Illinois Bread. 630 preferred!

Illinois Bread. 630 preferred!

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Anyone know her?

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Glen ellyn 630

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Area code and actual face pic? Hard to tell with this

I know her she goes to my school

630 name is Sabrina I believe

Got anymore?

Bump 618

Any Oswego?

bump for oswego

Bump for O'Fallon area

Schaumburg/CL or even algonquin want to kik? Have plenty looking for a few

Same guy here. Xoo456 is my kik also have some niu


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South side Chicago?

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Moline or quad city area?

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Bump bellevegas

Bump shs 847

bump for any HEHS/Hoffman Estates grads

Also looking for Moline/QC

Any1 got allie s niu? Recently booed up

Bump mwhs dp 847

Glenview checking in


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