Vote Democrat

Vote Democrat

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this makes me want to transition to fucking dead

>Only parade white children as changing genders.
How come I never see a black trans gender kid on the cover of a magazine?

bc not even niggers are that stupid

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They're out there, walking the streets

Maybe but you never see them on the cover of magazines or in the news.
>Hmmmmm...... I wonder what the real agenda is..........?

Black transsexuals are murdered the most. A black child wouldn't even be able to finish saying the are trans before dying.

>continue the cycle of the two party one tyrant system
No thanks, I'll be voting for Libertarians and Independents.

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Guess niggers even understand basic concepts.



More like trend

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A guy is championed for beating up girls. I love it.

I'd hit that.


>I'd hit that.

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Yes please.

Degenerates like you belong on a cross.

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I'll even suck her dick when I'm done.

Trump will make Fallout real!!! Gamers rise uuuuup!!!!!


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State Representative Ceci Velasquez (D) was convicted of theft. (2016)[9]
State Representative Richard Miranda (D) pleaded guilty to wire fraud and tax evasion.[10] (2012)
State Representative Ben Arredondo (D) was charged with bribery, fraud and extortion. He was sentenced to 18 months of house arrest. (2012)[11][12]

just in arizona, literal fake news

I want a country where interracial gay married couples can have abortions and protect their marijuana plants with AK47s and RPGs.

Who do I vote for?

list of modern, elected republican pedophiles. there's a ratio of 100:1 republican:democrat pedophiles.

your party's sick. you thrive on child rape, xtianity, lies, corruption, war and crime.

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go to cuba, commie!

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You can get AK's legally and easily in Cuba? neat

Devils advocate, this only proves republicans get caught more, not that they have more instances of pedophilia.

under trump, transgenderism has risen 5000%

who do you think's behind the rise?

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>I want a country where interracial gay married couples can have abortions and protect their marijuana plants with AK47s and RPGs.
>Who do I vote for?
Libertarian obviously.

personally I blame gray people. fucking griggers.

Something fishy's going on in trump's jew paradise...

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LoLitarians, also how would gay couples abort babies when neither of them has a womb? It would just be a sense less waste to hire a surrogate mother only to abort it for non medical reasons though I guess that means I answered my own question as to how....
Fuck it I want muh freedoms back, let the degenerates practice natural selection and Darwinism.

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>trannies for trump

He was a girl before she was a boy.

One is a supportive family and the other is selling access to the president

because idiots on the left are too cowardly, or so far up their own ass, to stand up to this kind of shit in competitive sports where there's an obvious advantage. what's worse is in combat sports, like boxing or MMA, where you can do permanent damage to someone

good god are trump's supporters really all just trannies, fags, jews and pedos?

yeah, that's why every sports pro is a "leftist" as you retards put it. go ask your wife which chore she needs doing, cleetus.

>and the other is selling access to the president
Which ones, don't the Bidens and Trumps?
Because they both do the exact same thing.

god I hate you poor, undereducated people. I hope he starves you out tbh.

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>they both do the same thing, but we need to investergate the bodens!!!! durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Championing mental retardation and derangement. If we keep letting people get away with this, the freaks will succeed in destroying the west. Don't let them.

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yeah, I definitely trust the news company owned by the guy who's literally running against the guy who is getting called an idiot in the article

Neither of the two overlord parties give a shit about our rights and liberties. They all need to be dragged out into the street, flogged, and then told to never come back.

America may be too retarded and partisan to survive.

Let the oligarchs survive, fuck everyone else. the poor and uneducated have destroyed the country through partisanship and stupidity. they must be deported or starved out. END ENTITLEMENTS. I don't care if dems or republicans starve en masse.

Come on, don't give me that shit again. Jews don't just wake up one day and decide "well, I want to ruin civilization as a whole". this shit is way too easy. Seems like cherry-picked bullshit designed to fit a narrative.
Blame it on the people, not the race.

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>it's ok for men to beat up women if they claim to be trans
this is what the left actually believes

I wish we had real multiple parties like some other countries, where none has a majority and they have to work together to get anything done

>Neither of the two overlord parties give a shit about our rights and liberties. They all need to be dragged out into the street, flogged, and then told to never come back.
Trump is a gun control president. There is no denying this. "Take the guns first" etc and he banned bump stocks. So your petty cartoon should reflect this.

In a way Trump probably had an easier time banning bump stocks because he's "Republican" compared to Hillary (fuck her too though) because it provided cover. People aren't giving him shit and raising hell the way they would regarding democrats.

But they both need to go. Any vote besides Libertarian is literally retarded. You're only betting on being with the "winning" side choosing between dogshit and catshit. You still get shit.

a "trans" isn't a woman.

republicans beat women, period. and brag about it. they abuse kids sexually, physically, beat their wives et al.

sure, I'd kick a tranny in the throat. it's a man. but I don't hit women or kids. and I sure as shit don't rape. you fucking pederasts.

moreover, you're all poor. why are we (libs) all wealthy and very comfortable, and you scum all drive pickups with confederate flags? you've never even been in a Ferrari, let alone owned one.

We're not getting a serious third party candidate for a long time. If you don't vote for Trump, you'll get someone even worse. That's a fact.

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South park kinda nailed the trans athlete thing.

Stay ignorant then.

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Nothing wrong with trans and I fully support them starting out early. Trans girls are some of the coolest people I've met not to mention the prettiest.

>low IQ
>thinks trump is "not the elite"
>thinks trump is "not a reality tv show host"
>thinks trump is "not a politician"
>thinks trump is "not the establishment"
>thinks trump has "accomplished a lot with his 15 flushes per day"
>thinks trump is "not divisive"
>thinks trump is "not a racist" even with an outed white supremacist making policy
>thinks he himself is not stupid.

but vote trump?

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Vote democrat.

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I agree. Starting to transition at 18 is fine

Parents that give life altering hormones to children should be in prison.

Duncan Hunter's going to prison for corruption. Another Trump Republican.

How many republicans since 2016 have gone to prison? Soon the 2 Jews who were with Giuliani, and Giuliani himself. The GOP is a cesspit.

0 elected Dems.

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Did I miss something or are we trying to push socialist ideas now?

Yes, Sup Forums is infamous for pushing racist and nazi ideals so socialist ideals seems like a pretty natural step

Nazism does not follow with socialism.
Just because they had socialist in the name, did not indicate their political leaning.
They were very anti-communism.

Red states take a trillion a year in socialist money from blue states.

Then call the liberals that earned that money "socialists". Isn't that the purest form of hypocrisy? What irony. You lazy, welfare-ridden white trash can't make it on your own, so red state socialism enables you to steal my money. You're the socialist, yet you call me the socialist.

I'm the capitalist. Your red states are poverty-ridden. Blue states earn hundreds of billions-to trillions annually. Red states are in debt.

Your economies have collapsed. You've abandoned education, and can't rebuild your own economies because you're meth-addicted, and too lazy. Who's the real socialist.

>being so low-IQ he thinks Nazis were socialists


>Vote Democrat

Then you look at who owns Nat Geo

ah... murdoch

Yes both use their positions of power to put their children in comfy places they don't belong.
Stop being such a partisan retard, our politics literally resembles that of a coin.

Fuck no

boy you're pretending to be a girl.

stop it already.

I'm going to make an edit with a rep and dem saying gun control/some gun control.

the one on the left and in the middle are cuties.

You know the more attention the world pays to these heathens the worse it's gonna get.

National socialist that's pretty clear as crystal

beats the republican agenda

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Found the moron.

>Nationalist socialist German workers party
>Durrrrrr they aren't socialistsss
Nazi's just weren't outright commies.

The one on the left is 18 now and gorgeous

>Red states take a trillion a year from Blue states
That's backwards
>Implying fully engaged
>I am a capitalist, red states are pverty-ridden.
But California has more homeless and druggies than any state...and they are a Blue state...
>More implying.
Go to bed.

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>everything is a Jewish conspiracy!!!1!

>Trump voters would be hit hardest by GOP's food stamp work rules
Good, fuck Republicans for flirting with Socialism in the first place.

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not sure if trolling or just retarded

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>I'm gonna vote for Trump so only slightly less of my 2A rights are eroded as apposed Dem's who'd erode even more 2A
Yes BASED Republicans defending liberty!
Anyway I'm not saying don't vote for him, just stop pretending he gives to shits about you.

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>Democratic Socialism
But its not Socialism. They are a Free Market Capitalism with a few socialist policies. Learn what Norway is you fucking retard.