This is a thread for men above 25, preferably 30 and above. Only because of metabolism changes...

This is a thread for men above 25, preferably 30 and above. Only because of metabolism changes, zoomfags can participate too though.

The topic here is weight.
What's your age?
What was your weight as a teen? Weight in your early 20s? Weight at 30? Weight now?

OP high school weight 160-170 lbs
Early to mid 20s weight between 170 and 190
Weight at 28 years 217 lbs

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High school 285

College 245

Now at 28 I'm 220 and shredded with muscle

Same except at 28 I'm 160 lbs. Height is 6'2".

Purposely lost weight?

HS 180 - 200 5'9
Early mid 20s 220 w muscle
Now at 26 240 w muscle

Just call me kirby with stronk legs

Age 34.

Graduated high school at 140 or so.

Joined military and got up to 175 shredded for my twenties and early 30. About 12% bf

Now I am about 190 with about 18 % body fat after quite a few significant medical issues and an early retirement after 16 years. Motivated to get shredded again back down to 175 or so. I had like 17 inch biceps so I’m still pretty big at that weight.

Without the UCMJ over my head, and lots of lifting experience and education, I’m gonna use addy to shred and test C for real gains.

>200 5'9 in HS
You must have a huge head

Nope. Had baby fat and ate like shit. Stopped eating like shit in college and went down to 245. Baby fat went away in college and I've been shredded since

Should also note I was an athlete in hs and college so I had muscle underneath. Im also 6'5

thanks for your service military user

Girls love baby fat

145 in highschool
185 at 20
220 at 28

245 isn't *bad* per se, but it's not good. you're obese for your height, there's no doubt about that. and it's not "muscle" as you put it. you're very old, too old to be 245.

250 in high school. I’m 41 now and weight 135 5’8, yeah I’m a manlet.

that's healthy (now).

High School max weight was 210lbs
Early to Mid 20s between 155 and 170
Weight at 28yrs 170

I lost a lot of weight once I graduated from high school and have kept a healthy diet since then.

I’m 6’6. Graduated high school in 01 at that height, weighing 150. Fucking rail thin. By 25 I was around 185. Now I’m 36 and 260. But of a beer gut, but I’ve put on a decent amount of muscle. I’m nowhere near in shape but I don’t at all look fat despite the number, so that’s nice.

you're obese. not good. more and more youth are having fatal infarctions due to lack of exercise and obesity.

215 at 6 feet in high school (played defensive line)
225 by the time I got to grad school.
At 29 I'm 255 and just finished my PhD... Want to get back to 215...

grossly obese.

Been at 230 all my life since middle School I'm built like a line backer can never lose weight even when I exercise just build muscle I'm 31 now

Now 170 @ 5'10

College was at 190-ish

HS was 210-ish

I'm 34 now

I'm a NAIA National Wrestling Champion, and two-time NJCAA All-American in amateur wrestling. I was undefeated in college with a record of 85-0. Not only that but I hold a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Sambo. I currently compete in mixed martial arts, and will most likely be competing in the big leagues (UFC) if I maintain my success.

They're already calling me the next Brock Lesnar.

With my 6'4 and 280 lbs frame, not to mention my sheer brute force and amazing agility normally associated with men half my size.

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28. I've been 72 kg since I was 15. I still look 15, too, because I don't work out and I keep my face shaven.

All of that sounds great, but can you Rad Mobile?

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Nah, that is scrawny as shit.

Pack it on bro. Eat some PB and pick up some heavy things.

> 6 feet tall since I was 12
High school I graduated at 260
College I was 290 give or take 5 pounds
Currently 232.6

Used to play football but as I aged my muscle atrophied and I wanted to lose the excess weight so it wouldn't fuck with my body. Btw nice pic, OP. Brian Shaw is the man.

you're going to give him a HEART ATTACK.

MYTH: Atrophied muscle turns into fat

34, 5'11 (lost about an inch from spinal compression from military career)

Grew up playing vidya/hockey, enlisted at 17, 155lbs, 6'. Went infantry, was basically paid to constantly work out, shot up to about 220 over the course course of my eight year active duty career. Army tape standards are dumb, and based around the size of your neck. I had and 18.5 neck so I constantly rode the line of "being overweight" despite being built like a brick shit house, unlike the fat bodies who were actually overweight.

Currently 225lbs. Lost a little bit of muscle mass, but not much. Also a little bit of insulation these days. I still do a lot of physical work though, doing arborist work/forest maintainence.

Best bit of advice I can give any of y'all is dont give your body a chance to lose it's muscle memory/skillsets. Never get complacent, never chalk up pain and shit to "old age", smash on motherfuckers, constantly break your own expectations. Gamify your yearly chores, go shovel other people's driveways. Chop some fuckin wood. Clear some goddamn brush. Take a glucosamine supplement and keep your joints in check. Maintain your capacity to take care of yourself and others. Even if you don't feel like doing it, fucking do it, because you can't ever truly rely on other to do shit for you.

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Brian Shaw is a retard that will be dead before the age of 50 because of what he has done to himself.

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you don't lose an inch at your age son.

Not denying that. Just lucky to have a family history of no heart problems.
I just need to get off my ass and change my current life style.

what? pretty much all strongmen live long lives

ALL you need to do is get a caloric deficit in place. and exercise if you'd like. it's that easy.

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No I only do Crusin' USA

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>6'1" at 18 150 -170lbs
>now 30 still 6'1" 180 to 200 depending, but my bmi is right, no fat, I climb for a living so im pretty fit but dont work out. I have always had a good metabolism though so losing weight is actually a bigger problem than gaining it.

High School: 180
College: Got leaned out with running - 155
30's: 165 settled into pretty fit lifestyle
40's: 180 losing energy
50: 220 something wrong

Went to doctor, got diagnosed with Pituitary Tumor - fucked up my whole endocrine panel.

Dudes: If you are gaining weight for no reason after 40, and you notice things like losing the hair on your legs or arms compared to when you were in your 20's - go see a doctor and ask for an endocrine panel to be done. I was 4-6 months from dying from my internal carotid being choked off by the brain tumor, and had NO IDEA.

Now, I'm on every drug known to man, and it sucks balls, but at least I'm not dead.

benign or malignant?

HS 120-130
50yo now ~185

>eat some pb
this guy has been to prison before

6'1" since 13 years old, started smoking cigs and I'm pretty sure that stunted my growth or would've been even taller
170-180 in high school
Joined military like the other user, bulked up to 190-200 stayed in that range though my 20s
210ish by 30s, 220 by late 30s
A couple injuries the last few years and I'm about 230 now at 45 and I'm the fattest fuck I've ever been. Time to stop being lazy and make some gains.

I'm interested in this addy and tc plan of which you speak, where would I learn more?

benign. prolactinoma - which gives you the same hormones as a lactating female, so you start showing signs like one.

no shit, one of the signs where I knew something was wrong is I started crying like a baby while watching Forest Gump. I mean, who the fuck does THAT?

>implying he won't be cooming daily until he's 120 and still doing reps with your max

High school - 155 lbs
College - 170 lbs
Today - 200 lbs
I had kids and got lazy while my metabolism dropped.

Damn that sucks user

do you even pick up heavy objects and put them down and pick them back up again?

>not wanting to be a female

16+ teen below 70
20 to 25 up to 110 then started to excercise and got to 88 kg
now I am 30 and around 100kg

Why don't you guys get into strongman?

If you are above 6'2 you can achieve great things in that sport with those weight ranges.

OP pic related os Brian Shaw 4x World's Strongest Man and if I recall correctly he got into the sport in his mid 20s

Hafthor Bjornson was a tall lanket until.he decided to get into strongman.

Consider it anons

do you even pick up heavy objects and put them down and pick them back up again fellow member of the male gender?

well men become more emotional as they turn 40-50. but that's unfortunate, I'm glad you survived and are being treated.

That is why I'm warning you healthy youngfags. I had no idea how common this was until I went in for surgery and there were like 5 other dudes on the floor getting ready for the same thing (endo-nasal approach - they go up through your nose to the back of your sinus to remove the tumor at the base of your brain).

Maybe its something in the water, or all the plastic, not sure, but it definitely fucked me up good.

takes a rare breed to be good in strongman, being big is one thing but being world class strong takes being stronger than most pound for pound and naturally you would have been stronger than your peers even without chasing that goal in some cases.

Also 6'2 is kind of small for a strongman nowdays, most of the guys who really win regularly are 6'4ish minimum these days, more in the 6'6 range really.

brian shaw has done things that will ensure he dies young. steroids DESTROY your heart.

HS: 170
College: 170
Now (30 years later): 180/185

Why can't we live a nice life in the 1800s without plastic and pesticides

30 years old

As a teen 130ish

Mid 20's 150

Currently 174 at 14% bf just ending a year long bulk gonna recomp for a month or two then cut down to approx 165

show yer tits

Age 30
High school: 185 12.3%body fat
Now: 215

You can't argue that he's not one of if not the strongest man to ever live.

kek. As someone who would be dead by now if it was 1800, I appreciate modern western medicine and technology.

But I think that comes at a cost. My aunt is now 89 years old and dying because she is tired of living and refused antibiotics for a simple infection. She's been kept alive for at least 10 years, even though she complains that everything hurts. She even doubled her cigarette smoking (hats off to her) to try and die sooner.

Her kids are busy trying to get her DNR reversed so the doctors can keep her alive longer. What the fuck for?

So medicine has allowed some of us who would normally be dead to stay alive, but at the cost of keeping people who are miserably old still alive. When I'm done living, I think I'm going to just take a nice long walk in the woods and pop one last shot off while staring at the trees.

lmao I love these insecurity threads, basically why Sup Forums is what it is. /fit/ are the biggest manchildren tho.

>27 y/o
>176-188 lbs in hs
>178-190 lbs in early-mid 20s
>195-210 lbs now

Roast me. I played sports throughout high school and used to lift in college. I'm too apathetic to give a fuck what others think or to try impressing people at this stage of my life.

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buddy forgot to post that he's like 5'4"

you're enormous, can you twerk that like woman?

HS: 290 5'10"
College: 325 5'10"
Now (27): 148 5'10"

5'4" and 220 is not shredded, he may be jacked but if what you're claiming is true he probably looks like Oddjob

lol I'd give Virgo a run for her money, bud. Cute joke.

no shit, bud, stop posting

High school: 140-150
20: 170
30: 200
38 (current): 180

No you


Metabolism changes because lifestyle changes. You have a job so you do less sports and eat more because you have your own money.

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I was 18 went into the military at 220. I'm 6'5" got out of basic weighing 190. I was a fucking twig

>Weight as a teen
Don't know but slightly heavier than average
>Weight in early 20's
I'm only 23 now but at 20 I was around 220lbs so I've gained a ton since

I said he was a retard....

Well you're a faggot for this insecure post, but I won't roast you since you provide whores shaking ass

Nicee one Elon...

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Yeah though I hope I'm never in that stage in my life where I have some fucked up cancer or something and am spending my life savings to stay alive a bit longer

true man, I wish I could have been paid to lift weights and play basketball whenever I want

>100 pounds in 3 years
damn nigger, I hope you're well over 6 foot at least

>24 (25 next month faggot)
>highschool 130
>current 165

Gained all my weight training though Im sitting at 20% body fat rn

not bad m8

Yeah I'm about 6"1 and a half.

Are you me? Those are the same numbers I would list. Currently sitting at 215 at 31. I'm 6'3" btw

Nah - you don't get it - WE are paying to keep this lady alive through Medicare. Same as every other old person.

I'm not against old people, since I'll be one too one day - but when you have 90 year old men getting hip replacements through Medicare, WTF?? Give the dude some morphine and have him tell you the stories about WWI or something.

Wanna know why healthcare costs are skyrocketing? Our population is becoming older since we didn't fuck enough and make replacement kids 50 years ago, so now our country is full of old farts.

Old farts are just fine, but spending a half a million bucks to keep a 89 year old alive 2 more years is just dumb.

> 35
> 180
> 180
> 180
> 180


Lol true though


Give me a detailed report as to why he would die before 50

25 / 5'7 / 125lbs

When I was in 9th grade I started to put on weight. I was 130 at 14 yrs.

by highschool, around 16, I was 180lbs

I did weight training for all 3 years of high school and found myself back down at 125 which is where I've hovered steadily for the last 4-5 years. Depression made me gain weight, and I can see it starting to happen again because I'm snacking for happiness more than usual :(

I'm fairly active except for the winter months, pic related it's me this year

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How do you know how much he uses steroids and how do you know that he will die because of it?

120lbs at 6’1” when I graduated high school. Pretty much stayed like that til I hit 30. Now 37 and 195lbs. Bummed that I can’t wear old clothes.

I’m 42

165 lbs

Not fit tho