I'm freaking out Sup Forums, help me calm down

I'm freaking out Sup Forums, help me calm down.

I'm 20 years old, I was sleeping in a hotel bed with my 13 year old sister last night. I couldn't sleep so I was awake at 4am, I shifted over and grabbed her ass and rested my hand there. That was all I did, it was on purpose though. I kinda just held her ass cheek for 10-15 minutes, very clearly grabbing it though as I was under the shorts mostly. I'm pretty sure she woke up as her breathing got real shallow. It wasn't sexual really, her ass is nice and I just wanted to feel it. I don't want her to be weird about it though, and I'm worried she's going to take it bad, and I'm really worried she might think I groped her before she woke up and take it that way. What do?

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Stop groping children?

Yeah no shit, it's over and done with though and I can't change that shit now. So I have to move on in some way, I feel bad enough already.

I second this, you dumb bastard.

We can't change the past, so that part is too late.

Maybe we can't even control our desires and urges.

But we can control our actions.

Either stop groping your family members and children, or go an hero.

Nothing, you have no memory of doing that, must have done it in your sleep.

Very true. I dindu nuffin

Look up the statute concerning this type of action. It’s referred to as “molestation and sodomy.”

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Should have put your face in her ass and smelled her asshole.

Same thing happened to me, I was about 31 at the time and in bed with my brother 14 year old daughter who during the night fell out of bed and hurt her ass so I told her to get back in bed and I started pulled her shorts down to make sure she wasn't bruised and started patting her ass and said "you'll live", and gave her a little kiss on the tush before I rammed my cock in her asshole. Not in a sexual way, just showing her its not bruised or something.

KYS you dumb fuck

Assrape isn't sexual at all. It's actually a polite way of saying hello!

I can't wait to read about you when she suddenly remembers it in a few years

It's okay, it's his sister...

Turn yourself in?

Don't say anything. If she brings it up say you don't remember it and were sleep deprived and probably thought she was your gf.

Kill yourself. Not kidding. You molested your sister. And that's the start. Would you rather be raped to death by niggers, or shoot yourself? Sure, you feel bad, But your own sister proves you have no real shame. That's what you are capable of today. Kill yourself before it gets worse and you embarrass your entire family.

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But he didn't do any gay shit.

What are you? A fucking retard? I hope she tells your parents and your dad rapes you.

>your gf