Imperials or stormcloaks? and why?

imperials or stormcloaks? and why?

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Stormcloaks, because Skyrim BELONGS TO THE GODDAMN NORDS

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Cloaks. Imperials are globo-homo

Storm Cloaks
Because they literally predicted the rise of Far Right Ethno-Nationalism and thus fit perfectly in line with my current politics.

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I’m a thalmor puppet to u dumb ass stormcloaks, but much like the real world, the yellow people will take over by makin you stupid whites fight amongst eachother

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Neither because both are cocksuckers and oppressive regimes.

Neither, both are useless.

Imperial so I can get into Elisif's panties and cuck the king lol

Empire all the way.
Tamriel is in need of an organized force against the Aldmeri Dominion. With Skyrim rising up against the Empire, that force is being split to counter the rebellion and that force could’ve been used somewhere else.
Sure the Empire were cocks letting the White-Gold Concordat disable Talos worshipping but they weren’t in a position to negotiate. They got fucking rekt in the war. At the end of the day Talos worshippers could and have always had the option of going underground like Jews in the Holocaust

Imperials for me

Skyrim belongs to the nords.

As much as I want to support the Stormcloaks, the Thalmor intentionally released Ulfric knowing he would ignite a civil war. This weakens the empire. The evidence is in the dossier you find in the thalmor embassy. By supporting the stormcloaks, a divide-and-conquer strategy comes to mind as the thalmor want to eventually break the White-Gold Concordat (truce).

I think that by supporting the Stormcloaks you may end up finally fracturing an ailing empire. There is the possibility that this fracture causes a bunch of nationalist countries to rise up which are likely to start a war against thalmor oppression. They may actually band together but not under one banner.

It's risky to support he stormcloaks as they may end up doing the opposite of what they intended. On the other hand I personally think the Empire is biding its time against the weakening Thalmor. This is also risky because the Empire is also weakening with the unrest.

I always felt like I was having a lot more fun supporting the stormcloaks.

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The Stormcloaks would get fucked over in a matter of days if the Dominion marched into Skyrim full force, the Empire is the only true force on Tamriel that can challenge the fucking knife-ears.
Besides that, the Stormcloaks are just a means to and end for Ulfric. He wants power, and figured that populist politics (rage about Talos worship) was the best chance he had of getting it.

ok jew

The morrowind refugees added perfectly to it. They had no place in Windhelm or nordic culture. Thus they huddled together in the Grey quarter complaining about everything refusing to go back.

The empire could represent the globalists shoving their ideology down people's throats.

The thalmor dont' really represent any entity I know of. Maybe China with their vassal state strategy. China wants to stifle all speech that doesn't agree with them and they want every relationship with other countries to be one-sided. Again this is a bit vague.

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Of course stormcloacks, at least they didn't try to chop your head at the beginning of the game

Well right now I'm gonna say stormcloaks because you're holding a sword

Fuck the empire, they tried to decapitate me in the beggining of the game

>The thalmor dont' really represent any entity I know of.
let me give you a (((hint))) dude.

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The game really pushes a nord-nationalist agenda from the beginning. It also makes the most sense that the dragonborn is Nordic as statistically (Skyrim = 80% nord?) and story-wise it seems to fit.

Skyrim belongs to the nords

It all makes sense now.

Skyrim deserves to be able to keep its own customs and beliefs, but for the stormcloaks to rise up is just what the thalmor wants. Stormcloaks are short term right but long term wrong. That being said, the empire is an empty shell of its former self. Both kinda suck but I feel more appreciated with the stormcloaks

Stormcloaks, because fuck the Thalmor.

>thalmor dont' really represent any entity

I think the Thalmor have the upper hand either way, the Empire is basically already dead, it's just a zombie on strings with the Thalmor pulling them. Someone has to at least try to push back the Thalmor, even if it ends in failure, at least Tamriel wasn't taken without a fight.