Is there ANY way to turn this mess around. She was replying until the santa comment

Is there ANY way to turn this mess around. She was replying until the santa comment

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you can turn this mess around by deleting tinder in order to prevent others from being exposed to your nuclear autism

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you don’t have to be mean to me :(

>nuclear autism

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You fucking retarded idiot. You asked a chick for money? Is this fucking bait?

user you took the Santa thing too far. Accept the L and find another sloot


eat shit op lmao

it was a joke someone told me to say when i posted this thread yesterday. but now looking back i realize it doesn’t sound like a joke.

please don't be larping please be serious

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You listened to another deserve this

nuclear autism.
thanks user I will use this phrase from now on.

you guys don’t have to be mean to me. look at the beginning of the convo, it was going so well. i don’t understand why she stopped replying

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so much cringe
so so much cringe
how old you are op 15?

you didn't say sike you fucking spergburger

Thank you for the Christmas cheer you lovely retard.

She was flirting with you, dumbfuck. She wanted you to take it further, not pussy out.
She was testing on you whether you're a Chad and you failed.

Bro HOW did you manage to fuck it up from how the convo was going. A little cringe but she was digging your memes and then you to cuck it all up with your N̛u̢͜c̴̸̀l̨͞ea͘̕r͞ ̵Au̶t̷͜͡i͝sm̨̛͢™̢͢

this is what I said after she said the sike thing and it went well

but i DID flirt with her and take it further, i told her i wanted to spank her so what’s your idea of flirting if not that??

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When a girl says she has the pain tolerance of a 2 year old, it means she wants to be submissive and for you to dominate her. Learn to read signals like this. It will gradually cure your autism.

Holy fuck did you ever go from Three Mile Island straight to Fukushima. Your autistic radiation just gave me cancer.

user you're missing the point, you asked for cash and went too far with the Santa thing. A conversation can be going great between you and a girl but if you randomly said "Nigger" that'd probably be the end of the convo. You basically did the equivalent in cringe. You basically just said "Nigger" and fucked up the whole convo. How does that feel?

N̛u̢͜c̴̸̀l̨͞ea͘̕r͞ ̵Au̶t̷͜͡i͝sm̨̛͢™̢͢


you guys are being so mean to me. i know i messed up already, please tell me how to turn it around

just say jk got carried away and hope for a no ghost

jesus OP get a grip

Learn from it and move on, you can't turn it around if she's not answering.

You have nothing to lose at this point. Ask if she wants to hang out tonight. Just do it.

After the pain tolerance thing you shoulda said, its ok I'll hold you after. Or some shit like that.

THERE IS NO TURNING AROUND user. Unless she replies back, you're fucked. Don't message her for the night. Maybe she's asleep. Then like tomorrow by like 1pm if she hasn't replied, you're gigafucked and you might as well take the L and move on

The word is spelled PSYCH, you fucking idiots

And no there’s nothing, she used you for some quick attention when she was feeling down/not hanging out with people.

You're slightly less retarded than OP. Only slightly.

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i think doing what
says might be a good idea? just say I was messing around? Maybe I’ll say “I was just messing around, can I tell you a joke?” Or something like that, but then what joke will I say

and since a lot of people are finding the convos funny ill post more fails if u guys want

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here I turned it around for you OP

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LMFAO you can't, she's not into anyone, what are you guys 12? Have to sensor Hold Hands, fucking kid, go to bed and stop being pathetic.

How is that funny? How is asking a woman for money suppose to come across as anything other than pathetic?


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When she called you dude that’s e friend zone part


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You’re wrong, nothing sexual about a comment that involves the phrase ‘of a 2yr old’

i know and it gets worse w other matches i think i have autism or something bc i really can’t read what these online girls want

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what the fuck do you look like OP


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what the actual fuck

ghosted after this message for literally no reason

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Holy fuck user you can't be serious

im not posting my picture here but im not attractive by any means. i think im a 6-7/10 at best

That's not as bad as the other one, just keep doing what you're doing. You don't have to change how to interact with people to impress someone you'll probably never fuck, do what you want and when it doesn't work find someone else. Granted that's under the assumption you aren't completely socially fucked but you don't seem like you are.

>for literally no reason

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user this had better be bait. You can't switch from chad brain to smooth brain like that please dude

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Bro, u done goof'd

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this girl blocked me after this message

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you're trolling there, right?

>nuclear autism

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>it's hard to read what ur saying

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If you die a virgin, at least there will be documented proof that it was entirely your fault

>its hard to read what ur saying

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i wasn’t trolling she legitimately sounded foreign

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>why sad

she typed like an Indian guy catfishing me

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you're the OP from the other day. are you seriously back here asking for advice again? i know what your problem is but i won't tell you because you're so fucking retarded. no cure for this amount of autism. fuck off

>I'm always down for chicken tenders
Losing this one had to hurt.

>you want to talk about my penis? sure

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Bitch this is you

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>it would be the natural progression of the chat
you are the most alpha beta this board has ever fucking seen

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This thread sickens me

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Ugh, she's not foreign, she was just uninterested during ALL of those texts. I'm surprised she still replied.

She asks if you wanna fuck and you reply with wanna text and this bdsm bullshit. Holy shit, stop watching 50 Shades of Grey you fucking imbecile, most girls aren't into shit like that, and maybe only IF they get comfortable with you in time. Stay off dating websites if you're going to go full Retard.

>Autist finds a girl whose down for tendies
>still manages to fuck it up

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all of these hurt, ive been trying hard to get a date for the past two weeks and it’s so annoying when it looks like it’s going somewhere but instead u just get ghosted

im going to keep posting these bc people find it funny and i want legitimate advice so i can finally get a date off these stupid apps

Acting like a fucking creep perv, like a lot of guys, isn't going to get you pussy, you autist

Legitimate advice:

Open all of your conversations with "I have autism"

Save those poor girls' time

this but seriously


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there’s this girl too but I didn’t reply bc she’s not my type

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beggars can't be choosers

Jesus OP please show us atleast your description on the site. no need for pic of urself just wtf is bringing these girls in

what's your type, equally retarded?

It's because she was dark, isnt it?

She thinks you're a joke anyways, look at her response, change your profile, take all that kinky shit off, just find a dominatrix whore who's into that.

here’s one from a few hours ago to a girls DM’s I slid in. it’s pretty bad since she owned/insulted me twice. crossed her name and pfp out of the pic

i just have facts about me, the first one saying “BDSM/DDLG”. no point in all the girls coming in if they don’t stay tho

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Who think was him...?

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Have you talked to a person in real life before? Because I would say you havent, given how bad you are doing here. Its painful to look at and imagine there is such a socially inept troglodyte like you out there trying to score with chicks

Nice larp, all these (you)'s must feel good OP

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Haha lmao damn

why do you have to be so mean to me im trying my best and posted this thread to get advice but it turned into something completely opposite

you don’t know what larping means

I want to crush your hopes and get you to give up on women. If, at the very least, to prevent you from accidentally spreading your autism

you're retarded. no wonder she stopped talking to you


i just want legitimate advice on what i need to change to get these girls :(

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You sound like a pedophile with that ddlg shit

how is it pedophilia

You are trying to hard

i don’t understand what this means

OP you literally have never talked to a woman in real life.