Hi b in on the hospital after trying to kms can u send some love?

hi b in on the hospital after trying to kms can u send some love?
pic is from lunch

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Try harder next time

Your life will never be the same. Let’s hope that’s a good thing.

On the house, get well soon faggot

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>trying to kms
Attention seeker.

That looks like the blandest fucking soup in the world

Can't even do something as simple as dieing right kys faggot.

I hope you feel better user. Somehow life is worth living mostly. Just stick around to see if shit really hits the fan at least.

Get well, bro
Hope that surviving has changed your view on life
Eat, relax, recover

Just wait till you see the bill, you'll do it right this time.

It was pretty good with some salt in it

Public healthcare cuz i dont live in muricah

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If at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again.

>soylent purple
>yellow piss
>soylent orange
Finally a real reason to kys

>finds no value in the world
>attempts suicide
>Wake up
>this is breakfast

Try again user

Been there a few times OP.

I'm probably going to kill myself or at least try again soon.

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Your meal says you in murica

I remember this chik, she showed titty on one of her hospital stays.

I post on here almost daily lol

where are you located

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How about taking some creepshots of your nurse, and post them.

Let's see your boobs, the compliments will make you feel better.

Good luck there, get well soon.