Was a super handsome kid when young until I got two bearded dragons as pets that stayed in my room

Was a super handsome kid when young until I got two bearded dragons as pets that stayed in my room.

>be me
>lizard tank/cage whatever you wanna call it was always cleaned regularly
>two bearded dragons would just take rancid shits that would smell for hours
>didn't really care, just mouth breathed whenever I came into my room
>was more of an outdoors kind of kid so didn't really care my room smelled
>Christmas 2007
>get halo 3 and xbox360 for my room
>play it constantly while mouth breathing since i've grown too attached to my bearded dragons by this point to get rid of them
>2 and a half years of constant mouth breathing
>fast forward to now in College

Wouldn't know from my childhood pictures it was me unless told. Really fucking sucks from being attractive to being ugly because important info like mouth breathing isn't taught to kids in schools.

tl;dr Bearded Dragons made me ugly

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This is amazing deflection. Bearded dragons are why you're an ugly loser. Incredible.

Why didnt you just clean up their shit you fucking retard?

Mouth breathing because of their smell.

So..... breathing your lizard shit fumes has made you ugly? Any picture proof or any other kind of proof?

It didn't bother me to the point to clean up each individual shit since I could just mouth breathe.
Again, I didn't know the consequences of it when I was young

It's literally just your average joe mouth breather before and after pic you've seen a million times

How does mouth breathing make somebody ugly I don't understand.

It affects your upper and lower jaw growth, especially when you're young.
Basically gives you a baby jaw compared to the rest of your face

It doesn't, ppl will blaim anything to justify things to themselves.
Your 'ugly' cause of genetics, baring any sufficiently hidious accidents to your face.

It doesn't affect bone growth, show me a scientific paper, peir review in a journal.

>Citation needed

It's literally scientifically proven you retard.
You don't just go from being a handsome young man to looking retarded on genetics alone

No it takes lizard brap fumes to finish the job

Yes you can.
Just like you can be an ugly child to beautiful /handsome adult.

OK if it's proven where's the scientific research and papers on the issue?

Show us and I'll belive you.

But somehow I don't think ull be able to provide any.

Hahaha yes of course the missing link

So I googled around a bit and apparently it's a real thing.


Assuming this study is real of course.

There are literally dozens of videos and researches online about this. How about find them yourself, I'm not your daddy

OK so how old was OP when he got these dragons?

Looking at that paper you would have to of been a mouth breather from birth or very early years of your life for it to have a dramatic affact.

It wouldn't have a dramatic affect if you started mouth breathing at 12 say.

You were going to be ugly from the beginning, and a weak jaw isn't the deciding factor you ugly little bitch

I was 6 when I got them and started playing Halo in the room a lot when I was 8.

Agreed, a small jaw doesn't esactly make you ugly

Generally people think people with asymmetrical features are ugly.
Is your jaw lop sided?
Or evenly smaller?

Having a weak factor means a lot.
Like having a massive forehead just makes you look like a joke even if you are attractive in other areas

So it would have probably had a minimal affect on your jaw, teeth and other factors.

Plus theirs a lot more factors than just mouth breathing, how far did you open your jaw, did you keep it open or close after each breath.

Plus uv provided no picture evidence that it's affected you.

Plus OP Mouth breathing was stupid!

The whole point of breathing through your nose is so that partials of things you don't want in your lungs get stuck in the mucus and hairs in the nose (filters out contaminants and bad things)
So by mouth breathing you were breathing partials of their shit along with dust and anything else in the air straight into your lungs.

That would also affect your health long term.

Having a weak mentality of a little bitch means more, women can smell your fear a mile away

Bearded dragons only shit every couple days. Just clean it whenever they do and your room wouldn't be rancid.

I can smell their feet from even further.
Who's the real winner?