We are organizing a trap-friendly discord server to share our love of traps...

We are organizing a trap-friendly discord server to share our love of traps. Please join and we can all talk about some chicks with dicks. stCMcZ

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what kind of fucking trash?


omg finally a community that understands my needs, im actually a moira main and i love the best of both wordlds, heree i cum!!

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that camel foot though

any toe fucking?

God I'm already about to bust

Jesus this discord is fucking tits. And dicks

This group loves it in and out of the anal cavity

Soo...he was behind all that

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This doesnt make any sense?

Yessss please

wow thats hot

jebaited. rip

This server is obviously spamming false advertisement because there is no traps here. Lets flame them

is azur-lane right? im not seeing traps.

its SSGS

its an ad bot that posts this stuff everywhere. theyre trying to get you to google something in the pic, because, well, it doesnt make sense

lets all post the nastiest trap pic we have of ourselves!

Yo this dude just legit kicked everyone who tried to post traps!!!! Spam this bastard!

why did they do this?

yeah but like which channel in ssgs?

just post in general

such bait wow

What a stupid fucking discord

yeah, that was alrady someones disc who didnt know anything about this, but we def should make one. it was a good idea even if it was bait.

Her xD

shes hot

Pretty sure they did it to inflate server population

thats whack

there is a new one, this one actually has traps BxXTn2

Lol got banned

link dead use this

make a new account

honestly its kind of rude they keep banning people and wont let us post traps so

lets just go vola. r/13vag1598

Theres a new legit discord for traps


Legit discord y'all, can vouch.