Manage to ask someone out in a brief time without paranoia

>manage to ask someone out in a brief time without paranoia
>they say no but offer a different time
>spaghetti overflow
>turn off phone abd just leave it for week; delete contact soon after
feels bad man, the therapist was of no luck, it's getting increasingly weirder the longer I postpone it
21, never been out one on one wih anyone who weren't already a friend

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>offer a different time
That's a yes, brother! =)

Try getting to know each other: bring up examples/stories from your life to highlight your best trait without sounding haughty, let her speak and actually listen to her, if spaghetti still fall out of your pocket just laugh about it together =)

Never talk to her again.

you sound creepy dude
I've been having issues with paranoia lately, I don't know if it's onset of shizophrenia or what, I hear voices when I'm near falling asleep or dosed of, just meaningless murmur of female whispers
it's creeping the shit out of me and I don't know how to be truthfull with anyone that I'm under suspicion that they are conspirkng behind my back
I can't trust people, I can't trust situations, I'm hypervigilant and just can't call my tits dowm
I'm constantly afraid that whomever I talk to knows me or knows about me from somewhere else and just watches me embarass the shit out of me
makes me want to peel my face off
I didn't knew I 'd be having this much trouble with bew people after all these years
well it's no surprise, I still barely know anyone on college and hang out with no one from there, all I have is a group of similiarly mentally handicapoed fellows that partake in anything junk
I'm the only one that can't get personal with people
I don't know when it's adequate to ask folk where they're from, what are they, where are they planning to go etc

Stop smoking weed

i lost my virginity at 22 like a month ago. Just keep looking out and trying, and one day the stars will align. What helped me de-stress for dates (which I still fucking hate, losing your virginity doesnt change you lol), was going on "friends" dates. Literally, just ask a friend you haven't seen in a very long time, or a more recent friend you dont know that much, to go take a coffee with you. Do this a few times, and you'll be back into the flow of talking to new people.

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>you sound creepy dude
I doubt it.
What's the point of going one with on another if not to get to know each other?

Don't giving in to paranoia. Easier said than done, of course

I can't
the dread of being alone on weeks on end and void that college leaves bigger and bigger every day would've driven me off the cliff long time ago
I can't even go to psychiatrist man, if I wasn't already settled with a job waiting for me where boss is fully informed about my condition despite never being proffesionaly diagnosed I'd already slit my wrists long ago
I was hoping I could atleast try out my social skills before I'm off to spending my days working
I am a man of no hobbies when I work, therefore I highly doubt I'll ever have a chance like this in a long long time
seems I've been doomed to become a wizard

My sister is on the schizo spectrum. If you want a good quality of life, you're gonna have to be honest with your therapist. Or fine a better one that you can be honest with. Maybe try a low level med to help, even if for just a bit. She's better now and makes double the amount or money I do, more friends than I have as well kek. You can do it, but you gotta do it before all the paranoia, delusions etc. control you. Good luck.

yikes dude, I smoke weed everyday and don't demonize it in any way, but if you're having mental health problems, it really is gonna make it worse. If you're not gonna go consult a professional, at the very least stop smoking weed...

God speed bro

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fucking forget about this pussy stuff, stop obsessing with it. Work on yourself. Love yourself. Take care of yourself.

Only then will you be in a good state to allow other people in your life. Like they say in airplanes safety manuals: In case of depressurization, put on your own oxygen mask first, before helping others. Trust me.

Seriously, stop smoking weed for a couple of months and see if you feel any better. Imagine thinking you’re schizophrenic and throwing away the best part of your life and never having relationships then finding out in middle age that it was all just because you didn’t stop smoking weed.

that's the thing
I'm free every once in a blue moon, and mpst often my minor group of friends try tp gather on those times so that I can go out with them atleast sometimes
but that's it, I had like one friend in entire highschool and hes in that small group
that's all, I have no friends no good acquiantaces to go out with on a coffee I have no one to train with
I can't call any of these as every time we go it just turns into another narco episode where we roll joints in midst of caffes and steal roadsigns and raid local kebab parlors despite both agreeing to just go for a quick coffee before going each their own ways
I have no metric to compare your everyday normal date where you go for a coffee and something to eat
I was planing on asking them out in my fashion and all of my friends said that that is a bad idea, how you take it slow for a first time out and how you don't stuff them with your too spicy cookies and what the shit
my spaghetti start falling out already if it's one of the friends of a friend I got high once with that just met me on the street

weed doesnt "give" you schizonphrenia lmao. It can exacerbate symptoms in already vulnerable people tho. Which is why I agree he should stop smoking to help reduce the problem, but its important to know weed doesnt *cause* it.

woah woah woah
no way jombre
I don't want to sound like an addict or something but you don't want to even start with me quitting on longer periods than exactly one week
the psychotic breakdowns and anxiety attacks are imposdible to handle anymore without alteast some kind of medication (in worst case I take codeine in best my friend gives me xanax)
I don't abuse it but there are times when I just need to get mentally in shape in order to not fall apart at any anxiety inducing occasion
I'd be long working minimal wage if I dropped out due to anxiety college caused me
for now until I muster suffocient courage to visit a psychiatrist it's for the best I maintain consumation of cannabis when necessary and keep recreational use to a minimum

Maybe your primary problem is more general loneliness then. Not necessarily girls. This is good tho, because it can be easier to fix. Is it possible for you to make yourself more available? You can see it as "mental health" days, where you just do social activities, find a hobby where you can talk to people with similar interest, etc.

Yeah drugs are a way to self medicate. That's why people usually see a mental health professional in order to fix the problem at the source and naturally abandon the other drugs like codeine.

I think it's sorta genetic
both sisters and father live their illusions of grandure and believe others are conspiring against them
father is certain mother is having an affair despite being a wrinkly old hag
older sister believes her mother in law is taking away her containers for food despite being in the freezer with meat her husband left
younger sister is certain everything I do is to embarass her, my longer hair my pierced ear my eccentric posts on social media my listenkng to metal etc etc
whilst the younger sister consumes lots if mdma and coke her illusions are egocentric, since I use mainly weed and skunk I'm the only one with psychotic breakdowns and hallucinogenic illusions

hardly man, it's so hard to maintain sanity , I completely lost control somewhere around 16
my friend gave me some weed to try at 18 and I realised I can atleast stall between breakdowns
insecurities, paranoia, rage I got all of the under check when I'm hogh as a kite but I don't want to show up on a first meetup high and disoriented and all
I don't know what to tell
yes I tried
yes I didn't try enough
yes I gave up for a time being
I tried for good year and a half to get an appointment and every single god damn time it interfered with something I rather not be absent from
the longest I'll have to be like this is 3 more years

bruh you make it sound like your life is falling appart... make some time for that fucking appointment! Would you skip a hospital appointment for a broken arm because of work?

Mental health care is health care.

pfff no, but I'd return to work on the same day if possible
mental heatlh care is like the only one that can't lead into permanent damage
I've been having this problems since forever and if my mommy and daddy took me to a proffeaional when I was 12 I'd have none of the problems I have now
nooooo he's just lazy, he's just shy
I'm sorry
or am I
I don't want to come off as a cringemaster, but I have to admits some of shit I do is outright disgusting