You're at the bar and this guy slaps your girlfriend's ass. What do you do about it? (He's 6'3" 400lbs btw)

You're at the bar and this guy slaps your girlfriend's ass. What do you do about it? (He's 6'3" 400lbs btw)

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omae wa mou shindeiru

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Try to get him to slap my ass too

Bow down to him and suck his dick together with my girl

I'm 6"2" and only 200lbs and il give him a can of whoop ass.....

Call Chuck Norris and before his hand reaches my gfs ass he will be knocked out cold

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Tell him that he won her like the cuck I am, run away, go home and cry then write a faggotry of a thread in Sup Forums with the pic of the guy asking "You're at the..."

Kys op

lmao I can take him dude's not even an ozeki anymore

6”3” 280 lbs here I would give him a wedgie then send him on his way

You fight. even if youre gonna lose, you still fight. he aint gettin that shit for free.

Pull out my concealed knife and Stab him in his taint while he takes a piss.

Joke's on him, I don't have a girlfriend.

I'd set him on fire with some 151 and jump on his back making a wicked cackling noise and then he and I would pretend to be Master-Blaster but ON FIRE

Rape him

Point to his tiny dick & laugh

tochinoshin was a disappointment in the last basho

Punch him in the mouth, just because he's a big dude doesn't mean he can take a haymaker to the chin better than anyone else. He just wrestles fat slope-heads in a diaper thong.

Kick him square in the dick while maintaining eye contact the whole time

look at my left hand and say nice highfive bro. wanna go get a beer

tell us what happened

he did less better than anticipated

bite his fucking neck until he chokes with his own blood

i would go full super sayin rage mode and kamahamaha his ass, he would laugh his assoff as he's on laughing I step in and break his nose in one full move

nigga i gots a gun lol

Tell him he can have a turn with her as long as my wife doesn't find out about my gf

In America you threaten people with guns so it's an even playing field

In Texas? Put a bullet in his brain. Then sue his family for the cost of the cartridge.

Smash a beer over his forehead. Pepper spray fresh wound. Done

Kick him in the dick. Have my gf kick him in the dick. Have my wife’s son kick him in the dick. Then while he’s distracted. Slide my thumb up his ass and hold on while he screams and bucks to get away. The whole time screaming a time count. At 8 seconds I jump away and dust myself off. Have my wife’s son distract him in a clown outfit. Tip my hat at him and slowly walk away.

>6'4" and 401 lbs.
>Destroy him

he got hurt and couldn't complete the basho. which sucks because he was gunning for 10 wins to get back to ozeki and he may not have many more bashos in him.

face slaps are allowed in sumo and these dudes fucking haul off on each other. i'd bet he could take a punch.

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Tochinoshin is a beast