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hello again.

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i hope you take good care of that yelyah mate
she a good girl

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Ha! Good one 3head

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more VJ pls
specially abs and wet mouth

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if i treated her like anything other than perfect, i wouldnt deserve her.

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hey, that's a cutie i jerk to often

FEET i beg you all

proof that nigger brains are 14 year old girl poppunk paramore fans video of hayley bowing 2 u got u hard ?

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...what? genuinely didn't follow that

son, come back home. its late.

good work

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long time no see

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sorrydaddi bambi gooning

oh man look at her, she's looking at herself

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her body looks weeeiiiirrrddd... is it that she's too boney?

moar this

maybe she can help me up my fashion game. or maybe she likes my simple style

hello scarlett, dont temp me with those doe eyes, im a one woman man.

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pre hrt perfecttly normie

its that you're too gay lmbo

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everything is circles

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dududu a qtdu

she eats because she is unhappy and she is unhappy because she eats

fuckpig redux incoming

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getting fashionable is ez tbh
specially with a good guide
yelyah is pretty swaggy most times
ngl shes no charli
but she has style
you will be fly in no time

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she can be quite seductive

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i cant contain my love anymore

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its not love its lust.

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CUTE CUTE outfit

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thanks for your faith in me :)

that she can

no, its both

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lul roger stone out on bail in the back

No u

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prove it

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you first, as always

oh emma, why do you keep putting iced tea in the jack bottles?

a great pair
of eyes

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prove my love?

a great everything. especially her voice

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the moon is so bright tonight

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be my guest

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No u x2
Is it? Can't see it

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i like her voice too, very hot

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i remember the first time i saw her was in late 2004, she was cute, but i didnt think much or her. until i saw an interview with her and heard her crack jokes. she immediately took me with her whit and sense of humor, but then i also saw an interview where she was extremely thoughtful and introspective. she constantly surprises me with her mind and her talents. the face that shes so beautiful is just icing on the cake.

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cool story bro. u the guy in the webm?

what's wrong with her nose?

what webm?

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no u are

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oh as BIG a fan as You are. im sure you know

no, i dont. tell me what to look for. and to be honest, im not a huge fan of the first 3 records. there are a few songs i like, but the last 2 records were really good.

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your crush crush crush is so played out tbh


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hm? not a big fan of that song

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fuck off with ur elephant cock

ok buderino

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cuk . shes not even a virgin. ur so confused

especially in her. was already a fan before then, but an intimate listen to her raspy voice drove me over the edge.

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thread full of plain nobodies

who said she was? or who wants one?

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sorry i dont have any maisie pics for you


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great taste
what a great film

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gotcha carrey on muligan cuck posting

No Cheeting
Is actually u

i'm home! :)

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i said plain, not fucking hideous

You failed at the english test!
Hello you!

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afternoon karen


i do love carrey after inside llewyn davis.

buenas tardes ana.

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it is for me. is it hidden for you?
I am clear like the phantom

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boop (YOU) 2

3 cloudy 5 me

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Olivia Munn

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she never did it for me, even back in the AotS days

so you agree she isnt plain or a nobody??

love alie and gilly

quite possibly the gayest post ever in these threads and thats saying alot

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i approve

just an opinon, didnt say she was ugly, just not for me.

you dont have to play coy, if you want more pics just ask

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hello, how are you :)
no hablo ;u

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