read it online. It offers irrefutable evidence of what Trump was accused of - extorting a foreign government to dig up dirt on a political opponent. This is illegal for a politician - no less a president - to do. The Republicans literally have no defense, so they are stonewallikng and attacking the process rather than the accusatinos.

This is literally what is happening right now and it is reality. They will officially impeach before Christmas. You are living in an alternate reality and are completely ignorant of facts.

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The special ko punch for trump will be his tax returns.

I voted for him, and I know he’s hiding shady shit and not as rich as he claims

>they are stonewallikng and attacking the process rather than the accusations.
it's interesting hearing Republicans, and the White House talk about this whole impeachment thing. all they say is "read the transcript", and how they're not going to cooperate because "it's not fair". there's no refuting or defending anything, it's all just deflecting and calling it all illegitimate

it's Nixon all over again.
just like Nixon critical mass will soon be reached and the GOP will walk on trump one after another.

As opposed to all the legitimate and important things democrats do...

He's still trying to hide even his returns from the last 3 years.
no incumbent pres has ever hesitated releasing the returns from while in office because the only thing there should be his presidential salary and nothing else. Bet it's not.

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>b-but the other side...
Conduct like Trump's should be called out and denounced no matter what party is at the helm. He's taking a shit on the constitutaion and making the presidency more of a joke than it already was, and all you care about is protecting your fee fees because you voted for him and don't want to admit what an idiot you are. Your argument is shit - grow the fuck up.

Impeachment witnesses had no evidence, only opinions
none of that would admissable if you or I went to court. Just watch the exchange here

Attacking the process not the facts.

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Not an argument, and makes no sense.
The majority of Congress has no evidence either. Schiff is the only person who met the supposed whistlefucker
In the report there is no evidence of extorting a foreign government to "dig up dirt" on a political opponent. The Bidens are no more of an opponent than Sanders or Warren.

Additionally, there was no quid pro quo with Ukraine. The Democrats are manufacturing "evidence" (which isn't even evidence), calling useless "witnesses" who can present no evidence, and using the media to convince emotional idiots like you that their illegitimate process is somehow necessary for the benefit of the United States, which by all accounts it is not.

Impeachment takes time, and the Republican majority Senate will definitely not vote against the president.

You are living in a delusional, perpetual state of anti-trumpism. He will not be impeached before Christmas, or ever, and you are doing worse than making up facts:
You are inventing a false narrative to fit manufactured facts into.

Tldr; You are an idiot. He will not be impeached by the end of December, and he will be the next president in 2020.

Articles are being written up this weekend.

Then the House will vote to pass impeachment.

No, I'm attacking the dems for being a useless bunch of lunatics with zero credibility.

Impeachable conduct is literally in the transcript Trump is asking everyone to read. Everything he was accused of has been confirmed by multiple witnesses of high standing. This can and absolutely would be used in any United States court. 500 legal scholars just sent a letter to the judiciary today supporting impeachment based on all evidence presented.

You live in a fantasy.

it's funny because it's a complete misrepresentation of reality, in a perfect bite-sized comic that can be spread across social media

Don't believe Mitch McConnell when he says the Senate will not vote for impeachment. Some of the Reps are getting cold feet and it may be enough to get Trump brought up on charges.

It is an illegitimate process, they pointed it out in the hearings. Limiting the number of attorneys the president gets to call, preventing him from calling certain witnesses to the stand, and much more. It is illegitimate, and unfair.

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He is not obligated to release anything.

You talk shit without watching the hearings or reading anything. It's obvious from your post

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This ignores the fact that the Prosecutor in Ukraine was heavily corrupted and majority in Ukraine wanted him out.

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There is no tangible evidence at all. Those "confirmed witnesses" have all admitted under oath they have no knowledge or tangible evidence of what you're alluding to.

You're an idiot.

Quite literally not at all what happened. All one needs to do is read a little about it. Sad thing is millions believe it.

You're attacking the process instead of citing the facts, and the facts are what is driving this process.


>Schiff is the only person who met the supposed whistlefucker
the fuck does that matter who met the whistleblower or who they even are? you do understand the purpose of whistleblowers and protections for them yes? they raise issues. issues were raised, which started people looking into said issue, which cause more questions needing to be asked, which kicked off investigations. the whistleblower is entirely irrelevant at this point


He will be impeached. He wont be removed by the Senate. You have no clue what you're talking about, or you're purposefully spreading misinformation.

“If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell”

― Carl Sandburg

>It is an illegitimate process, they pointed it out in the hearings.
saying something over and over again doesn't make it any more true. the only thing Republicans can do is try and attack the process because all of the facts are so blatant there's no defense for them

The facts are there was no quid pro quo, only assumptions made by a variety of useless witnesses. The reason why Republicans are attacking this process is because of that. If you were watching anything Jim Jordan said, he States the following:

-President Trump and President Zelensky both say there was no pressure
-The transcript shows no conditionality
-Ukraine didn’t know aid was held back at time of the call
-Ukraine never took any of the actions they were supposedly being pressured to take

These are the facts.

The "process" is being driven by idiots bitter about Trump's presidency. They want to impeach him to get back into power.

Exactly - this is what the Republicans are doing - creating smokescreen after smokescreen, casting suspicion on the Bidens and Burisma when there was no evidence of any wrongdoing, creating wild conspiracies about 2016 and the Ukraine meddling in the election rather than Russia (even Graham admits this is wrong), and doing anything - ANYTHING they can to misdirect the public from Trump's actual conduct.

It's sickening, and history will not look back kindly on Trump or his supporters.

This. The process was completely legitamate as outlined buy house procedure. The Republicans core argument that no formal vote was taken prior to the investigation (as was with Clinton and Nixon), but this is completely irrelevant as there was no rule saying a vote had to be taken to investigate.

> The transcript shows no conditionality
the fact that he said "a favor though..." shows your argument to be invalid.

>imagine if Obama hadn't released his returns
>or if hilary hadn't

check this shit out
for half a century every man and woman who has RAN FOR PRESIDENT in the 2 parties has released at least some tax info to the public BEFORE THE ACTUAL ELECTION
except trump
the guy who berated others over transparency
the guy who demanded obummers birth certificate

>he's not obligated
fuck you

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>putting it in an image makes it true
Biden didn't admit to any crime on video. several countries, not only the US, wanted Ukraine to remove the corrupt prosecutor. it had absolutely nothing to do with Hunter. the shit the prosecutor said about investigating Burisma happened after the fact, and he entirely made it up.

many people have looked into the Bidens, and there's absolutely no evidence of anything illegal or of any wrongdoing. it's all a giant conspiracy theory that Trump bought into and was dumb enough to act on it by asking the Ukrainian president to look into Biden

Huh, didn't really answer the question, did you.
Are you having difficulty accepting the reality that there are a growing number of House dems that won't be voting for impeachment because they are realizing that doing so may very well be political suicide?

Actually if you watched Ambassador Sondland's testimony you would know that there was a quid pro quo (he said it) and it was obvious as Trump wouldn't meet with Zelensky (until Zelensky would start investigating Biden).

That's Jim Jordan's argument. CNN cut the transcript to misrepresent the information. There was no favor. There was no quid pro quo, and there is no evidence of such.

>useless witnesses
Career diplomats all working for Trump under teh Trump administration. Including Gordon Sondland, who was Trumps golden boy until he could no longer keep up the lie under multiple conflicting witnesses.

Tell me, why did Sondland change his testimony to finally admit Trump wanted a quid pro quo? Why would an obscure hotelier, who Trump literally handed this job to on a silver platter, lie about this?

Lemme guess - the Deep State got to him. Again - you're delusional.

Kinda like what Pelosi did to that reporter the other day?

To add to your post...
Schiff, when questioned recently, lied and said he didn't know who the whistleblower even was, after saying that he knew him and met with him months prior.
He's a 3 ring circus clown.

The only reason aid was held back a bit was that with a new ukrane goverment, the state and intel departments had to do vetting on any u gov department heads who would be in control of the funds. Normal with any change in goverment

>-The transcript shows no conditionality
there is no transcript. what the White House keeps calling a "transcript" is a memorandum, an edited summary of the phone call. there is no verbatim, word-for-word transcript of the call, so the White House's "transcript" is meaningless as "evidence" that nothing wrong was done

>There was no favor. There was no quid pro quo, and there is no evidence of such.
Except there was and it was all admitted to - even by Sondland, who was denying it with the president right up until he couldn't keep the lie up.

For fucks sake, White House Chief of Staff Nick Mulvaney literally said to reporters on the White House lawn "there was a quid pro quo - get over it" over a month ago and people are still delusionally defending this president. Sad.

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Don't see the connection. Please elucidate.

Sondland said that there was QPQ in his opening statement. But then went on to say during questioning that this was only his assumption and not something he knew to be factual or had been told by... well, anyone. You're a fuckin retard if you think this carries any legal merit, and you're a liar for trying to represent this as relevant while only telling half of the account of what happened.

He'll be acquitted in the Senate after trial, can claim to be exonerated and will be reelected

That doesn't change anything, unfortunately for you.
“I said that resumption of the U.S. aid would likely not occur until Ukraine provided the public anticorruption statement that we had been discussing for many weeks,”

This is his opinion, and does not change the fact that there was no quid pro quo. The key word here is "likely".

You're illiterate.

He's more than one monk short of a choir


So you're arguing that the President is guilty until proven innocent, under those circumstances. That's not how the judicial systems works in the United States.

Read above

All the idiots talking about Sondland's testimony. Read this.

It was a fact because Trump was avoiding meeting with Zelensky because Zelensky wasn't starting his investigation.

When the impeachment fails, can you cunts please kill yourselves?

You're right, Schiff did say that and he was mistaken. But I think it's funny how you think he's a clown for "lying" once when your p[resident lies an average of 14 times per day according to every fact checking network available. If you have a problem with lying, you should really take a look at who you voted for.

Fact 3 - Ukraine didn't know aid was held back at the time of the call.

You're wrong.

You didn't even watch the whole thing, did you? No wonder you retards think you're winning... Please, do the world a favour and kill yourself.

Impeachment won't fail because democrats control the house and will vote for impeachment. Removal however is quite unlikely as you need 2/3 of the senate to remove.

Sure, if you'll respond in kind. And by impeachment I mean solely that...not sure he'll be removed from office by the Senate.

>What is hyperbole
>What is insanity

Schiff is mentally deranged. Trump is just an asshole.

mfw it's over for drumpf

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Nice argument.

So you're willing to admit that Obummer and Killary lied all the time? No? Then fuck off.

Whatever makes you feel better :)

>“I said that resumption of the U.S. aid would likely not occur until Ukraine provided the public anticorruption statement that we had been discussing for many weeks,”

Exactly - he specifically wanted the Ukranian president to mention Burisma and Biden. That was part of Sondland's testimony. It was never about anti-corruption. It was about smearing an opponent. That is literally extortion - withholding already appropriated taxpayer aid to a country on the condition this countries president appears on television to announce an investigation into his political rival. None of this could be any clearer if you've been paying attention.

Dumb bitch threw a tantrum on live TV when questioned about the questionable practices being employed during the hearings. Pure comedy really to see how poorly she does when she isn't scripted. Basically just yelled and pounded on the table because even she knows how much of a farce it's all been but now she's committed to seeing it played out all the way to the pointless end.

Post quotes from the hearing so the retards get it

Which means impeachment, ultimately, will fail.

He won't.


Great argument. You convinced me. Idiot.

>So you're arguing that the President is guilty until proven innocent
where did I say the trial should be skipped? all it means is that more interviews and investigation need to be done to find out the truth, because something isn't quite right in all of this

>That's not how the judicial systems works in the United States
you understand that impeachment is not a criminal trial, yes? it's a political process, it doesn't involve a jury or the courts, it's entirely handled by Congress. not matter what happens at the end of us, Trump will be tried in a court, or committed of any Federal crimes. (at least not until he's no longer President)

It's sad how it's all about tribalism and sides with you rather than facts. It's sick that you think because other people lie that it's OK for our current president to do it.

In other words, you know you're going to lose, and you're happy that the country is wasting MILLIONS on this bullshit charade because you faggots couldn't accept that Killary lost a rigged election. Fuck it. Don't kill yourselves. It'll be more fun when we kill you.

There's an argument to be made that she was drawn very reluctantly into this impeachment process, and now that she is in it it weighs on her. Note her comments about praying for dRumpf often. It was a TD not a fumble.

There is no evidence supporting anything you said. You provided nothing but assumptions, and the facts remain the same.

None of that could have been clearer if you weren't being willfully deluded by stupidity.

Popcorn time

That is level. I agree.


I can imagine there is immense pressure on her. Must be tough leading a party driving a burning bus

>Which means impeachment, ultimately, will fail.
Nope. It's about setting precedent. Trump literally gave the House no choice but to impeach with his conduct. If they were really rabid and partisan for his impeachment like you claim, they would have gone after him on obstruction charges outlined in the Muller report, as that was honestly enough to impeach already.

They have to do this because it has to be on record that this type of conduct can't be acceptable. Even when the cowardly republicans in the Senate vote to dismiss, it still wont remove the stain - and future presidents, hopefully, will think twice before abusing their power.

Either that, or when the next insane Democrat/Progressve gets in office, Republicans will have hell to pay.

it is illegal because they use it as a voting incentive. They are wagering oil stocks for votes. That is completely the basis for their political influence.

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I can't stand Trump and hope he gets voted out in 2020 but this impeachment crap is complete BS, just a which hunt full of angry Democrats with no evidence other than "Orange man bad, impeach".

> leading a party driving the facts

Fixed that for you.

>There is no evidence supporting anything you said.
Yes there is. It's directly in the testimony of Trump's one staunchest defender. You still can't seem to tell me why Sondland flipped if trump was innocent...

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