But where are we going to go for our loli now?!

But where are we going to go for our loli now?!

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Why has this board become so toxic now

just wait until the faggy mod/janny raging with sticky threads goes to sleep or has his credentials revoked and everything will be back to normal

i fucking hope so. i wanna get my fucking rocks off man

Kill yourselves. Snacks is back newfags

Fags spreading their HIV

I can understand trying to clear out the faggots constantly posting their own dicks, but there is literally nowhere else we were allowed to post loli!

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no, they will actually damage control it just like they did on /mlp/ when a rouge janny axed half of the board fo no apparent reason

You have over 10 boards for that, coomer. You don't have to drown out all other content on this one.


Post on /cake

Where are all these loli boards?

snacks was banning people for NOT posting loli (or just for whatever reason)

Wasn't snacks the one that did nothing but spam loli and actual cp for years after getting fired?

Read the global rules, Loli was only allowed on Sup Forums

I just hope this doesn't become another reddit

You can post it on /trash/ if you start a thread without a loli image in the op and no one reports you, and even when you're reported sometimes nothing happens anyway. I post mlp loli there all the time cuz mlp isnt allowed on Sup Forums

along with trap porn

To jail.

>drown out all content
>one loli thread every few hours

And it shouldnt be allowed anywhere you fucking degenerate pedo coomers

>being a yuropoor

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i visit trash sometimes (rarely tho) and have never seen one loli in mlp threads

>url held ransom by NAACP

It's there like all the time

i'm in the eg bread right now and don't see any

Go to 7 chan. Thier /cake/ board is for loli. Don't forget to take the rest of the degenerates with you.

The panda, silly nigger

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8kun also has a board dedicated entirely to loli. i don't know what's wrong with everyone who complains. they have other means for their loli shit

I don't care degenerate with your crappy pedo propaganda GTFO

>tfw /loli/ has been gone for over a decade

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8kun is also ded

Old Tripfag Loliconman here.

Back from 2004-2011, I used to make 2-3 loli threads a day. It was my daily duty to post loli and spread the joys of loli. I have seen the great loli/shota wars of 2005, the loli/furry wars of 2009 and the brony invasion. With Sup Forums banning loli, you are killing what made loli popular back in the 00s. do you remember Osaka? Yotsuba, are mascot? How about Waha?

Make a /loli/.

If you MODs want to ban porn then go ahead and watch your popularity drop like it did when w00tsnacks went to mexico.

My ancestors are smiling at me, Sup Forums. Protect your promise land and post loli; even it might be the last.

Loli Thread.

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>tfw no lgf

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old loliposter reporting in

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I'm not into loli but there should be a place for the disturbed and degenerate pedophiles to go to. And it should require a tripcode and site wide tag.

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it came back as a .top

Fuck off faggot we're building something here you coomers were to busy jerking off to pay attention. We gunna make Sup Forums great again and we don't need degenerates like you trying to weasel your way in.

loli is love.

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take psychedelics and hallucinate your pedo shit

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you know nothing of old Sup Forums winterfag.

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What back to Sup Forums 10 years ago? When it was all cp, loli and edgelords? No matter what you do all Sup Forums will become is a worse 9gag


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You kids love your safe spaces.

i miss snacks bannin for not posting loli
those were fun times. i was so young too

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loli is love.

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I'm from 2009. I don't care how old Sup Forums was I said we're gunna make Sup Forums great again. Meaning we're working on it and you're not invited. :)

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What other content

loli is love.

shut up clopper.

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looks like cake is still ded though, I just get a string of numbers when trying

loli is love.

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so close.

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I'm not a degenerate druggy, I just want to lewd some drawings

You kids love your safe spaces

Make day 3 already ;)

loli is love.

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janny cant redpost

8kun.top /hentai/ has a dedicated thread for it

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i just checked and there's a pretty big loli thread in /hentai/. apparently loli moved there or something

based high iq poster

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loli is love.

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evol si ilol

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Back in the day, nearly 18 years ago, one of the very first wordfilters here was loli -> duck

People used to post lolis and ask, "is this duck?"

I am, perhaps, one of the oldest oldfags around.

Loli is love.

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>Make a /loli/.
Just bring /l/ back and everyone will be happy.

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