Ask a guy with alzheimers annything

ask a guy with alzheimers annything

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How is my art?

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are you my grandson?


you motherfucker i hope you die of cancer

No im bob

Why are you the way that you are?

At least I won't die a virgin like you.

hahaha i hope this gets you lots of updoots on le reddit user!

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Is it dinner time?

Today’s my birthday grandpa can you PayPal me some cash for my classes at school

When did you notice you had the beginning stages of Alzheimer's.

how does this collage make you feel?
>self-portraits by an artist with alzheimer's

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You aren’t allowed to on Sundays

I have Alzheimer’s ask me anything

is your grandson a nigger

I’ve had my fair share of dark meat boy

mmm.... I forgot my question

>ask a guy with alzheimers annything

Don't you remember sucking that one cock? You were all over it.

Wont you just forget what I asked a minute ago, anyways?


What's it like having alzheimers op?

Also wanted to ask, what's it like having alzheimers op?