Tomorrow my girlfriend will have her first BBC

Tomorrow my girlfriend will have her first BBC.

Any recommendation?
>pic related

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have fun taking care of the child

i recommend you reconsider not only this arrangement, but the collection of events in your life that led you to this point. faggot cuck



Post nudes

I recommend:
>recording it
>having him start with a condom
>have her remove the condom
>have her beg for him to cum in her
>immediately fuck her gaping cummy cunt

That's gay, this is what I recommend:
>recording it
>OP committing suicide that is

Postmore without the scribbles. She has nice baps.

I recommend you to kill both, and commit suicide

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Remember to be respectful and thank her bull for fucking her

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I don't think the 50s was a painting but lol ok weird comparison?

this thread

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Are you going to clean up his creampie?

Who think was him...?

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I recommend she suicide and then you copy her.


I've seen her pictures without the eyes covered
Fuck off larpy

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Congrats, should be entertaining.

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Which tower was that taken in?

she look hot, any more picture of op fakewife ?

Again? This chick has had her first BBC a few times now...

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Use lard and lots of it niggers are filthy and he going to ruin any masculinity or dominance you had over her. Might as well ask the nigger to anal swap you and her.

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