Sick of people telling me that my dick is anywhere close to a normal size when its small...

>sick of people telling me that my dick is anywhere close to a normal size when its small, cant even feel girls when I have sex.

Pic related

Can we please get an actual accurate dicksize study for once?



Will prove the most common dick size is way bigger then most studies.

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>no such thing as sample bias


Are you actually retarded?

Mines 6x5.5

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Wow, it's almost like everyone, all millions of people who visit Sup Forums are about average, and the slightly larger to huge dicks are the exceptions. I mean, otherwise this thread and your bullshit poll would represent your foolish premise.


I'm 7x5.3, but still feel small. Probably because I'm a virgin

How nice of them to let you have sex during your stay at Auschwitz.

mine's the ginormoustest of them all. Others may appear bigger, but thats just optical illusions or tricks of the measurement jews.

>If you want your dick rated, OP, you should post it in your picture. I cant find it.

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>all millions of people who visit Sup Forums are about average, and the slightly larger to huge dicks are the exceptions.

No? where did you get that? The average length so far is around 6.7 inches

And the average girth is around 5.7 inches.

Thats AVERAGE and girls are disapointed with that size usually.

I was fucking right, and why would people lie?

The girth is really small and the length is just passable

> had sex with 13 chicks 1000 + times, your going to have trouble unless your really kind or have money.

>Thats AVERAGE and girls are disapointed with that size usually.

>I was fucking right, and why would people lie?

You mean girls lie about how big or small dicks are? Color me shocked. Grills can't be trusted because they have no fucking idea about dicks.

And you're not right, you are a fool because you're counting the responses, which are more likely to be what you "confirm" rather than what you omit. However many millions or thousands of people that visit Sup Forums are in the "average" range, or they would've responded to your poll, rather than the handfulll (less than 10 atm) that actually have. Instead you've only had about 10 people respond, and only 3 or 4 have what is consider "above" average.

tl;dr you're an idiot, and I really hope this thread is ignored because you're an idiot and deserve to be ignored for your ignorance.

You spout so much nonsence, I know its nice to try to hold onto the fact that your dick is acceptable, buts its super damageing for kids growing up ts fucked me all up.

my dick is around 6.5 inches and 5.3 in girth and Its fucking undesputibly tiny this is a really good example photo.

I can barely have sex with a dick this small, how do you dispute that, the only way is to say I mesured incorrectly but im pretty sure I mesured correctly and every dick I have ever seen is bigger then mine, and most people claim to be between 7 and 7.5 inches and from what I have seen thats not a far fetched statement. That seems like a far more accurate average.

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Oh wow, this post is so fucking pitiful. The problem isn't your dick beta, it's you. When you acknowledge this, you will grow as a person.

It is only you that is holding you back to dumb mother fucker.

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bullshit statistics, that would mean im almost 2 inches bigger then most people in america.


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How is it my problem?

I cant exercise to make it bigger, I was born like this, im just sick of people telling me and other people a false truth, when I found out I was small I was fucking devistated.

Worked so hard for nothing.

I'm roughly 7.5" Never had any complaints from women yet.

You can stop jerking yourself off now mate.
There are people out there bigger than the average, but the average is still the average.

GIrls are not likely to complain about sex they are told not to.

7.5 good but average.

Don't bother gauging OP. He's fucking deluded and doesn't even realize it. He's obviously fishing for compliments, but it's backfiring on him horribly since most "average" dude are just ignoring the thread completely.

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Lol i dont want any complements at all, I just want actual statistical data,

And you just brush the thread off as "oh its only the big dicked guys here"

Fuck me

So far the results are around 6.5 average in length and 6 inches average in girth.

Why would people lie? acording to the "studies" my dick should be a thick hog but its think as fuck.

Most replys say 6 inches girth and im very inclined to beleive that?

Why are you so dismisive of actually proof being shown to you?

Hey, at least you arnt a manlet like me.

Why be miserable over things you can't change? Wants the point? Jeez.

I'm 5.5 long and 6 thick, literally a chode, I still fuck, p confident in myself there too. I never had any complaints.

>He's obviously fishing for compliments
Naw I'm just stating facts. You may be small-dicked. We large dick guys just have a different attitude, our dick size is not something we worry about at all so we're not very sensitive about saying how big it is.

Because all I want in this world is a stable relationship with no cuck aspects

How do you hold a signigifant other who you care about if you cant please them sexualy yourself?

If when I was younger the incorrect average statistic didnt exsist maybe my life would have gone diffrently but no it made me think I was normal then droped me on my fucking head.

you have the girth, that can very rarely make up for terrible length, but 6 is enough.

Should be less confedent tho, 6 inches girth is average

since you just said you have a large dick, that is saying it is above average. Good try bro

that was not me, IM OP faggot that was the guy who said he was 7.5 inches

Well 7.5 inches is average to ME anyway.

I have a 5 inch cocj and rect mad pussy. What sloppy cunts you sticking yir willy in mate. Go get you a low mileage lass and make her your whore for fucks sake

Bump dont die on me