The UK government has suppressed a report into Russian interference in the 2016 referendum, and the 2017 UK election

The UK government has suppressed a report into Russian interference in the 2016 referendum, and the 2017 UK election.

We, the citizens of the UK, call out for help. Find the Russia report, leak it to the press, save our democracy

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shut the fuck up you communist, corbyn loving faggot


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Don't use that flag you cunt. You are a traitor to the county you Labour prick.

Freedom pisses on leftist cunt like you. Kill yourself.

One of the contributors was Christopher Steele, Mr fucking “fake” dossier himself. It’s obviously bullshit.

Fucking Tory scum

Every time they push through a policy you fuckers don’t like, remember, if you’d accepted Brexit, none of this would be happening. Remoaners are going to give Boris all the power he ever wanted.

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Labour are quite clearly the party of freedom ahaha, the tories are pretty open about keeping power and wealth concentrated

Funny that it's the Tory voters taking offence to the mentioning of the Russia report. Something to hide, chaps?

ToRy ScUm. Hahahaha
Fuck off you commie fag. The day will come where we kill you all.

Nah, just you Labour faggots are desperate to find anything.

Your "NHS" report was a fake report by Russian you dumb cunt.

Crazy how angry people get over a kind old man trying to make society better. Cheer up, he's trying to make yours and your families lives a little less unbearable

Also, read the report. It was an officer government report, detailing how NHS drug prices contracts are on the table in a trade deal. Stop being brainwashed by the MSM

Anyone not voting for the Brexit party is a Zionist sympathizer wether you know it or not.

God this is soooo stupid haha!

Conservatives and Brexit party, as well as Leave campaign, were funded by Russia. Wake up, our democracy is under attack, and people with zero cognitive ability are blaming Labour instead of the government full of traitors.

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Hello Britbong, its an Amerifat. Help us with Trump and we can help you with your version of Trump.

Hell Amerifat, britfag here. Why not get rid of them both simultaneously? The Russia report will bury both, as well as their crooked cabinets.

Forget the report Lab destroyed forever
Scotland gone now the northeast and midlands. Have fun being the new Lib-Dem party

the young will vote Labour. Those of us that aren't brainwashed by the MSM, that is.

shite meme, nice dubs

All these commie pricks who love Corbyn, why are you still virgins?

Keep on believing that fag
Your hopes and dreams may keep you warm at night when reality comes to rape your soul

bless, someone doesn't know the difference between socialism and communism. Read some form of text that isn't from a right wing newspaper and educate yourself before you make a fool of yourself on the internet. The Tory party is bought and paid for by COMMUNIST RUSSIA you fucking spaz

Lacking in those polls a bit faggot

Russia report incoming

"Socialism" is communism that lies to the people even more.

Also, your "leaked" report was a russian invention you stupid cunt hahahaha.

Polls lie. Polls had Tory majority by 60 seats in 2017. Stop being brainwashed by the MSM, or gtfo this free-minded platform you sperg

oh you mean the official government document that was leaked by a civil servant in the UK government, then posted on a Reddit account that had leaked things during the US election. Reddit banned the account because they suspected it was from Russia. Doesn't make the document any less official, or any less British. Stop reading the daily mail you mindless zombie

LOL "polls lie". enjoy losing faggot.

But when the DNC account gets leaked its RuSsIaN iNtEfErEnCe

You lot are so retarded its why you are losing,

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russia is behind trump and boris. leak the report, save humanity from its blonde apocalypse

Gib russia report kek

The guy that leaks this report gets free blowjobs from michael jackson in heaven guaranteed


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if you only knew the levels of Russian interference in both of our countries

Imagine being the guy that sinks both Trump and Boris. Somebody reading this has the ability to search ISC files. Find the Russia report, leak it, save the world.


Only one party is willing to moan about interference whilst still accepting documents from interference though....

because Russia shouldn't be interfering in the elections of their enemies? And the elected officials put in place by Russia should be held to account for their treason? Everybody in the world should know they betrayed the countries the claim to want to protect.

Why is Labour using documents fed by Russia from hacking then?


because 1. Russia didn't HAND labour the documents. They were leaked months before, labour found them, used them to probe the Tory's want to sell NHS drug contracts. 2. Labour aren't being physically paid by Russians, unlike the Tory party, that accept donations from Russia regularly. One is playing by the rules, one isn't.

All you working class, young conservative voters make me sick. Anti english



Ohh yeah, because leaving documents on the doorstep of Labour faggots doesn't count as "HANDing them". You're a retard.

The documents were a lie remember.

Where is your source that says the Tories took donations from the Russian government?

Stealing documents is illegal. You're retarded

wake up, you're being played

You're being played by Russia you faggot.