Your daughter brings home her asian boyfriend for the first time

>Your daughter brings home her asian boyfriend for the first time
>"Hey Dad meet my boyfriend Byung-Chul
How do you react?

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This guy is family

Who doesn’t like Asian people? Atleast my daughter isn’t one of these new age lesbians. Like the kind of lesbian that’s not even the sexy kind

>How do you react?

"Good choice."

At least it’s not a nigger

Pretty happy. He has a tiny dick so I just feel better that he's not dominating my daughters.

sigh of relief that it wasn't a jew or nigger

This. I'd have issues.

Hello Byung-chul, it's nice to meet you.

Why do Hung kung

I'd ask the chink why he's going out with a white woman.

"Come on in son, how about a beer?"

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Depends on what kind of Asian. Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese are fine, even preferable to whites in some ways. Chinese, Thai, Mongolian, Vietnanese, Loasian, and Filipino would be viewed with suspicion.

When it comes down to it though, relief would wash over me after seeing he is anything but black, native American, or Hispanic.

I'd ask him if he has any sisters and get him to do my math homework, even though I'm not in school.

I'll fuck you like the little ladyboy you are faggot.

Whip out cock and fuck ass.

Then approve of their relationship.

Squint and ask,
"Why you no doctor?"

since asians are smart, i'll work with this chink to get more money and we'll have this little trade whereas i could arrange everything he wants to do with my daughter and for exchange he helps me with business and stuff. we will have a very happy business friendship while for his perspective: he has a hot gf. and i'll look forward for his kids because most likely they'll be smartass kids and they'll go get me more money.


Whats the point of having a daughter if you can't sell her cunt for money

id be happy after all the years i molested her and shit she didnt become a dyke hell even bringing over a half nigger wouldn't be the end of the world

Ask if he can hook me up with free software and game hacks.

As long as he's not a Chinese citizen.
Fuck the locust.
Any other Asian is fine.

Only for Dota and Starcraft.

no problems with asians