Should I read these books if I missed out on the fad, or am I not missing much, or even anything at all...

Should I read these books if I missed out on the fad, or am I not missing much, or even anything at all? Is there even a point in reading this if I never have in all of these years?

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It's hard for me to take off the nostalgia goggles, but it's probably not that special. But if you do decide to read them, never read the Cursed Child.


>never read the Cursed Child.
Um, what's wrong with that? Without spoiling the ending, what did the book make you feel like, in relation to the other books of the series? How different did the book feel, in style and substance?

Thanks for the warning.

It's basically like a bad fanfiction

Oh, even by the series' standards? People sometimes say that about the series, itself.

Reread everything as an adult and realize it was all mediocre with so much bullshit in between.

>men talking about reading harry potter whilst fanning themselves to the sight of a an obese jew


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>the sight of a an obese jew
Anymore information on that? What?

OP's photo. He's a famous Zionist in Israel (note the Hebrew in the background). Anyhow, he's a known slayer of atheist and Christian Palestinian children. Very sad.

Sounds like a scary golem.

The fuck difference does it make when you read them? If you haven't read them yet they'll still be new to you.
And yes, you should read them.

Indeed he is friend. Indeed he is.

I feel like making up for lost time on this, for some reason, to keep up with a pop culture that's largely superseded its popular phase by now. I don't know, maybe I shouldn't bother?

cup my balls and jack me off, I'll read them to you allthewhile.

Uh, if fans of Harry Potter are usually like that, I'm not interested.

How old are you?
Because they are books for teens /young adults.
I cherish my memories of the Harry Potter series because I read them when I was in the target age.
Still, I won't reread them as am adult as there is more mature fiction /fantasy out there.

just sit back and enjoy the adventure, muggle

psh what are you reading now? akira? boba fett? WoW??

Neuromancer ftw

I'm 30 now. The Harry Potter series started getting noticeably popular around when I was 10, or a little after that, when the movies showed up.

Haven't read Akira yet. I'll get to it eventually.
Next up is a book by a Swedish guy. The sequel to the book about that 100 year old, that was a big hit some years ago.
These no real fantasy in the immediate future, if that was your question, but you were probably just trying to be condescending.

I read them at age 14 and loved every single one of them. The original 7 volume series obviously. Don't know how I would respond to them as an adult though. It's also shit when you already know that Dumbledore dies

LIES I'm not condescending, I watched the hairy potters in my 40's