New trap sissy cd thread

new trap sissy cd thread
bonus points for chastity

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>bonus points for chastity
what if no

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then i aint gonna tell you, you are a good girl, kat

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Dang you’re still up too sexy? Ugh I wanna chat and play. you’re hot

Who dis

Any deets on op

Show ass

oh no, not the bald guy again

Where's this whore at?

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God i wish i was a locked up sissy

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ok ok


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Pls I need a sauce

These feet are honestly far better than most women's...

The sauce is me
No they aren't

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How'd ya like my soles

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Kat, you a ho and I love it

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Show butt

Kik or snap?

No butt
I have Kik but rarely ever use it

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Most people in general have bad looking feet and many women don't take care of theirs.

Yours look soft and well taken care of with nice nails and polish. I bet your soles are spectacular as well

Cute butt

You tell me?
Thanks :)

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Can i add you anyway?

Would slobber on

Your feet are fucking amazing...I would love to have them in my face. Honestly they're nicer than my wife's

thanks i also take ethot

why are people posting feet

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Hard to tell with the fishnets and polaroid quality. They seem nice

Because traps with sexy feet are my weakness

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Why not feet?
sure, Kik: iluvycum
Oh rly?
I don't think they are very good

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Any way to contact

I'm at home

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Any butthole pics?

Jes, post your sexy hole

it's in between my cheeks

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Would cum inside. Have you done anymore pee stuff lately?

heavens no I'm a classy lady

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As a man with a foot fetish who is not attracted to men (I like nice dicks and feminine bodies), your feet are fantastic.

I think you just like to tease

traps only

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Why is it so hard to find traps into other traps? I don't want to dominate someone I want to be their sexy equal.

Thank you
No tease here

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Heyyy!...he was behind of this

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Damn nothing makes me more horny than a girl who knows how to cocktease

Spread it you stupid bitch

Ewww transbian..

Do you not keep them painted very much? Black is very nice but honestly I like light blues and purples better.

That's really a term? I thought it was just called being gay.

But I don't
I only have black, I need to get more colors

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Love your pink cage. Show me more please

Black is definitely a favorite still

Welp, now I can't get back to bed. Your cockteasing has gotten me too excited.

like this?

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Put a finger up your butt

Turn around and with both your hands. As much as you can.

I don't have much more
Black is best ;)
Oh so sorry

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Jes I want to toe you up, pin you down and face fuck you so so fucking bad. Piss down your throat while I do it.

Finger in butthole bby

Fuck I hate not having a pc. I need to see this dammnit

Now that is the stuff. Got a back view of you riding or taking a dildo too? You're absolutely stunning

You need to make more vids like these jes

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I am desperate for more of your feet. You slowly pulling off those stockings was so good

This any better Sir?

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I have one more maybe

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I would be extremely thankful if you did

Very small teaser

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So much better. I love your arches!
For someone who thinks they don't have cute feet you sure have plenty to satisfy me with...

Sexy as fuck. Got a longer version? I'm so close.

Oh my god your fucking sexy

Why thank youu :)

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Anons wearing their girlfriend's panties/thongs where you at?

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Follow my ig @gothtrapcdx

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Only a little bit
No longer :/
Haha that's what you got from that clip?
Great!!! Wish we could play together

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I'm not convinced that this is a trap...that's just a cute woman right there


Damn, got any bare butt pics?

Goot morning


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That's definitely what I got from the clip.
Besides seeing how well you can work that dildo ;)

Am I gay now? lol

no butt

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My cock told me that he would like to see more of your soles please

It's not big but it's definitely a butt. A cute butt


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I mean, we could, where u from?
drop snap :3

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Ok for you're cock then

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Femenine buttholes

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Awww you flatterer! makin me blush :3
I even had my hair short then, kinda miss it lol

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Teasing those feet again...they need to be working that dildo from earlier

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