Aussie girls! Post all your aussie sluts here!

Aussie girls! Post all your aussie sluts here!

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Fucking hell kek

Fuck yea! Any moar

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They should have a bin chicken with a 6 pack.

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More? Name?

Some tumblr slut... cant remember her name

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Nice ass

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Any Armidale?

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Gloucester, Taree, Newcastle?


do nudes of this girl exist

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Post Perth sluts

What do you want to see?

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Pls go

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Hey I'm in those areas

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Are the initials VH?

Maitland to Mayfield area?

I'm in those areas

Nope friend

Do you have anything?

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Swear I've never seen someone and recognised them on this godforsaken board

ITT: not a whole lot of nudes

Why are aussies so prude? What a shit backwards country lol


we have had legal sex industry here in NSW for over 20 years - better than your backward vice laws in redneck USA


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Any wins from Brisbane?

Penrith? Cranebrook? Any of the surrounding areas?

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lets be honest the australian threads are always shit. just chat girls from the most random areas


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Does her other leg tattoo say "Reckless"?

Yea bro how you know her?

Probably not, reckless abandon is just a saying

Anyone drunk on a Sunday night and starting work at 0630?

Drunk yes, but I have tomorrow off
What do you do?

Landscaping. Got one week left then I'm done and starting a law enforcement career after 12 years in landscaping.
What about you.

Drinking coppers sparkling ale btw

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Electrician part time til I graduate uni,
On the heinekens tonight.

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Thought electricians make decent money, hopefully uni is a good investment

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Moar please

names pls

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Who think was him...?

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Yeah you can if you work your way up, takes a while though and you need to do some study anyway (tafe or sometimes even uni).
I haven't got any qualifications for my job, I'm mostly just on as a helping hand.
Picked it up as side work after I was already halfway into my degree.
Studying engineering and programming, hopefully should land me a decent job eventually.

Anyone wanna tag team the mrs in sydney?

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Hell yea bro more pics?

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Any cuck from Brisbane?

God damn... is she down for a 3way? Can you post more

Yeah, alright

You got kik?

Probably fucks filthy disgusting niggers

She probably does

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Any of Sarah Meager Perth, WA

shes a milf used to be pretty wild so I'm told

Anyone got more of Jayvee Comber?

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/r/ing georgie gee