Can you believe the girl on the left is only 12 years old?

Can you believe the girl on the left is only 12 years old?

It should be illegal for a 12 year old girl to look this beautiful. I would honestly die a happen man if she let me rest on her 12 year old chest just for one night. I would murder for her. I would do her bidding just for her to use me if she wants to spit somewhere. I would clean her feet with my own tongue if it meant she would give me praise.

She is a god tier level beauty, I generally think girls around 12 aren't hot but this girl is hotter than most 21 year olds out there.

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I'm not sure I buy this one. Name?

Dont try to justify your noncery

How do u not know about this 12yo goddess she's literally been posted everyday atleast

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She is in fact 12 years old. She is a Brazilian singer

11 in this pic. I guess this is normal in the third world.

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How do u guys find out about her?

I've been obsessed ever since I found out she existed. She's the only 12 year old girl in the world that I would honestly do anything for

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If she's 11 then someone please hang me by my ball sacks because that's against every moral fibre of my body and boner

She indeed is. Her insta is posted above. Just google her name.

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Fuck off and kill yourself you absolute nonce

Is it wrong I want to cuddle And date her forever? We need to start making daily melody appreciation threads. She's 11-12 and looks hotter and more mature than many 18+ year old women.

I don't give a fuck how old she is. She's ready.

there's no way I'm pullin outta that pussy. She better be on the pill already.

> user... I'm not on the pill but will u help me raise the child? I'm very good with children..

Pic related

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12 these nuts that bitch got a fake birth certificate

cool thread

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12 year old girls are crazy and this one I would honestly do anything for she's crazy.

I hate that she got in deep trouble for rumours with this one guy she did a video with (pic not related )

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simple, if u found her attractive before her age then ok
if u find her more attractive because of her age ur a pedo
srsly if someone said she was 19 everyone going to fiend on her, but when they say she 12 everyone in church
like saying shes 12 after doesnt neglect that u found her attractive in the beginning

A lot of 3rd world mildly well off girls take hormones and have a diet heavy on chicken and dairy to up their estrogen levels. Source lived in the Caribbean for half a year and my god imagine a 20yo body with a 12yo face. Shits freeky as fuck.

I'm pretty sure she's attracted and attractive to many older guys that are over 18.

> pic is the dude she had big controversy with

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This one is way better

This one is way better

This thread again?

I'm obsessed and crazy over her

so does she have a 25 year old boyfriend or some shit? who is this guy?

whats the AOC in brazil?

That's her father. There were rumors of her and though

But she's always doing so many stuff with other guys. Do you guys think she's a virgin?

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at 20 she'll look over 30

12 is legal in Brazil if you are 17 or less. If not she will be legal for all in two years.

But I want her now :'(