Can you cook?

Can you cook?

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Let's put it this way. I burned a pot of water.

I’d do a dumbass drum solo on those pots tho

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yea im a head chef y

Yes. Next thread

At Wendy's?

nah, pic related was me years ago, i've been promoted since.

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From eggboy to eggman?

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a little

sheeeeeit nigga

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Pretty much, its a pain in the fuckin ass though, they added more egg items to the menu because "they're popular" 20 minutes to do like fuckin 40 omelettes between 3 pans is a bit of a kick in the dick

What is even being prepared in your picture?
Are those poached eggs? Looks fucking filthy, mate.

tbh i was new to the job back then and couldnt actually keep up with the pace, so it was somewhere between a poach and a fry as i didnt want to fuck them up, they actually came out fine though.
Now i spunk them out at mach 5

That's nothing. I used to run a 2 man kitchen years ago doing just breakfast and lunch. We netted 500k$ in the first year. Omelettes don't take long at all. You keep those pans hot and lubed up and you'll be flying.

>Can you cook?
>you cook?

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Yeah man, i get it completely.
I said i'm "head chef" but i only got that title as the previous head chef retired lately and i got his job, i've just passed my trial and just got my contract, but i have a lot of experience still to gain, hopefully it will come with time. It's tough, but i aint backing down

Enough to feed myself but not enough to cook for others.

Look I can cook a few dishes like a balti or a lasagna so I am a step above ramen but my menu is small and far from healthy.

I just love lasagna, I occasionally add a bit of blu cheese to the topping to just change up an old favourite.

Also I am not a cat despite the similarity.

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I like to think I can.

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>so it was somewhere between a poach and a fry
Fry? So what, is that oil or water?

I can but for some reason it takes me FOREVER to cook a meal or dish. The other night had a lb of ground beef and made 4 cheese burgers with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles. Took me an hour and a half. Like wtf?


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get a job in a kitchen

Ye its oil, and i know youre going to say that's even worse, but because it's cooked slightly slower most of the oil just slides off, not much different from a regular fried egg, try it if you dont believe me

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8/10, would eat.

Ugh. You actually signed? Hopefully they didn't screw you. I was in the same situation. I took over once the head guy left and owner wanted me to sign on for a 55 hour a week salary and I was like nooooo way. It would have averaged out to like 13$ per her. I said I'm not signing anything.. i want to stay hourly so I can make overtime. Guy was in a bind so I ended up negotiating and got $17 per hr. No salary.

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kook borger

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My wages are pretty shit to be fair, but as i said i lack experience, so getting anywhere near what im getting now anywhere else wouldnt happen, maybe in a couple of years.
I hate where i work, so as soon as i feel confident enough i'm outta there

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What the fuck, I'm so confused right now.
The eggs are fully submerged. How is that a fried egg? If anything, it's deep fried.
How can you even prepare a fried egg sunny side up like that? The yolk will turn completely solid at least because it's swimming in hot oil.
Why even go through all that trouble? Put a little oil in a skillet, it'll turn out better and you're not wasting gallons of oil.

not a fan of quinoa.

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the oil covers the white, the yolk is just above it, picture is deceiving.

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You poor bastard.

Wonder what was...

Had a few. 1 where i basically had one job. Dropping shit into the fryer and hitting the correct timer. It was a very popular sports bar and it got busy as fuck. Mad respect for the grill guy. Having to cook all the fucking burgers with various doneness with odd items inbetween like quesadillas or grilled fish or cheesesteaks.

He just got ALL the bitches...

If you're US. you should use where you work to get you SafeServ certification if you haven't gotten it already. They'll most likely pay for it and it's good for 3-5 years depending on state. So when you leave you can throw that in your resume. Oil has a higher smoke point than oil so a lot of it won't burn off by the time the egg is cooked so more often than not you have a greasy mess

made a hash recently. forgot to take a pic until after we started eating.

In theory, yes
In practice, no

and forgot to upload it. weird day.

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Still, what possible benefit does that method have? Those eggs are gonna be greasy as fuck. Why not just fry them regularly?


I have a 3 lb pot roast in the crock pot. Will be ready in 2 hours

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Yeah, decently well. Wouldn't say I'm really good but I can do some things pretty well.

New year's resolution is to focus on sauces

Hmmmm...who think was him...?!

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Have you ever made Beef Wellington?

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I'm right htere with you, all I really know how to make is vodka sauce and white sauce for my pastas.

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Is that a stir-fry? I like mine with a lot of beansprouts.

Start with stocks and soups then go to sauces. Start with a basic marinara. From there you can get a fradiavolo sauce. Practice making hollandaise to the point where you don't break the sauce. If you do you can fix it with a tiny bit of Mayo. Then you can make bernaise. Then go to your brown sauces like a Demi glaze

>new tears resolution is to focus on sauces

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In this text and picture montage, Dr. Eggman confides to Miles Prowler about feelings of emptiness he has after losing his wife.
I found this very amusing as it shows an emotional maturity otherwise completely foreign to the deranged villain.

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Yes, it's better with a wok and the right oil though. I like beansprouts too, dunno why I didn't add them tho.

What does break the sauce mean?

In kichen my pp smol.

Yes, essentially.

With hollandaise you have to add the butter slowly while whisking the eggs. It's supposed to be a smooth velvetty consistency. If you add it too fast it'll break and just be a tub of liquid goo. If the butter is too hot you'll cook the eggs and it'll end up being scrambled eggs.

It means you overcook and curdle the sauce

If you drop the sauce, it will break into multiple pieces of sauce.
Once tried to serve a customer a piece and hoped he wouldn't notice. He called the manager and complained that he 'didn't order a shard of sauce'.
Got fired.

Call me Yan cause I can Cook.