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Hey there.

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what the fuck is this

how are you

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Hello again!
Hope today is going great for you :3

I'm good. Went to buffalo wild wings earlier. And got some new earbuds.

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Happy thoughts:
Pepperoni with pizza

ooh yummy wings! new earbuds, that's nice :) what kind of music do you like listening to? (i assume that's why you bought them)
had that yesterday heh

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I've been looking around for music to listen to. Mostly I've been listening to video games soundtracks.

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im happy these threads get less and less attention

sounds pretty nice :)
I like listening to game soundtracks like: youtu.be/uGFZHBK2lTs

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That's not true, it's just at a different time
Hug :)
Warspite Fren :)

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I haven't heard that one before. Though I do like beneath the mask.
Hey Riamu.

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cuddle :3

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Heya! I hope things are well
Cute pic :) cuddle

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Give me some of that juice

beneath the mask is pretty nice indeed. I also like: youtu.be/74AKqENuVOM

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I'm doing good. Getting sleepy, but don't want to go to sleep just yet.
Are you gonna play Persona 5 Royal when it comes out?

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The next persona game will be "persona 6" or "persona 5 two"?

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yup! I'm looking forward to it :)
hello blue

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Hello red + white

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cute pic :) what are you up to

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Thinking about life and preparing to sleep
And you pink?

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Persona 5 part two, it seems.
Hope you have fun with it. Anything else you looking forward to?

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Konata roll

Finally a good name

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I need advice.

I watch a lot of anime. I recently watched Hi Score Girl, it made me want to date again. So the past few weeks I went on a couple dates.

But it doesn't feel the same. It feels so fake. I don't know why but they don't seem real.

It should be the other way around, the anime girl should seem fake. But it's the real ones that do. They're nice and all but it just feels... Scripted. Like these women just require that you have a certain level of looks/money and they'll happily fuck you.

But there isn't any chemistry.

How do you even begin to find women that you have actual chemistry with?

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tanks :) hope you have a nice sleep when you do
hmm not really :) you?

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I assume you played the others?
Phantom Brigade looks interesting.
It's looks like X-com with mechs.

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oh that looks pretty cool, might buy it too. never played x-com before though.

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pat my head.

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I have slowly felt more detached but it's comforting.

I like how's it's trying to be unique. I hope there will be a lot of customization options.

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Good feeling, it is

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that bacon is fucking raw....

please talk like a normal human being for once.
The way you talk is just so unintelligible. are you yoda from fucking star wars

Help talk for something!
I think others sleep, it very late..
Think bad for be late

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That's pretty mean, friend.

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Good nighttime!!!
Still rain here, make sleepy

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Yay! Yep that's me :)
Rain is relaxing so that's nice, maybe you could have a rest soon

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that one beach boys song is my favorite

Beach boys?

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Hi Moth Boi

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I wonder if anyone will show up?

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I doze off, sleepy lazy nighttime
Too very comfort

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plans for the site are pretty much dead I assume

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I have an exam tomoro and I'm procrastinating

Please help I heed to get put of bed

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If talk, think I convince sleep...
Want talk help?

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It's sort of weird considering they still pay to keep it up.

I thought he couldn't raise the funds.

pcriot gon go bankrupt lol

how to help?