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Referring to what exactly?

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If Trump were ever to be arrested, it would spark a second civil war. Every redneck sack of shit near the jail would storm it with AR's and hunting rifles, which would end with them being blasted into oblivion on live TV. That would be the day the white trash and alt-right morons who voted the man declared war and the end of this nation.

Trump is a lowlife sack of shit, but it's more dangerous to remove or arrest him than to just let him ride out his term.

everything Sup Forums cares about

its over

what kind of reality you living in? an action movie? No one would do shit except for all the blue check marks making "witty" and "clever" remarks about it and all the right wingers screaming to the high heavens on how it isn't right and how corrupt the left is on twitter. People LIKE to say that they'll do something but don't actually want to put in effort.

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this x1000


Don't underestimate how retarded trumptards are.

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ahh, we've gone from absolutely guaranteed impeachment to instant damage control rationalization of how impeachment would really have actually been BAD (given now it's not happening anyway lol). But if impeachment was happening that would be fine. You dipshit idiots are a psychiatrist's fucking dream.

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try harder. Maybe you can find something relevant.

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Jan 2025.

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of course. Your superior meme expose certainly beats out three years of investigations not showing this. Maybe another three years of the entire planet searching for dirt on Trump and this obscure revelation could be disclosed.

nothing of value will be lost of the alt-reich gera bowed down by cops and national guard

I've never approved of this impeachment circus, you mouth-breathing fart in the shape of a manlet. Trump has created a fanatical cult around himself, and if he becomes a martyr we'll see right-wing asshats like you taking to the streets with weapons.

I'm happy for you if you live in some bubble somewhere, but I live in a deeply red state. Trust me - there are hundreds of thousands of people foaming at the mouth to start a war here in the States and establish a Christian theocracy. Trump stoked their deepest fears and prejudices no Steve Bannon's advice in order to get elected.

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the thing is the right isn't actually thinking it will be a civil war
they legitimately believe it will be a great massacre in which they purge degenerates (murderer of the defenseless)
>pic related

take them seriously.
even if a full on war doesn't break out there will almost certainly be more right wing nuts who hurt a bunch of people

>I've never approved of this impeachment circus

Just admit that it blew in your stupid face.

You must be trolling. No one is this retarded. Like, fuck me.

>Unable to perform previous operation due to low memory
fuck this tablet .
2nd attempt to upload pic related

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so the Dems finally realized that they, as has been all along, have nothing?

So no defense using facts? Cool. See you in November, hick.

man, I live with a Q Trumper and the shit he says is creepy sometimes. see it elsewhere as well.

You really need to get over the image issue. I mean, I know this is you and I'm bowing down to how awesome you are, but need to get over your insecurities. 2 Dudes fucking behind closed doors does not affect you. Just repeat that to yourself and one day you won't shoot up a hospital.

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Yea, except you're not storming the ghettos where the guns are. You'll stay in podunk nowhere and think you're brave that others fought...You'll also lose, by the way, but that's a given.