Connecticut hoes nutmeggers report

Connecticut hoes nutmeggers report.

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East lyme

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ITT: only me
This one’s niantic

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Also East Lyme

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Cheshire reporting for duty

anything on these sisters?

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A town or any kinda of name/info would probably increase your chances, but I doubt it.

Negro, the fuck? You think if someone had wins they'd need that further information besides the picture? Gtfo faggot

You got more east lyme or other towns around?

jenna dee??

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Lol and any type of info would make it easier for anons to find them. But you’re right.

Some, I’ll match whatever gets posted

Looks like Fairfield Ludlow HS


Lexi C? Biggest tits ever

Send yours and ill message you, don’t like posting it.


Slut from East Haven
Her snap is @pizzarollsbitch
If anyone can get wins post em

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Anyone know her?

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Holy fuck, look at those udders

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Tolland anyone?

I’m not into thick chicks but damn those are nice titties


Monique ashe

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Any east lyme '17?



Anyone get anything?


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Who do you have of el17?

El 11

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Anyone have any EL/Niantic from like 15 years ago? Haha long shot but would cum fucking hard

I have east lyme and towns all around you have Kik I’ll send you my whole list

Love it

Oldest el I have is 07

Knikka class of 07

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If you’re looking for new london county I got plenty nlc9123 is my Kik hit me up


Naugatuck please

You have others? Other towns

Who’s this

Taylor Schweizer. I think she just died tho... so it’s questionable whether this should be posted.



Jesus. How did she die? That’s terrible

I think it was a heart disease, don’t know for sure though.

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shame, would have smashed

Still would

necro isnt my thing

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tara s

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was anyone at uconn around 2007?


i was in my 20's already but smashing a couple of chicks from uconn at the time... still have pics of one of them on my comp

mickey jane? This one folks

erin f bristol

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heather aka mickey jane from east lyme?

Nice tits, face is meh but who cares

No, don’t have any of her

anyone have norwich girls?

Trips bitches checkem

What year?

anything from 2018 or 2016?



i could download it give me a minute
i have some 2018

more erin f bristol

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Aight you have other towns too?

franklin preston brooklyn canterbury and a little plainfield i think

I posted my Kik name already just hit me up with who you got from Norwich

Any Voluntown? Griswold?

ok my kik:2020dukeofwest

Any Colchester?

O thought she was in Niantic.?

Niantic is in East Lyme

Oops. East Lyme is a county/parish/borough (whatever CT calls them)?
There's actually enough space to have those?

More importantly, do you know her?
Have any new FB pics (newest I've seen is like 2018)?

yes, got a chick flashing on jonathan but res is too low to upload


Here kid. A non-IG gallery.

anyone have Grace from Coventry?

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Yes she’s a bartender at Smokey ogradys and loves cocaine.

Looking for Bacon Academy

She still single?
If so, why?

if u were at uconn then, do u have a BJ vid that was being shared on direct connect?

Bump for 203

you have Naugy?

He doesn't know her. The bartender info is on her LinkedIn. She's a model and anyone can guess she's into coke - no proof.

you know a teacher named lexi B?

Not really looking for a chick named Ashley S blonde short

sorry only have Ballirano

You’re so smart user. I’m not friends with her ex Justin either and I would have no idea that She works 11-6 Monday through Thursday lol. Not everyone lies on here. Kys

So why is she single?