Sex question

Sex question..

So I've been married for about 5 years. I'm 30 and she's 28. We've always had great sex. But recently not so much. Lately when I try to do something out of the ordinary (that I used to do a lot) it usually results in her saying "ow". By the way she's pretty kinky and likes being tied up, butt plugs, choked, etc... well now she suddenly doesn't want me to drink before sex cause she thinks I won't be as hard. Come to find out, she doesn't feel like her pussy is "as full" anymore when I'm in her. She always said my dick was perfect size (she wasn't being nice, we're very honest with each other). My dick is just above average at 6 inches.

She was only with two guys before me, one guy being a long term and the other a fling a couple of times. The long term guy had a huge dick. She says it was as big as her forearm.

Does anyone know what could be going on? Do you think that for some reason the size of her ex is catching up to her now? That she was stretched out and now that she's older it doesn't just "clench back" like it's "been doing" for the rest of the time we've been together?

Please help me. I will give out any details.

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Sounds like she's cheating on you or using a bigger dildo or toy behind your back

Also, we dated for like 5 years before that. Not sure if that was needed, but thought I'd say it anyway.

>asking for sex advice from a board populated by neckbeard turbo virgins

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Man 5 fucking years of relationship, 30yo and you ask Sup Forums for advice instead of ask directly your wife, you arent a kid anymore ffs
like what the fuck

She's never used a dildo for the most part. She likes vibraters and that's how she really gets off. She'll use one while we have sex.

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She's fucking someone on the said that is bigger and way better in the sack then you. Its pretty obvious. The only way you can keep her is to accept your future fait of bring a cuck.

I mean marriage is the ultimate form of cuckery so...

I did just talk with her and she doesn't know what is up either. Thought I could get other peoples people's experiences or expertise here. Not like I'd go to reddit or Facebook. I was hopeing a girl had experienced this and knew what was going on or that a guy had experienced it with their partner. I mean we are talking about getting looked at by a dr or something. But I don't even know how to go about talking to a dr about this. I've always been a sexual stud and never had any issues at all.

How does she like being choked

i think she is either using toys bigger than you or yes she is fucking someone on the side, not just another cuck comment

Nigga u either trolling or retarded.
Pussy does not permanently stretch

I pretty much grab her neck from the front and squeeze where her blood vessels are. She likes that a lot. I am alwaya conscious about it though and make sure I give her breaths or to not do it too long.

>I was hopeing a girl had experienced this and knew what was going on

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You should kill her now and spare yourself a lot of unnecessary pain

How does she like to be tied up

>now that she's older it doesn't just "clench back" like it's "been doing" for the rest of the time we've been together?
Yep, basically.
Been married for 5 years and dating for 5 before that, so she was 18 when you first started fucking her.
The polite way of putting it is that she's gotten used to your size and you don't stretch her out pleasurably anymore.
The fact of the matter is that 28 year old pussy, after being fucked for 10+ years, doesn't snap back to tightness like an 18 year old's does. And a 38 year old's doesn't snap back like a 28 year old's, etc.

Pic related ? That's one damn fine looking pussy...

Could just be you’re drinking is affecting your dick, do some cardio and cut back on drinking if that doesn’t fix it she’s doing something or someone else I suppose

Tell her to start going to the gym. Do core/lower body exercises. Give it about a month or two and she’ll be right again. Wife has the same problem. She use to be in really good shape & pussy felt amazing. After two kids and 10 years it’s a little looser when she stops going to the gym. Once she gets back into it & her body is tight again pussy feels better. It’s natural.

Tell her to do Kegels to retighten herself up again

This, especially after kids the pussy tends to be permanently stretched out

sure fam
before i can give you a proper, educated opinion on your problem though
i'll need a pic of her asshole
cheeks wiiiide spread

I get experimental with it tying her feet back to her hands or to spread her legs. I like tying each leg to an arm so that she's spread hard core and then I can flip her either way and play with her ass of pussy. I used to grab inside of her pussy and ass and pinch the skin between the two a lot. We both liked that. But she's gotten less into me doing hand stuff with her butt and more into plugs. When we were younger and smoked weed I'd even put a bong in her pussy and smoke weed out of her.

You're probably an asshole when you're drunk, and she is now starting to regret marrying you.


>She'll use one while we have sex.
What do you care if she doesn't feel full? Your but satisfying her either way if she's not getting off from you

Sounds hot what you tie up with? ever used zip ties?

>I've always been a sexual stud
you gotta do better than that to get taken seriously here

The picture isn't her. I just thought since it was a picture of a super tight pussy that it seemed appropriate for my question. Can I ask what position you're coming from saying this. I want to be able to tell my wife what I've found, but if I just tell her any random person on Sup Forums said it that she would blow it off. I know we're talking about Sup Forums here. But I wasn't sure where else to go. Plus I've always been with Sup Forums.

>just above average at 6 inches
No one tell Cartman


a fellow healthcare professional finally, yes the butthole test is the first step in proper diagnosis

She likes me inside of her a lot and says she likes it the most when I'm inside of her while she gets off with the vibrator.

pre marital sex is wrong repent or have fun burning in a pit for eternity

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>But I wasn't sure where else to go. Plus I've always been with Sup Forums.
you're trying way too hard young troll, learn some subtlety

Haven't used zip ties before. I cuff her or we have this nice silky rope we bought for it. I also have this velcro thing that makes it easy that connects with chains.

I laughed

>Can I ask what position you're coming from saying this.
I fucked the same woman when she was 19, 29 and 39. I'm an average 6(x6) inches. I've been there.
Now, bear in mind that is was still pleasurable for both of us when she was older. She could squeeze me and it damn near felt like I was fucking a young virgin. But that took effort and she couldn't do it for very long...
The vagina's normal state just isn't as tight as a woman ages.

If she is true to you then leave it alone for a month or so then beat that shut up

Hey I'm getting my questions answered. I don't really care if you believe me or not. But I am a gorgeous guy and I've had 3 girls go fully stalker on me after having sex with them, including the girl I lost my virginity to. I've only ever gotten compliments and girls have come to me because their friend talked about the sex we had. But now I'm a one woman guy and have always been loyal to my wife. I'm also extremely happy she was never as promiscuous as I was.

Use a dick pump with a cock ring

Now now, MtF count as girls and there are plenty of those fags here.

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Maybe your wife wants you to love her instead of yourself?

she's a size queen and is finally admitting it. eat her out like a man..

Not trolling at all actually.

thoughts on Chris McCandless?

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She ever tie herself up for you to find her or you do the tying

He loved himself more than OD does.

I really appreciate the advice. I think you're right about this. I think I'll have sex with her tonight without drinking and if she still doesn't "feel full" I can bring up my findings from here. I really have bo reason to believe tha she's cheating on me. We're both extremely loyal to each other because of our childhoods and out of love.

If you are gods gift to women why the problems? Maybe it isn't your wife's pussy getting stretched but your dick is getting soft from drinking?

Is this implying that she should be tight from not having sex? Is that how that works?

I think she's cheating bro, go thru her phone so what could be up. Cuz if she did care for you she wouldn't really say shit like that king

I've always tied her up. I pretty much do everything except when she rides me. She really likes being dominated and me having my way with her.

Off-topic, but a few years back when I was in my early 30's I fucked an 18-year-old with a pussy identical to the one in the photo. When I went down there with my mouth to get the show on the road I thought I was dreaming. She had only been with one other guy (long-term since she was 15) and it felt so good and was so visually-stimulating I came after 4 good thrusts...but I just kept going until the "end" and never told her. First time in my life that had ever happened.

Maybe she doesn't anymore. The sex sounds like it's all about you and your massive ego. Eat her pussy for a few hours. Pussy worship her without using your dick.

I've felt my dick and it hasn't been soft some of the times she thought it was. I jnow one of those times I was diamonds. I know there was two times where I drank too much. But otherwise I know it wasn't me. I can always admit when it's me.

Tie her up and make her wear a blindfold and gag, then invite her brother over for beers.

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Look up kegal exercises. I think they are exactly why you need

Also, once shes used to that, you can use ovipositor dildos on her

Well now I'm jelly

Like what? We're very honest with each other. I don't care for any of that stupid "happy wife, happy life" nonsense where guys just shut up and let the gals get their way. I let her jnow when she's being stupid.

Do you always fuck her rough and kinky?

If you do, change your tactics and focus on gentle foreplay, I like to use a blindfold and then soft touches or kisses all over their body, cos they can't see they don't know where you'll touch next, don't go straight for the pussy or nipples, there are so many areas to touch that drive them wild, slowly work your way to near her pussy and nipples, she'll be begging for you to fuck her if you do it right, then give her oral then a slow fuck.

I've met a lot of "studs" in my life who are always willing to admit if they are the problem. They just never are.

Happy spouse, happy house is our household motto.

Maybe you're getting really stressed out bro, you good? Stress, anxiety could really fuck up your libido


Pretty shitty that she would say you don’t fill her up. She sounds like a cunt. Tell her that her giant gaping used up fuck hole doesn’t feel good for you either

I do all kinds of stuff to her and love eating her out which I do. She gets off every time and I make sure of it. Sex is definitely not about me with us. Just cause she likes me dominating her which she reassures me doesn't mean she doesn't get the foreplay and stuff she wants. Even when I ask her what she wants to do she mostly responds with "whatever you want to do to me". Sometimes she thinks of something she wants to do more of and tells me. Are you a feminist or cuck or something that can't stand thinking of a guy being in a male position over a female?

Nice dubs, still not doing that.. not to mention her brother is in a different state.

Okay. I'll look it up. Thanks!

dude it sounds like she's just not that into you any more.

start taking money and putting it in a private account you are headed for divorce. no joke.

No problem, happy to help. Good luck.
Report back on how it goes.

I like that. I agree.

you guys are idiots the vagina doesn't stretch from sex.

women say ow when they lose interest. comment about size prob means someone on the side.

yeah this.

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That's actually bullshit. Unless she has a rough natural childbirth, the vagina doesn't change until menopause hits and her hormones go screwy, changing the body's composition and chemistry.

congratulations OP you are coming up on the seven year itch. This is a common thing with women. Some believe it is an evolutionary thing. IF you can make it past seven years with out a divorce your good. but it's gonna be rocky for a bit.

Not trying to make you worried or anything, user, but similar thing happened to me. Found out she was doing someone else at the stupid gym. Women give off funky signals when they are starting this shit - and one of them is that what used to be great suddenly isn't in the bedroom.

I knew something was wrong when I was hot for my now ex wife and she eventually just bent over and said in an exasperated voice "ok, go ahead..." I was like whaaaa? Like she was just "tolerating" me fucking her.

I have been a bit lately. I am bervous cause we both really want kids and haven't started trying yet. I have a good job, but don't think it will be enough to provide for kids and a family. I want to be best I can, but I have a lot of fucked up stuff from my childhood that makes some things hard in jobs. It's all up to me basically. Won't even have grandparents to watch kids because we've had to completely cut off and block my parents. Her parents are out of state and have new kids they care much more about.

Jesus I hope I am not a cuck.
Just giving you shit to find out if you are a braindead Chad who thinks it's impossible that the problem is him.

I don't always. I do just the way you said. I love doing that, enjoying her entire body and giving every part of her attention.

I would love to French kiss those lips.

See a psychologist bro aint no shame man, do it for a good future. or hit up a doc and see if there's anything going on with you in the end man we can't control our own body keep your head up king

Dude, she is fucking someone else, or is fantasizing about fucking someone else which is the first step toward her fucking someone else.

Pull the rip cord and bail.

I have been wrong and I always admit it. My parents never admitted when they were wrong, except for my dad and he was only ever wrong about something he didn't do perfectly for my mom. So yeah, I despise that and think the only way a person can even be slightly real is to be sure to always admit when they are wrong. I can't stress that enough.

She may need to go to the gyno for a check up. Pain during sex could be a symptom of a medical issue. Be supportive and don't hold it against her just yet. Women are strange irrational creatures.

Having kids make you do things you couldn't believe you could do. Like having kids.
I put up with soooo much bullshit and pass up on so many things because I have a kid and it doesn't bother me at all. Have a kid OP. Don't be a pussy. Pregnant pussy is amazing BTW and the titties OMG LIKE WHOAAAAAASS

Kegel exercises my man. She needs to use them. Had 27yo gf obsessed with kegels, literally the tightest hole I've been in my whole life, and I fuck most of my chicks in the ass. Would make my dick hurt how tight she was. She'd sit across from me in meetings and just smile and I'd know she squeezing her little box. Keeps things alive down there.

The other part, and I hate to say this, she may not be fucking anyone else... yet... but there's definitely something or someone keeping her mind wondering when you two get to fucking. Talk to her - a lot!

Another even worse possibility is that she's got a medical issue with her plumbing. Happened to us. She started going "ow, ow" when I'd try to pretzel her or get in there deep. Not a monster cock here, but always tickled her cervix when we banged.

Went to gyno, oh it's just a fibroid. Two years later, uterine cancer, chemo, surgery, the whole enchilada.

Anytime something hurts

She told me she wasn't trying to hurt me or something bad. We're just honest with each other. We're each other's best friends and we can bring up anything.

Yeah.. cheating. Vaginas dont randomly loosen up lmao.

Yes, it does. Just not from your pencil dick.
Go ask literally any guy who fucked his wife before and after she pushed out a kid. That shit is never the same again.

broads complaining about sex when they didn't used to complain about sex is like Lesson #2 in "How to know if your bitch is cheating on you"

fist her, i fist all my women.... feels great when you see how hard they get off...
BUT what you should be way more concerned about is the 'aw' part when you do something kinky- that means she is cheating on you

Ohh okay, makes sense. Cool.

Idk man, my wife's did.
She is southeast asian and has always treated me like a giant when I am average. My head does get huge tho.

Buuuahahahaah.. Dude, you're probably a nice guy, but come on. She is seriously fucking someone else. Put a GPS tracker on her car and prepare to be amazed and horrified at where she goes.

She tells me I am her everything and I really am. I have been trying to support her to getting out with her friends more. But a lot of them kinda ditched her for their relationship. So she really looks to me for having fun and doing things. We have a very close relationship.