Rate my dick out of ten

Rate my dick out of ten.

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Head could be fatter. Also shave. Overall, 6/10. Would get the job done if you have stamina.

A solid 7/10, maybe it looks nicer with its skin forward?

Thanks for the rate, will consider shaving but I always just trim with scissors cause I don't like them to itch. Also size is 17 cm or 6.5 inches in case you curious.

Wow very considerate of you. Should I get it hard again or you want to see a softie with skin forward?

I would like to see both of those actually!

Are you still here?

I'm here, softie, skin forward.

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8/10 soft, what about that hard one?

Hard, finger in front because it didn't want to stay lol.

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Hard without finger.

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8/10 skin forward

Wow, thanks. Are you a dude btw? I feel dudes are more generous when rating dicks.

Yes , I'm a dude, but I also enjoy uncut dicks more than most others

Is it true that uncut dicks are rare in the US?
Do most people find foreskin gross there?

Probably, I'm euro, but that's what most of my research has led me to

About an 8 m8.
How bout my young 6incher?

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Interesting, I'm Latino, although I don't look very latino lol.

That's a solid 9 dude, I'm sure you have fun with it very often, thanks for the rate. How young are we talking?

Young enough to legally post, and well its never been used.

Lol same here, and I'm 20.

Im bi so technically i could have a lot of opportunities to use it but guess im unlucky.

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I'm just an introvert.

Would appreciate a picture like this but in better lighting, like in the op pic

Sorry, that place is not available for me anymore. Are you the same dude as before?

Yes, lighting is a big part of getting good pictures, I think the bad lighting is doing your dick injustice, same for the other guys pictures

I think it's the flash. Also since we are all here, care to share your dick too?

8/10 OP

Any love for my uncut Penis?

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different angle?

let me see if I can get a pic, but only if you promise to get another good pic of yours

Thanks, I don't know if it's the angle, but I'll give you a 6. I'm not an expert in uncut dick liking, maybe the other user can shed more light in this situation.

7/10, I like more coverage

That's a tempting offer, but I don't think i can replicate the lightning conditions again for now.

more coverage?

Well, here's mine. I'm not that big and I'm not that proud of it tbh

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I like more foreskin on the tip!

You should show it off more with confidence. Being completely sincere, I give you a 6.7

Thanks, still not really that happy about my pp

Can you take a pic of it soft and pulled back? Not that super closeup as the other pics

>Not that super closeup as the other pics
I had to sorry. And here it is, much smaller than before even.

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9/10 It looks kind of perfect , I like as soft as you can pics more than fluffed up pics

6/10, looks kinda thin

Can you show it soft, halfway pulled back from that angle?

8/10. Would watch my gf gag on it


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6.5/10, would have preferred skin forward

Can you post a pic of your gf?

>Well, here's mine. I'm not that big and I'm not that proud of it tbh
Phallosan for 8hrs and bathmate for 20 minutes 6 days a week
in a year you will have an additional inch. I went from 6.8 to 7.5 and gained an additional .5 in girth

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about 3/4 hard

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Is this what you meant?

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Yes and yes

Yes, this is nice looking my guy

Can you pull on your foreskin, like pinch it and pull it?

i would but most ppl here are jewed americunts

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I like your dildo, 7/10 also rate me? I'm op


Idk if you want a r8 at your gf but 8.7/10



So you won't show it skin forward?

That photo is absolutely not a 6.5 inch penis. Unless that's it soft?

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It was not completely hard, but I can assure you it was 17 cm Wich translates to about 6 and a half inches.

Oh hell yes, can you take one with a finger or two in your foreskin?

i could snap it in two, skinny, dry and scaly looking.

Are these going into your fap folder or something? Lol

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I would rate similarly fren

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Maybe? Maybe I'm fapping right now? Who knows? Anyway, can you show it halfway pulled back, but this time hard?

You know you're meant to measure from the top, right? Not the side.





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7/10, can you show it skin forward?

This is great

I measured from the top yeah, maybe it's just your perception of inches, or the angle idk.

Thanks for the rate fren.

After a pumping session

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Thanks for the 8

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it weighed 17 ounces


love to hear what you think

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looks great, must taste even better

Rate and wwyd

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Oh that glans looks nice and , could you perhaps show more of that wet glans?


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Post cum?

Any big dick anons wanna trib her?

Save the world, my final pic, goodb ye.

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7/10, post soft

Good bye friend

I know it’s tiny but is it at least good looking

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I'm not actually going, I'm just not posting more pics, did you recognize the meme?

Not really... Also if that's after cumming, did you take any pictures like during cumming or something?

9/10, would try to deepthroat

It's average at least, also has good girth, tip and coloration.

How come no more pics?

I didn't take more. Here's the meme in pic and video format, I even added the space after the "b" to make it more obvious, you are on b son, you need to know da memes, even the normie ones.


Already came and lazy.

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This meme too new for me...