Would you let your wife/girlfriend wear a micro bikini out in public? Why or why not?

Would you let your wife/girlfriend wear a micro bikini out in public? Why or why not?

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As long as she walked next to me with my hard cock in her hand the whole time.

My gf wore this on holiday for a laugh. Her main parts were covered but the attention she got from men was amazing.

No, my gf is fat.

What kind of attention? Stories?

Why is that door 2ft off the ground?

That is a good question. I’m guessing there was a door there with steps and they removed it to build the deck. There should still have been a step or two with the deck. Shoddy construction.

Girlfriend that I don’t intend to marry, sure. Had a stripper gf that would wear a thong to the family water park.

I would. The idea of my wife making all those dicks hard is a real turn on

The J Molding is hanging from under the door, this further supports that theory.

Manufactured home on a foundation it wasn’t designed for.

My wife feels uncomfortable in a one piece, I think she'd faint in a microkini

Walking down the street from behind she looked nearly naked. Cars bibbed and young lads kept talking to her. She layed top less on the beach with it pulled down so it was just about covering her pussy lips but as she turned over her lips would show until she covered them up again.

Yes but I'm a wanna be cuckold.

i wouldn't wife/gf a woman that had that low of self respect in the first place.

its not a matter of me "letting" them wear it, its a matter of what kind of person they are.

Okay Mohammad

Only if we're in Compton

you clearly arent getting this.

Okay Dingus.

Pics? Or a product pic of the the bikini she wore?

No, I understand. If you'd prefer your woman to be covered, that's fine. This is $current_year, your culture is accepted Mohammad!

Some women find them more comfortable/freeing. Some styles reduce tanlines as well.

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It was same as in pic but in gold.

My sister used to wear one in the garden so she had minimal tan lines before her vacation. Her body looked amazing.

What kind of attention would girls get who wore stuff like this in public? Is it considered cheating?

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Would love to see her if you took pics

Looks like they probably had steps or a different deck and build an addition to the left, resided the entire house (which is why there's weird siding under the door and that ugly ass fake stone around that bump out), then put in a new deck that is in line with the addition. But then they were too much of jews to pay another $1,000 to change the door into window so people don't walk out it and break their neck.

Anymore women wearing these micro bikinis?