Canine and Equine Feral Discussion Thread

Canine and Equine Feral Discussion Thread

This thread is more for chatting than the actual yiff pics, hop in if you want to talk!

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quads for dog cock

Quads have blessed this thread

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I've been thinking for the longest time about getting a dog. I am not sure wether or not i could adapt to take proper care of one.
But i feel very lonely so i think it might be for the better

I hope its nice and cold where you are so you and Kaiser can snuggle up nice and good together.

I never did get to sleep with Rookie in my bed, but my next shepherd is gonna be an inside dog for sure just for that alone.

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Would you want a male or a female and what breed would you want?

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Please don't fuck your dog

I'd give it a shot anyway. A dog can really turn your life around. Never mind the great sex, just having a companion might cheer you up enough to care.

Yeah, don't fuck your dog, but do get fucked by your dog

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What if you let them fuck you?

Telegram for equines/horses. Also, nice quads OP.

why are you even in this thread

are you Jewish?

It's fucking freezing here so yes, snuggling is quite nice.

How close are you to actually being able to get a good boi?

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I heard females are often angry, so i think i'll just got for a male
Assuming i would
Maybe yea

Sorry man, any public zoo chat, if not started as a honeypot, will eventually become one. Most of the time it's not even the government that watches you, just anti-zoo retards from KiwiFarms and the such that get off to doxxing niggas and their animals. Not worth

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If it's your first time owning a dog I would suggest a chill breed like a Labrador or Golden Retriever. If you are pretty active go for a German Shepherd

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I made a throwaway account for that purpose, turd.

I'm slowly turning into a doggy slut.

My girlfriend is pretty dominate, which is lovely, but recently while helping me cum over the phone, she went further than ever.

She told me she wanted to strip me naked and lock me in a cage with her two big dogs. And that it would be too small for me to stand in, so I'd have to me on my hands and knees. She said she wouldn't let me out until I had "serviced" her dogs. She said I was going to be their bitch. That they would fuck my ass relentlessly, and I would slurp up their cum from the floor.

While I was doing this, her, and two of her friends that she knows I think are super hot would be outside the cage watching and laughing at me.

She'd tell me that I could cum as much as I want in the cage. That I would be so happy once I accepted doggy cock. That I would never want to leave.

I've never cum so hard in my life.

Now whenever we're out walking together and we see a dog, especially if it's. Being walked by a hot girl, she'll tell me to go over and ask to pet it. I always get a little hard, and that night she'll make me masturbate thinking about that dogs cock.

She makes me cum while thinking about having a dog fuck my ass in front of pretty girls at least twice a week now. I'm starting to really want it.

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Ill have you know that null is quite fond of dogs fucking white women.

What about dobermans?

Using dogs as a kink and just using them as sextoys is pretty scummy if you ask me

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Labs and Goldens are perfect for first time owner's cause they are so chill, and I just added Shepherds in cause as long as you are semi-active with them, they are super easy to train. Rotties and Doberman are cool, but for a first-time owner I wouldn't recommend.

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I'm moving out next year, so hopefully then. I'll have roommates but it shouldnt be an issue. I know them pretty well so me getting a dog shouldnt be an issue, and with Rookie I was already used to being cautious/maintaining an active relationship with other people in the house so it shouldnt be anything I'm not used to.

Are you interested in dogs a companions, or just sex? Cause if sex comes first then you're probably not gonna have a good time raising a puppy just for that, but if you want a buddy in your that will always be at your side that you can do things like go in hikes or walks together or just hang around the house and chill together and then when the time comes get into the sexual stuff as a "bonus" then go for it. I dont have a dog right now but I do have a couple cats, so they provide a lot of companionship when I'm at home by myself. My home life would be very boring without my animals.

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Any specific reason as to why?
Mainly for companionship, i seem to get along well with others' pets, but i feel lonely without anyone, so a buddy wont be a bad choice

That's a very overactive imagination you have there

Because feral art and beast porn is hot, but doing it in real life is abusive

I could get into this.

Anyone live in a place where it's legal? Can LE actually do anything about it?

Then you know what you must do user ;)
I'd say if you can accommodate a dog currently then you should go for it.

I think you could handle a shepherd or doberman, if that's the companion you really want. They're not really any different from other breeds, but they are high energy compared to most, so if you dont keep them active they will develop destructive habits or bark a lot.

And just imagine if you had a dog, then he could get into you!

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Isnt this a little contradictory?
It doesnt have to be abusive though?

Labs and Goldens are just chill dogs, don't require lots of exercises and are happy with little to no effort. Breeds like Huskies get super hyper if not exercised properly, and guard dog breeds like Shepherds, Rotties, Doberman, Akitas, all need proper training because without it they can get super aggressive.

There's a reason Golden Retriever and Labs are the most popular breeds in America. If you do have a bit of knowledge with dogs my favorite breeds are:

King Shepherds
Bernese Mountian Dogs
English Mastiffs
Saint Bernards
80lb+ Labs or Retrievers

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The state I live in it's actually legal, but there's a national law called the PACT act that would actually make it illegal federally. Doesn't really matter though cause as long as you keep it private, don't share pics of yourself and other shiet, you'll be fine. Don't try to make zoo a kink between you and your gf and you'll be fine

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I really don't get that, how can you like porn of dogs fucking human like beings but not actually like irl dogs fucking humans? Also how does the bottom part of that make sense?

>Zoo bad
>I could get into getting fucked by dogs

how does that make sense?

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I ask this question a lot but it's a good way to get a discussion going:

If you were in a barn alone for a guaranteed 2 hours, who would you rather be with:

Male Dog
Female Dog

also what breed would you prefer?

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Do you have a preference with breed? Also, have you ever been with a stallion before?

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No and no.

stallion > mare > male dog > female dog

Actually, this. (I answered Stal earlier)

I put mare above male dog just because mares are rare

That's a tough one.

Mare is tempting just cause of how easy it seems to fuck one, bitch too but I'm just into horse and dog cock a little bit more than pussy. A stallion is a dream of mine, but I dont think I could figure out how to get one to fuck me or let me suck his cock if I had a whole day to figure it out, let alone 2 hours.

So I'm gonna go with what I know here and pick Male dog.

As for breed? I'd really like to try letting a Kurdish Kangal mount me. Just look at the size of that sheath.

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Yeah I think for me I would go:

male dog > mare > stallion > female dog

I love male dogs cause of the connection you get with them. Also, actually being able to take them without any prep is a huge bonus. Them lasting a long time in you, making everything feel warm, tight, and just making your whole world feel nice.

I'd take a mare second cause I really do love hanging around the mare I work with, she's so affectionate but also super bossy, I don't know how she can be so big and still be so cute. I love to just pet her, give her kisses on her snout, and honestly just being near her makes me happy. Also I really fucking love eating her out.

Stallion third cause as much as they are fun to feel and jerk/suck off I just wouldn't be able to actually take one, and especially not the stallion at my work lol.

Female dog last cause I've never been with a female dog before so I have no idea how she'd be.

Also, preferable breed for dogs either King Shepherd, English Mastiff, or a Bernese Mountian dog and even though the two horses I currently work with are both Clydesdales, my preferable breed would be Paint or a Friesian

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What was your first time with a mare like? Ever fuck one?

Long story short, a few months after I discovered zoo with my boi I really wanted to be with some horses, so I tried applying for a job at a boarding/riding ranch at the end of my street, didn't end up having enough positions to hire me so I offered to volunteer in exchange for free rides and boss lady said "sure, why not"?

Anyways, the two horses I got super attached to are the two Clydesdale horses who are really only there for show, they literally only get used for wagon rides, parades, or breeding and that's it. All the other horses get tons of attention cause each horse has like 3 or 4 riders throughout the week but Nattie (mare) just chills out either in her stall or in the field and it's even worse for Clyde cause he's the only stallion on the ranch, so he gets put in his own pen by himself. So I thought they would be perfect cause no one else would ever really be with them so it'd just be me and them.

Took until the third time I got into her field at night to actually fuck her. The first time I didn't even think about it and jerked off while rubbing her udders, the second night I wanted to fuck her but couldn't figure out the height problem so I just ended up eating her out and jerking off. Third night I figured out to lead her to one of the metal fences, stand on the second ring, and bam, I was tall enough to fuck. My first time with her was the only time I ever actually fucked anything, yeah I was fucked by Kaiser (my shepherd) before then, but I haven't stuck my dick in anything before. In fact, she's still the only animal I have ever stuck my dick in. Once you figure out all her spots and what she likes it's super fucking nice feeling having her back into you, show herself off, put her tail to the side, have her nuzzle you, god I love it

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can you start the relationship with a female dog pretty easily?

Damn, that was a pretty clever idea volunteering at a ranch like that. Didnt know you had experience with horses.

Do anything with the stallion?

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Hell yeah. Stallions are definitely different than dogs. You can't just get them hard by jerking their sheath. It took me a while to figure out the best way to get Clyde to drop was to finger Nattie first and let him smell my fingers. You also gotta keep you hands warm and wet as they are super sensitive to temperature. Didn't actually get to make him blow his load for a while, lots of trial and error. Best way that I do now is to tease him for a long time. If we're in his stall it's too small for him to jump up and try to mount, so if I finger Nattie beforehand to get her juices on my fingers and smear my fingers around my asshole when I bend over in front of him he drops instantly, he'll take huge whiffs and curl his lips, he'll kick a lot and snort a ton. Once I see him start to bellyslap that's when I'll go around to his side and start crumping him or start licking his flare or under his shaft while jerking him with my other hand.

My first time making him nut was way more horny than smart. I coulda easily became Mr Hands looking back at it now. I basically tried the same trick I do in his stall, but it was out in his pen and I was leaning against a bale of hay. He was horny as fuck and just wanted to dick, and I've been teasing him for at least 20 minutes before then, he basically mounted and thank god he actually mounted the bale of hay and not on me, if he woulda mounted me and pressed his body weight against me I wouldn't be able to move and he would of fucked me. Instead when he mounted up his front legs were standing on the bale and I was able to slip out from under, and I guess the combination of the position he was in and the teasing we were doing for the past while made him finally cum.

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Does anyone like making out with dogs? It's pretty fun


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anyone got stories with dogs? preferably females

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You kinky bitch. As soon as I read the part where you put the mares juices on your asshole I got rock hard. That's super fucking hot. Dont think he could have got it in you unless you were already stretched out and ready, but I'm sure that still would have hurt trying to go in. You're a lucky boy.

You said that was the first time you got him to cum? What were the others like? Ever get him to cum on you or in your mouth? What's the taste like and how much did he cum?

Ever plan to let him fuck you?

I used to love making out with Rookie, the shepherd I used to have. But he wasnt all that into it. He would like my lips and the inside of my mouth a bit but he liked to focus on my cock or ass more. The only way to get him to keep licking my mouth was if i smeared a bunch of his or my cum all over and he would lick it out of my mouth. That big tongue in my mouth was devine.

But when it came to make out session i preferred to make out with him from the other end. When i rimmed him i would press my mouth up tight against his ass and lick inside like i was French kissing someone.

Sure, but they're M/M

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uh huh...

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I had an uncle who had like 6 dogs and they all loved to lick. Would make out with a couple while fingering their pussies while one would lick on/ around my dick

When Kaiser fucks me it's already extremely tight and I feel like I can't take anymore, even if I was more stretched out Clyde is a Clydesdale so I 100% won't be able to take him. I've been working at that ranch for a little over a year and a half now so I've had plenty of time to figure out the best ways to make him nut. Best method is to build him up by Nattie's smell so that he's in the mood, then crump him. Crumping is pretty much stimulating his flare by squeezing it with your whole hand and pressing against him while also jerking his shaft right behind his flare. Very important to use warm water on your hands cause the warmth and squishy-ness keeps him going. Sometimes it takes a few rounds, I'll get him to drop, start playing with his balls and shaft, then start jerking but if it takes to long or he gets distracted he'll eventually shrink back up. After a few rounds of him shrinking, then dropping, then shrinking, then dropping again he'll eventually be at his limit and burst. You can usually tell when he's about to nut cause his dickhead will start flaring and after the first few flares he'll spurt, which should be enough time to stick your face in there and start licking his flare lol.

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Questions help, they give me a topic to share. But I guess I can share what my first time was like and how I got into it. I dont think I actually ever shared it in these threads yet.

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yeah, their ass

Ordered one of these. Should be shipping pretty soon

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it's just male dogs aren't teally my thing but maybe I'll like your story

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Hell yeah, Kaiser is a huge licker so we love to just sit in bed and he'll lick my chest, neck, face, and if I open up my mouth he'll delve in all while I'm scratching his ears and petting him. Ever since I discovered zoo I haven't jerked off without him. He'll either be licking my face, or if I'm naked on my bed he'll lick at my dick, balls, and if I raise my ass up he'll start licking there too. One of the best things I do with him is let him lick me off. It's seriously amazing. So most people will just let there dicks flop there while their dog is licking, or they will jerk off while the dog licks, which doesn't feel that great. The best thing to do is to lay down stomach down, and dick pointed out (like pic related). I do this in his bed which is pretty fluffy so I get the combination of the hotness of his warmth, feel of his slobber, and sound of him sloppin' away with his tongue. It literally makes my toes curl and it's a super slow build-up but still super intense. It starts off feeling amazing, starts to feel kinda numb but then my dick starts to feel kinda static-y and I can tell something's building up, and if I concentrate on what's going on and don't think about anything else, just stay in the moment, hearing, feeling, and smelling his slobber, I'll eventually bust. It's fucking amazing

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god I regret fixing my dog now
I'll be we would've had a lot of fun she and I

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Sorry, I don't have any experiences with female dogs, on male

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Hell yeah bro, me too

Has yours shipped yet? Can't wait for mine

"Search Google for this image" calls this a 'Rosy Maple Moth'. WTF!!!

Alright, gimme a sec

Fugg, I missed the damn preorder so now I gotta wait for them to pop back up on the guy's etsy. I've never wanted a toy so bad in my life before. It looks great.

No, not yet. It should ship the 20th I think.
I missed the first 100, I had to hop on the 2nd run.


My younger sister
i was genuinely surprised at the time, i didn't suspect at all, but i probably should have given certain signs
>she's a veterinarian
>has an un-neatured male Labrador
>has paw print hip tattoos
one day i was around hers hanging out after her boyfriend broke up with her
>she was crying
>we were both drinking
>asked her what caused the break up
>she broke down and told me
>apparently her boyfriend caught her in the act with the dog
>said "were over" took all his stuff and left without another word
>texted later he wouldn't tell anyone but she should get help
>she explained how it all started
>explained to me in explicit detail why it doesn't hurt the dog
>admitted to her I'd seen a few videos on the internet and i understood completely
>I'm the only one that she's told now
>had a touching "i knew you'd understand" moment, it was strange

>apparently it all started when she was a vet nurse
>some of the other girls at her work were chatting about it online and sent each other videos they found
>it grew from there
>she eventually tried it with one of her friends dogs while she was looking after it
>then she got her own dog
>when certain well behaved dogs come in to her work to be neutered she "lets them use it one last time" on her

I'm still not 100% sure how i feel about it
i think the act is hot, but at the same time, that's my baby sister man

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That's VERY hot, damn. I wonder if my aunt does that...

Worth it but you need a decent source of income.

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What is the biggest dog dick you've got your hands on? Mine had to have been at least 9 inches from a pitbull boy

It happened when I was 15. Second year of highschool I think. Hormones were running pretty strong at the time so I was a horny teenage wreck. Most nights I just sat in my room and beat off to all kinds of porn. It started with the furry porn, and then slowly I found bestiality porn and I was hooked. I was already bored with most basic porn so it made sense that I would eventually graduate to a more hardcore kink. Now, most of the bestiality porn I could find was of women getting fucked, but one night I stumbled upon a shitty video of some dude letting a rottweiler fuck him in the ass and it just really stuck with me, I couldnt stop thinking about it.

I was going through some things with my sexuality at the time. Most guys my age who had intense cravings for cock or liked things in their ass would usually experiment with another guy, but I didnt. My family was and still is very homophobic so I was embarrassed by those thoughts and usually repressed it or sought an outlet through porn to stop thinking about it, but seeing that guy get fucked by a dog really changed my outlook. I never really was into gay porn unless it was furry. I loved the idea in my head of sucking cock or getting fucked, but due to the internalized homophobia I never could imagine myself with another man...until I saw the video of that guy getting fucked by a dog. It was like a "cheat" for my brain. I finally could picture myself getting fucked by a guy, and I loved the thought of it, only it wasnt a guy, it was my dad's German shepherd, "Rookie". He was a large dog and had to have weighed close to 90lbs, and had a beautiful red and black coat, looked kinda like pic related. He was young, too, but not a puppy. He was 3 so he just got done sexually maturing, and like me was just a boy with raging hormones and pent up sexual frustration. He already tried to hump everything in sight so for me to let him fuck me was pretty much a no brainer at this point.

Attached: black-and-red-german-shepherd.jpg (960x600, 86K)

Do you mind telling you first time with a dog? Like how'd it go? Why did you decide to do it? Did you take the knot? Was he a big licker and cuddler or did he just fuck and not care about anything else?

Attached: 1540351904696.jpg (800x800, 122K)

After thinking about it a lot my mind was made up. I never wanted anything as bad as this. I had been thinking about cock for so long I knew there was no other way of getting it, so I didnt even fucking care about how degrading and disgusting this was or the morals of what i was about to do. I was driven 100% by pure lust. The young and naive kind.

So after a few nights of staying up late and getting a feel for when the best time to do it was I came up with a plan to sneak out my bedroom window and call Rookie over. I actually chickened out a few times and just jerked off and went to bed cause I just couldnt take the anxiety of thinking about it. I still remember the feeling in my gut the night I finally mustered up the courage to climb out my window. I had never been more focused on any task in my whole entire God damn life. Nothing else mattered that night. My knees were shaking, the sensation of butterflies in my stomach was so strong I thought I was going to puke with excitement. I must have paced back and forth in front of my window that night for a whole hour, just making extra sure that everyone was asleep.

Then, as if I were on autopilot, i slowly opened my window and climbed outside. The sound of all that happening was enough to wake Rookie who came running over, a little confused, but otherwise happy to see me. The feeling of anxiousness and butterflies grew enough to where my skin flashed red and my heart beated like I was running for my life. I was no expert but I saw enough porn to get a basic idea of what I needed to do. I got on my knees and started petting him and rubbing him, which he liked.

Attached: red-german-shepherd-dog-sandy-keeton.jpg (900x598, 73K)

Mine was a pitbull I was watching for a family friend. He was a huge boy, big head and huge sheath. I spent all that night licking his balls and dick. His sheath was huge and his dick was even begin, almost as long as my forearm. Tasted great too. Let him fuck me too. I could suck on dog dick for hours it tastes amazing

Now, I wanted to play it subtle and just pet him for a bit before I went on to the sexual stuff but all that went out the window as soon as I saw his big fluffy sheath, just hanging there and swaying around.

I grabbed it and gave it a squeeze. Fuck was it so warm and soft. I started to rub it more and pull back the skin surrounding his cock when he gave a soft thrust into my hand, exposing his glistening pink tip. It wasnt the first time I had seen the tip of his cock, but it was the first time I saw it like this. I didnt even think twice. By the time it was in my mouth it was already squirting. With the cock still in my mouth, I used my hand to pull back the rest of his sheath past his knot, which began to grow enough to hold his sheath back.

I remember my mind racing. I kept thinking "oh my God oh my God user what the fuck are we doing? Is this even happening right now!?" But my lust drove me to keep sucking. I still cant get the taste out of my head. I cant really describe it. You know how you can almost taste a strong smell? I guess, picture the smell of a dirty dog taste like. It was very overpowering and strong enough to make me gag a few times until i got used to it. Being an outside dog his hygiene wasnt exactly the greatest. His cock had this smooth waxy texture to it that would get slimy as my spit and his fluids mixed.

Attached: mittelwest-male-german-shepherds-for-sale-450x640.jpg (450x640, 74K)

doe they sweat down there at all?

>It was very overpowering and strong enough to make me gag a few times until i got used to it. Being an outside dog his hygiene wasnt exactly the greatest. His cock had this smooth waxy texture to it that would get slimy as my spit and his fluids mixed.
I'm so fucking hard right now oh my God

Attached: b23fe3409ceb76e445d336545b6bdce0.jpg (1200x1164, 371K)

I don't think dogs sweat at all. Didn't taste sweaty just lots of peach fuzz and flesh

literally hate this. its just bestiality. which is great, ive sucked a dogs cock. but I hate the weird terms yall come up for shit

I got a dog for the sole purpose of pussy basically, that’s how it started. I’m a lonely nerd who lives alone and plays video games all day, and I wanted to get that bad dragon dog pussy but thought, fuck it, why not get a real dog?
Got my golden doodle, realized “oh shit I’m gonna have to train this dog”, but she’s a smart dog and learned fast, had a lot of fun learning how to train a dog.
I got a lot of excess money with my job, nothing crazy but for a single guy in a new single wide trailer home it’s enough where I save a decent sum each month, half of that is gone now into dog expenses because why on earth would I buy cheap dog food, ya know?
Granted I now have the side issue of that my girl eats what I do because I fucked up feeding her real food once but whatever.
Secondary side effect is that i now eat bland as fuck but super healthy, because I can’t feed her fried meats or sauces that would upset her guts.
So it’s been a fun experience, I got a dog to use her as a fucktoy, and I still do often. But over time that relationship turned into proper companionship and it’s the best decision I ever made.
Now it’s sorta like, some days it’s just fun to chill with her and lounge on the patio with a book, because it doesn’t feel lonely anymore. Other days it’s fun to stay inside, play videogames, and fuck her brains out.

That’s my short story on how buying a living cum receptacle caused me to lose weight and feel not alone.

I can advise for any anons looking into the benefits of dog pussy, have money to put aside for dog stuff because this quickly turns into having another persons worth of expenses around.

Also get a large standing shower or a roomy tub, because oh my god is washing the dog fun now.

Dogs only sweat on their paw pads which they use for marking

feral fans

>quickly turns into having another persons worth of expenses around.
Like what? Food, leash, collars, shots is all i can think of

no feral there tranny

How does her pussy feel? Does it get really puffy when she's in heat? Does she like sex? Ask for it? Flag her tail? I've heard it's hard to last because they feel so good. Looks like they're pretty good at gripping a cock

We have to use the weird terms to avoid bans. I usually make these threads and they are 100% for zoo

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Bestiality is the act of sex with an animal.
Feral is drawings of animals.
Zoophilia is attraction to animals.
They're not the same things.

You did tell this story before, but I forgot, did you get knotted the first time? If not, tell about your first time that you got stuck with him

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Yeah it pretty much is. People who like feral but say they don't like zoo are just people who are stuck on the part of zoo being taboo

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thats like saying people who like loli/shota like real kids

Generally they do but some people can only like 2d things and not 3d though it's rare.

I wish people were more accepting it's not that fucking gross man

I could actually feel his cock growing in my mouth. I couldnt believe it. When we started I could fit his whole cock in my mouth with room to spare, now I was practically swallowing it. Rookie's tool was easily twice the size as it was when I started, and it was still growing. I stopped sucking for a moment and was absolutely blown away by what I saw. For a German shepherd he was pretty standard size, but he had quite the cock on him. He wasnt massive, but he certainly wasnt average. At the age of 15 my cock was only about 5 inches(proud to say its now 5 and a half lol) and this thing dwarfed it. Maybe my small cock made his look bigger by comparison, but it was certainly bigger than the rottweiler in the video. Without posting the real thing pic related is as close as I can get to showing you the general shape and size of what I had to deal with that night.

I was completely entranced by it. I loved the look of it, the way it was purple at the tip and turned almost white at the shaft with a bunch of purple veins before ending with a big red knot. I was in love with this dogs cock. For a second I just knelt there and admired it, watching it hang down under him and bob around each time he squirted a pulse of cum. This break didnt last long though, and In the ultimate lust driven move I began to practically worship it. I smelled it, licked, rubbed my cock against it, rubbed it on my lips and let him spray his cum on my face. I was his whore

I couldnt take it. I touched my cock and fucking exploded all over the grass. It was the best nut I had ever had. I just sat there in the grass while rookie cleaned me up with his tongue. The orgasm had left my cock so sensitive that it actually hurt when liked my cock head, but eventually it subsided and I gave in to my boy's tongue. Once that post nut bliss faded I quickly went back in for seconds just in time for a few more jets of his cum and a couple more minutes of sucking before it shrank back into his sheath.

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I think people have a problem with the idea that you might be exploiting the animal for your own pleasure and they have no idea what they're doing but I'm pretty sure any male dog enjoys having any hole to fuck and knows exactly what he's doing. Female too

Not really. Most 'people' consider animals to be literal children so that's why they castrate them them to avoid the "icky" issue of their child trying to sexual satisfy themselves. They view other's animals as children as well since they're retarded.