Would you rape a woman if you 100% knew you will get away with it and suffer no negative repercussions?

Would you rape a woman if you 100% knew you will get away with it and suffer no negative repercussions?

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no that's mean


No. You need at least 1% risk to feel the true rush.

I think raping a guy would be hot like some virgin trap. And I mean beat the brakes off it.


Depends, is 9yo considered a woman?

If i was into rape, yes, but I am not so keen on it. I love when she goes crazy on cowgirl.

No, it used to be a yes, but i worked with a girl who had been raped, and i helped her through a real anxiety attack. Non of you pussies would be the same after witnessing that

I don't think I'd ever be convinced it was risk free.

Depends, id get off on just degrading them and forcing them to do things they don’t want to.

If i can do what ever i want to them and they are still broken after the fact them im cool with it.

But if the forget i raped them then no that ruins it.

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Depends, if she's like a 8/10+
I'm going balls deep

Duude, how fucked up is you?

i kind of raped my cousin but I'm pretty sure she liked it so not really

>Not being hard the entire time she's reliving it

okay faggot

I do, its called getting married. You get fucked everyday

I would rape her even if I knew 90% that I would get away with it.


nah he shot himself accidentally, it was hilarious because I was literally saying to myself "trigger discipline, dipshit" thinking it was just the usual TV logic where nobody knows how guns work, but lo and behold homeboy pops one up his chin because of it

Only in self defence.

At the risk of sounding like a complete pussy, no I wouldn't.

I've seen what that shit could do to people and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I did something like that.


Technically, ptsd for the woman is still a negative repercussion, which OP says doesn't happen.

>little girl
>little boy
also yes.

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i would masturbate while furiously licking her eyeballs. the thought of licking her eyeballs just makes me cum buckets.

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Of course not


Would gladly rape my 10yo niece. She is wayyy too cute..

no because I get off on my ego being stroked by a woman CHOOSING ME over other guys. It doesn't make sense to take pussy, it's retarded and disgusting to rape, rapists should be raped and killed.

Nah, I love a chick who enjoys having sex with me. I want her to go crazy when I fuck her hard.

>Rapist should be killed

Ok boomer, sorry your dad touch u in your childhood

well if id get away with it 100%, why not just find the hottest one and keep her in my rape basement.

No, definetly not

m8 you're trying to virtue signal and shit, but you said yourself it would have been a yes before. You're a fucked up weirdo too, most men are not ever going to rape. It would never occur to them to do it or be tempted to do it in the first place. No need to witness a rape survivor to have their minds changed, we simply dont want to rape in the first place you disgusting faggot.

Since i have to live with myself afterwards.. No, no I wouldn't

raped my dog when i was like 14 got away with iy

They kinda need to deserve it, one way or another, either for lying a bunch or being a tease or just being really fucking stupid.

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I wouldn't even rape her.

Then why are you on this thread, you dumbass clown?

Top kek

Kill yourself, thats way worse than raping a woman

why just 1?

I hate being a trap with a huge rape fetish. It's so hard to find non animated porn of traps being raped.

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Well maybe 3, it'll cost too much time and money eventually to justify keeping them. Almost as much as getting married.

Man fuck I’m on an iPad no webms ugh I need this one

guess why?
nobody like it!

Also if you wanna talk rape fantasy stuff in private I’d love that got kik?

yeah why not

no its still wrong

felt amazing and she just layed there and took it

isn't that a japanese fetish?

Yes, plus ive got away with statutory rape lots of times

This is not rape, it's some homo being fucked in the woods by a nigger. Probably his biggest fantasy come to life.

The same way that there are men out there that DESERVE to be killed, there are women out there who DESERVE to be raped

Usually for being really fucking stupid.

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no, but I’d role-play it.

I’m boring, I know.

But I do. I so want to have someone rape me sometimes. Not hurt me but force me to suck their dick. The first time I ever dressed in public a guy grabbed me and tried to drag me into an alley. I didn't have any voice training at the time so I screamed in a male voice and it scared him off. I've had this rape fetish ever since.

Awesome. I’d love to rape you the way you like. Post a pic

Yeah. My ex just to traumatize her.

Anyone who says they wouldn't is a liar

nah, I like my women to be into me as much as i'm into them.

nah i would make one eat the other out bonus points of they are best freinds

of course, but it's not really rape if you know 100% you can get away with it. The intense pleasure of rape is knowing that what you've done is incredibly bad, or evil. I love rape and molestation. I gain the largest and deepest (most profound) sense of control and power when I commit it.

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If ex's are in play hold my fucking beer

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That's hot

>suffer no negative repercussions?
Even if there were no repercussions from society, the guilt would still destroy me. I doubt that I'd ever forget what I'd done.

If this was true, history would not be littered with rape of foreign women. Vikings, conquest rape was probably a big percentage of pregnancy back in the day.

if thats your ex why the hell did you leave her you fucking idiot?

Fucking kek. You lost this 12/10? You poor poor bastard.

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have the standards here fallen so low that we now accept a fucking site watermarked, clearly professional shoot nude as evidence of some sloot being a person's ex?

but anyway hey guys here's my ex wwyd xd

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I don't want to ever rape irl, but I'm oddly turned on by that pic.


I don't want that shit on my conscious

I'm not some degenerate liberal piece of shit with no soul or morals

>>Would you rape a woman if you 100% knew you will get away with it and suffer no negative repercussions?

"Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead."

Only way your scenario would be with no negative repercussions is if it also included murder.

>live in islamic land
>Rape everyday
>No consecuences
Life is good

Totally not into the "hit them over the head and fuck them while they're fading in and out" kinda rape.

Definitely into the"Got her ass drunk and fell asleep on the park bench" kind of rape.

Much less likely to get caught with option 2, since she less likely to have dna under her fingernails or remember the scar on your cheek.

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The thing is, if you kill her first it's not rape anymore. It's interference with a corpse.

You beat the murder rap, you're off with a fine and no sex offender listing.

>>The thing is, if you kill her first it's not rape anymore. It's interference with a corpse.

If that floats your boat, I would have suggested the "clean up" process before that.

Everyone who said yes to the subject. Your IP and data has been saved for further investigation. View your status at fbi.gov/internet_crime/anonymous

youre a pretty fucked cunt aren't ya

Only if I can beat the everloving shit out of her during

Completely ignoring that women were seen as cattle 1,000 years ago.

Try 200 years ago.

I'm one

Is this a sign



But your eyes say YES!

If someone starts a thread on Sup Forums asking for anons to make memes of this lesbian who died when she was shot by her exgirlfriend, I'll pay $20 through PayPal. Just to the first one who posts it though.

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You triple faggot nigger I've seen multiple people do it and you ain't paid shit

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Heyyy!...he was behind of this

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Can I come visit for a holiday?

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You're right, you are a complete pussy

Ain't nobody choosing your cuck ass

rape vids

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Oh fuck off, it says if you could get away with it. You would!

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