Hey Sup Forums...

Hey Sup Forums, take a break from fapping to traps and trolling YLYL threads and check out this white nationalist manifesto.

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Hey NAZIcuck-go suck Trump's tiny dick; then; kill your self. You are useless little faggots.

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Posted to "in need of BBC thread"

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no thanks do an hero pls

>what comes next, I leave to you
Sarah Connor, The Terminator
no wait, wait was it Terminator 2?
That is definitely from one of the terminators.

Shut up nigger, this is actually relavent to the majority of people on this website.

It's too long, talks about jews too much and doesn't have an anal sex scene. 2/10

Generic and irrelevant

If you think white nationalists like Trump you're severely retarded

is this yours OP?

Why do you ask?

Why bother making a manifesto? White nationalism died in the 40s and will never come back. All you'll end up doing is going on a generic rampage bc muh race reeeeeeeeeeeeee
And then you'll be dead. Your life having climaxed into something worth even less than it would have been had you just acclimated to modern society.

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This, jews won, whites are done. They didn't even know it at the time.

took 6 pages for this nazi to go muh percentages like the retard he is, i’m pleasantly surprised

hey i remember this
i got you banned off twitter

this, emotions>facts every time

what about just regular nationalism

You wrote this? Do you know how many times we've seen the same dribble that you've written over and over? You've brought nothing original and your "manifesto" is a long turd that I won't bother finish reading.
OP is a faggot.

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What about America is there to take national pride in? Even the 'whites' are mixed to mutt status, and I guarantee OP is too

because white nationalist have no original thoughts
they regurgitate the same narrative they hear on stormfront
such an intellectually boring and repetitive ideology

This guy gets it

so yes?

ɴow pMᴀʏJɴG:
Clown Song (Feat: You) ───────────────── ◄◄ ►►0:𝟷𝟾 / 71:𝟻𝟼 ───○ ᴴᴰ

I mean, that's what any fanatic does. It's what climate activists do, it's what lefties do, it's what Sup Forumstards do, it's what LGBTQs do. With some exceptions, any of them only have a handful of sources they continuously cite.

Not saying any or all of the above are incorrect because of it, just that any 'ideology' is intellectually boring and repetitive.

With any luck all those radical retards will kill each other off so we can get back some sense of normality and start fixing shit.
Starting with mental health reform so people like OP are able to get the help they need to have some common fucking sense

the difference is white nationalist are constantly writing their own manifestos
that are all literally just copy pastes of each other

LOL nerd, no one's gonna read your autism screed

I guess that's true. Probably because they can't regurgitate their opinions on tumblr or twitter the way those other groups do, as hate speech is banned.

Sure, kid

True, they only voted and rallied for him

Fucking Nazi shit tier brainlets

ironic because this guy literally posted this manifesto on twitter

>TL;DR faggot

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was there ever any doubt?

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Is it still available on there?