What does Sup Forums think of my son?

What does Sup Forums think of my son?

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which one is your son?


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i'd fuck it

I'd smash

I'd put a ring on it

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I'd fuck him.

I'd keep him as a spanking slave

Ugly phony cunt

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very nice faggot, indeed. would breed her

Fake, no adam's apple. Try harder next week.

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Show us his tiny dick

it's real

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>larping again are we?

he looks more feminine than you do


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such a pretty feminine faggot. would wife

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Got kik ?


Your "son" can get dicked down any day. Hope you have to watch.

I'd rape him

>red marks on knees
i see your son likes to serve, that is nice

I'd ask the dad but seeing the results I'm assuming that's going to be a negative, so miss, may I marry your daughter ?

I would love to watch

Yes he does, he's a good boy

You may

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Holy fuck I'm hard.

What would you do to him?

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You spelled dick wrong

See what that mouth do

Fuck the shit outta him in that toy filled pink room Cum multiple times, especially on that face/in his throat, pulling those blonde pigtails hard towards me.

I'd like to see that

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He's a person
i think i've fucked him actually idk

I'm not gay or anything, but I'd smash

that's gay bro

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how often does your son service you?

How often do you cum for this fucking hottie?

Is that your daughter next to him?

He teases me a lot and has touched my hard on through my clothes

All the time, I use his clothes to help sometimes


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Would you rather jerk off to him than fuck your wife?


Wow. I'd legit fuck him in a second and not even look twice at your stepdaughter (and she's pretty). I've only fucked girls but wouldn't think twice before pouncing on this hottie.


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You very well may be lying about your relation to him, but idc, I still thank you. I just found his Instagram and I'm going to cum buckets tonight for him/her.

Care to share?

Here it is user

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Extintion to your blood line

Lets see em getting fucked

Soo...he was behind that...?

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