Gf’s little sister (right) sucked my dick, should I tell her?

Gf’s little sister (right) sucked my dick, should I tell her?

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If she sucked your dick, doesn't she know it?

If she was unconscious no... You would go to jail

I mean gf. Of course her little sister knows it

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I betcha she was asleep/unconscious

No, actually I bet ya It didn’t actually happen and OP is a fucken fat virgin faggot

post their tits

if your gf is on the left you're an idiot

Wide awake. We had all been drinking, gf went to bed and left the two of us watching a movie, next thing I knew her hands were down my pants


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id drop left for right without a second thought

Same. Would be a great face fuck

She's cute as fuck, any nudes?

Not yet, she just sucked my dick with her shirt pulled up. Hoping to get more from her next weekend

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How are those tits?

Small but supple. Nipples are really pink, she was shy about them

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That's hot, any bikini pictures?

She’s pretty conservative, which is why I was surprised when she came onto me

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I call shenanigans!
No person who has ever described tits as "supple" has ever had their dick sucked by their gf's sister. Never

Fucking hot

Yah, not really sure what the next step is

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coom inside both and

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don't fucking tell her just keep getting her to do it until your gf finds out herself I promise she'll be happy with it and might even wanna join in

I doubt she’d be happy with it, but I want it to continue

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You’re relationship will end, so you might as well get as much ass as possible. Bang them both on the same or consecutive days - “become something more”

dont be a retard and stay silent, get it again if possible

Tell her its the best blowjob you ever got and lil sis should give her lessons.

She did it to prove you don't truly love her sister & she's going to tell her about it, you were an idiot for letting it happen cause she was drunk.

There is the chance that though that they are both drug whores & your their dealer...

Now the only question is, which is it?

If the left one is your Gf you must have nudes.. Pics or it didn't happen

What would you tell her?
If she doesn't know that you are untrustworthy, unfaithful and will cheat on her at any opportunity, the she just just gets what she deserves.

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Blonde is superior. Initiate wincest threesome.

what was the conversation like before she touched your dick?

>she was shy about them

good. flat tits are a crime and she should feel bad

pics or it din't happen Sup Forumsro

How're you gonna get them in a threesome if you don't tell her?

Did she swallow?

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT tell your girlfriend.
ABSOLUTELY DO post nudes of your gf

Of course i believe this happened