To straight male anons, if you were offered $15...

To straight male anons, if you were offered $15,000 to have a gay man fuck your ass for 15 minutes and then he cums in your butthole, would you take the offer?
>Gay man has average length and girth erect cock
>STD free gay man
>Guaranteed secret

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Guaranteed secret. Probably. 15k is a solid amount of cash.

what does it feel like to get fucked in the ass?

Sure. I have no self respect anyway and getting 15 grand to just lie there for 15 minutes sounds like a great deal.

Sure why not

I'd do it for $500 as long as he's not some psychopath who's going to ram it in dry and choke me and shit.

Why, you offering? If so... I accept~

but then your a faggot for life... youll always know. 15k isnt that much in the grand cream of kings

I'll take it. You can film it for another $10k. and for a share of the profit, you can sell the film!

sure, better let him take me 10 time, i need that money, would even blow him for another 15k

Why you offering?

ill do it for free when do we start

He'd still be a faggot with 15K

Some of you seem to be a little fuzzy on the definition of "straight."

You ask this daily. Normally its 10k for 10 minutes. You seem to have this crazy fantasy some dude is going to pay to fuck your old worn out asshole. Well they not. There is plenty of 18 year old stupid asses who will give it up for free or low cost.

>15 minutes straight
nigga i'd pay you like $25

I don't really think about all the other stupid shit I've been through in my life, if I had sex with another dude for cash I'm not going to spend the rest of my life thinking about that either.

gaydar detects fags at these locations:

Nope. It would have to be in the several millions. That's fucking gay.

No. Money comes and goes. The memory of getting fucked in the ass stays with you forever.

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Doing something with a different motive is not the same as enjoying something.

You probably think sucking dick to save a life makes someone gay too

No prob. Good money and no stds, fuck only the no stds would be enough to try it.


Nope. That one act would fuck up my entire life. Offer rejected, faggot.


lmao yeah, i'd take the offer every day

Yes I could use the money

It's 2019, I'd give it a go sure, 15k would sure be nice.

Of course, i'm curious to know how it feels to have a real cock in my ass

Why not? You find out if you like cock in your ass or not and either way you're 15k richer.

>but then your a faggot for life
Not if you say "no homo" afterwards.

hell yeah I could use a good prostate massage. 15 grand is a bonus

like having a dick in your ass

Hands are better for that though and you avoid needing a Dick that's great.

That's gay as shit, and I would never be able to look at my self again.

Is you say yes, then you're a homofaggot

Add some zeros to that. 15mil min to even consider doing something like that. Has to be enough that I can drink the rest of my life away in sorrow for having given my dignity away.

Gay for pay, eh?
Gotta say, that's okay.
But it means you're a little 'that way'.

Meh, I've already got the memory from being raped. At least this way id have something to show for it besides ass herpes.

How did you get raped?

>Answering a hypothetical question to do gay shit pays $0

A bit like pooping, but backwards and forwards repeatedly. The pleasure starts when the dick pushes into your prostate and you’re forced to orgasm hard.

grew up a scrawny poor fag in the country. Three methed out good old boys beat me up and raped me in the woods when I was in jr high.

I guess as long as his dick isn't huge, no idea how it feels to have something stuck in there

yall niggas gay....fucking white people

hi i'm 12 years old, what are those 2 black things on his sack?


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I'll take the 15k but I don't think they'd wanna fuck me, they'll pay to try that

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I'd do it for 15 billion. That amount of wealth is almost immeasurable. I'd get put under while it happened and wouldn't even remember it.

woah was their dicks bone dry? how the hell did it go inside your asshole

if he had a feminine cock i would go for it.

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I'd do it for free

Spit and force. Wouldn't recommend.

nope, this ass is staying virgin

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nope, because it would be gay and is a behaviour that my body still rejects

did they get poo on their dicks? And did u take a poo earlier or were u fresh out the shower and they got lucky with u?

I wouldn't call myself 100 % straight, but sure, why not. I could need the money, and the ass is a wonderland.

Kill yourself you fucking jew faggot

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I've done way more unpleasant things for 15$, and well beyond 15 minutes.
I'd do it until I never have to work again.

There's very little I wouldn't do for an hourly wage of 60K, assuming it's not illegal or dangerous

Did they get arrested and sent to prison?

you wouldn't consider it dangerous to let a strange gay man fuck you in the ass?

There was probably some shit on their dicks, but I didn't make it a habit to walk around with a full load ready to plop, fatass. And I dont shit in the shower, so I dont know what one has to do with the other.

OP says he's STD free

well i mean before u entered the woods, earlier that day when u woke up did u shit then shower? or shower then shit. This is key, cuz when they pulled down your pants, if u took a deuce few hours earlier, it would still have a shitty aroma when they bend u over and spread the cheeks.

One on unrelated stuff, the other two are dead. one killed the other over a bunch of drugs, went to prison and is pretty much never getting out. Hope he gets raped daily. The other one died an infection from an injury in a flop house. I know he was probably too strung out to suffer much, but I hope his last hours were agony.
Tbh, i really wish all rednecks would just die like them.

that's what they all say

after having your asshole filled with redneck jizz, did it make u want to try anal on someone?

No. I’m not a faggot

I work - Don’t need the $$ that bad

what is the purpose of that piercing? seems like an easy way to impale your bits

No. Wasn't much into sex before. Am no that into sex now.


can u reply to im curious as well

Sadly I need the money more than I need my anal virginity. As you said "Fuck your ass" and not "Pain Anal" - sure.

What do you need $$ for!

I get to watch straight porn while doing it, I get to be high while doing it, double the amount of money offered, he gets 10 minutes or until I bleed whichever comes first, and he doesn't get to cum inside me, then yes I would.

For 1.5M I'd think about it.

Is that a piercing near his butthole?

So no is your answer.

Fucking reading comprehension.

assuming he doesnt look like the emaciated twink in the picture, sure.


this pic wouldve been hot if it wasnt for that nasty taint piercing

Hell ya. I'd let him do whatever.

I do if you don't have HIV/AIDS. Where do we meet?

>To straight male anons
>Have a gay man fuck your ass for 15 minutes

What is this faggotry

name please ?

>no homo
sound logic

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