AMA until you know how I am

AMA until you know how I am

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who are you?

Who are u

What is your social security number

kys nigger

The op.

The Op.


Are those... BATH CUPS?

I don´t have any

Close but no.


why are you such a fucking faggot?

Are you a minority

How much $$$ do you make off selling lewds and nudes on Snapchat?

Because you trained me.


$100 and a free subway every day.

Obvious Sup Forumselle Delphine is obvious

>MFW it's actually Greg

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Are u trump or Hillary?

Can u send me your dirty bath water pls?

No one

are u someone?

no u am prevent forest fires

Wtf are you wind?

no u

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Are you retarded?


OP here guys, can you take guessing more seriously?

Will you e-date me please? :c


Are you Sex Lion?


I cannot believed that worked ;~;


Closest guess anyone has gotten so far
Don't do that
I actually know Greg, or rather used to associate with him in the past.
I voted for Bernie
Not me
That's not OP

he’s my pic from when I lost weight

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Fucken hell op.


Not OP

yes I am

Please stop

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What are you, in some shitstain country?