Scottish here. I like watching American Football and want to get into it more...

Scottish here. I like watching American Football and want to get into it more. I feel like I should pick a team and follow them but not being American I don’t know who to pick.

I watched the film Draft Day on holiday so figured I could follow the Browns but I hear they’re pretty shit.

In terms of football (soccer) I support Glasgow Rangers so couldn’t support a team wearing green (rivals colours).

Again, not being from USA I don’t have a connection to any city or state.

So, Sup Forums who should I support and why?

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Go for a team that’s underrated such as the bills or Kansas

First question for op - are you fat and stupid? If so, proceed.

Anyone but the patriots or cowboys will be fine. What's your favorite thing about America? Pick a city that embodies that.

There are plenty of football fans that don't necessarily root for their team. I think there's three types of people. Fans/fantasy fans, team followers, player followers.

That being said any team you pick has downsides. Want a winning team? They won't be winning forever. And if you say patriots, yeah but no one likes them. Steelers are solid despite injuries. KC, Baltimore, Saints are all good. Seahawks are too.. But they have green.

No need to pick a team, if you like watching Lamar Jackson and mahomes QB or CMC run, if just watch and if you end up liking one team over another then it worked out.

This. Bills are good to watch IMO. Don't be a bandwagon faggot and jump on the Patriots. I'm in Florida and the amount of patriot "fans" I see is disturbing. Also, Lamar Jackson on the Ravens is pretty good to watch. Another interesting QB ( Maybe just cause I'm from Jacksonville) Is Gardner Minshew on the Jaguars. We've always had potential but thankfully our coaching staff FO and GM Tom Coughlin either don't know what they're doing or they just like to shit on us.

Op here. Thanks for the comments so far. I honestly don’t mind a team that isn’t going to make the Super Bowl every year - the Patriots do seem ‘fake’ in a similar vein to Manchester City - and I’d be happy supporting an underdog.

I suppose I just need to watch as much as I can, not knowing any of the players outside the Patriots means it’s difficult to work out who is doing well.

Maybe put the question another way: who is the team to avoid (Patriots aside)?

go for greenbay, new coach this year and could be champions this year if not by next year. Im an Irish fan who has followed greenbay since 09. there a good team to follow

Don't be a faggot. The NFL is literally just a bunch of jumbo niggers knocking each other over chasing a ball.

Get into the NHL instead.

follow the Dallas Cowboys and be a nigger

Just got into football last year when I got together with my girl. She's a die hard Seahawks fan, so being a boyfriend chameleon, in also a Seahawks fan now. I also have a secondary team I root for, the Eagles, since my friends brother plays for them.

Honestly, at this point I'll watch any game just because I enjoy the excitement and the energy. If you're going to pick a team, pick one you enjoy watching repeatedly.

To me, there really aren't any teams you should avoid. The only reason why I can think you would is due to their fan base being toxic so excluding the pats .. Maybe Oakland Raiders? To be fair my opinion may be biased because I always see young wanna be thugs wearing their gear so keep that in mind

I’ve seen a local Scottish team play ice hockey. I spent the entire time not knowing wtf was going on or where the puck was. Utter garbage. No thanks.

Watch the old firm game the day mate?

Nah went shopping due to the gf being a Tim. Saw like 20 min of ur while she was shopping and I stuck it on my phone. Rangers seemed to be the better team but typical OF game we fucked it.

Ha ha Fenian here myself. You played much better but we came away lucky, so it goes

The Chargers need more fans, but I can only promise you heartbreak and upset

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Since Scottish forefathers were norsemen, why not try the Vikings. Again be prepared for heartbreak tho

Saints, 49ers, Ravens, Seahawks, Vikings and Bills are all playing pretty damn good football.
I'm a Cowboys fan and as much as I'd like to drink some bleach I figured I'd stick around for next season.

New England Patriots seems like the obvious choice because of the red, white, and blue colors. Downside: You'll be hated by butthurt banana boys the world over. Or pick a team that plays in an American city you might want to visit someday.

>Since Scottish forefathers were norsemen
They were Celts you brainlet

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He can't wear green bc he'll morph into Eamon DeValera or some shit. It's a genetic condition.

Shut the fuck up with your advice. It confuses me so stupid.

Ever hear of the Danelaw, brainlet?

Yes and that's England, not Scotland you double brainlet

Usually people follow the team from where they or there parents grew up. Green Bay Packer fan here

Why should op be your clone to proceed?

What happened Thursday?

check a danelaw map , you assoholic uncle

Follow Denver. They lose so you won't look like a bandwagoner, but they do surprise you every so often and win a Super Bowl so you don't look like a total asshole.

I’ll narrow it down for you. Let’s start with a region.

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What kind of cars do you like? Old or new?

Shit man. North East I suppose.
Gotta be new. Exec style saloons.

As an American who's favorite sport is football (soccer), I could never call myself a fan of a Eurpoean team because I have no hometown basis.

With that being said... I consider myself a Liverpool "supporter", but I more-so just follow players.

I would suggest that. No sorrow when your favorite team sucks it up. Just follow players. Enjoy the action.

The new league is the AFC, and you said north first.

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Jaguars 100% yo, Bortles for the win!

49ers man. All the way

Bortles is on the Rams >_>

I think the defense quit on the coaches. I think Marinelli and Richard have lost it because they're too conservative or they wont speak up to Jason. I think Richard comes back next year. Moore included but everyone else is gone.
That said, we'll probably still end up as the division champs and get nowhere and still get a worse pick.

Tons of Yankees in Florida. Theres your problem.

any team but the patriots. tom brady is a shapeshifting reptilian

NFL sucks, your football is better

I should Detroit lions. No one will see it coming